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I like it best when you say nothing at all

7 years ago

We have all heard the saying that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and this is what many Newcastle United fans have been saying this past week.

Listening to journalists, they love Jose Mourinho as he always seems to provide them with something to write about which is often backed up by actions.

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Other managers such as Paul Lambert would give away nothing to the frustrations of journalists, Manuel Pellegrini is also a manager that simply answers questions and doesn’t attempt to turn a press conference into a spectacle.

John Carver really needs to follow the Lambert & Pellegrini model instead of trying to follow in Mourinho’s footsteps, as in my opinion both his pre-match and post-mach press conferences have been nothing short of a disaster since he took over.

Looking back at Thursday’s press conference, most journalists will understandably jump on the “I still believe I am the best coach in the premier league” comment.  Having not seen the press conference I am presuming this was in response to a question along the lines of has your confidence been affected by recent results/events etc which Carver responded to with the above line.

Taking this aside, if he really was the best coach in the premier league I am sure Newcastle United would not have the dismal set-piece record they currently have and the difficulties they seem to have in making any progress whatsoever in improving players under their watch, I believe this falls at the feet of Carver just as much as it did Pardew.

This is not to mention the current premier league record of 8 losses on the trot under his watch which really makes the comment absolutely laughable.

What I found even more disheartening about Thursday, was the way he took out the letter from the club captain and showed it to the press as if to say, look somebody here does care as much as I do.  Any effect that the letter written by the captain has had in trying to bring everybody together has been taken away by Carver using the letter in this way.

He could have spoken about it and addressed questions about it but taking out the letter to show everybody that it was handwritten in Spanish and commenting on his grammar, I thought was an absolute embarrassment and far worse than the best coach in the premier league comment.

At the beginning of his time in charge he spoke of the fact that he was a Geordie and he worked alongside Bobby Robson and he understands the club and the city etc.

This was an attempt to get the fans onside with him and get some passion back into the club which I fully understand.

The only problem was that as the dreadful results have followed, this seemed to be the only trick he had up his sleeve and all managers know the best way to get fans onside is through results.

When results started to go badly, Carver resorted to at times embarrassing methods to try and get the best out of his players, such as using the blame game and questioning if the players care as much about the club as he does.

He also spoke of not having the tools to do the job, everybody understands the situation I am in, I have had phone calls from Shearer and managers supporting me, people keep saying how many black cats I have run over, I can’t get out on the pitch and head the ball away or score a goal, maybe the players aren’t good enough and basically implying that the whole situation is out of his control and there isn’t anything he can do about it as his hands are tied.

The events of last week after the Leicester game was the most worrying at all for me, talking about cut heads and bruises and actually hanging a player out to dry like he did with Williamson, just screamed to me and I am sure many others that this bloke has simply lost the plot and something needs to be done or we are going down.

The main reason we as a club are in this mess, is that this talk sends a terrible defeatist message to the players and they have been going out onto the pitch with these words and ideas in their heads and starting to believe that they are not good enough.

This on top of the fact that Carver seems to have little idea over tactics or how to set up a team to counter opposition strengths, the diamond midfield formation against Leicester is just the latest example of this.

No doubt about it the club has problems and Carver took on the role with some difficulties but they were in the top half of the table.

New recruits should have certainly been bought in January, especially in defence after we sold two international defenders, the team has also had its fair share of injuries and suspensions but who doesn’t?

Just ask Sam Allardyce or Steve Bruce about the injury/suspension situation at their clubs at any time of the season and you will get a long winded response.

The simple fact of the matter is that the players Newcastle have, if set up and motivated properly, are certainly good enough to win a few games of football and stay in the division considering the position they were in when Carver took over.  He has failed badly in all areas of football management but his discussions with the media have been an absolute shambles and sent the complete wrong message out to everybody.

At a time when the club needed to pull together and build some togetherness and a platform towards Saturday, he has come out and made the club a laughing stock again.

Maybe it is time for him to just keep quiet and even ask Steve Stone or Peter Beardsley to come in and have a few words with the players before the West Brom game.

Go back to basics and just ask the players to simply go out and play and express themselves.

If Newcastle do stay up this season, it will be despite of John Carver, not because of anything he has done in the role of head coach.


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