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  • fireflyuk

    It was a good job that West Ham weren’t up for the fight, but we did what we had to do (at last), so lets see if Ashley will be true to his word or whether it was just a PR stunt to placate the fans. Here is the interview of our lesser spotted owner.

  • lupamac

    Well pleased for Jonas .great cross for the first and then grabbed a goal for himself.  
    Never stopped for 90+ minutes.

  • lupamac

    fireflyuk like you said let’s see if he sticks to his word . and its not just a publicity stunt to flog season tickets.

  • Tonytoon

    I’d like to know how much ground Jonas and Anita covered between them. Anita seemed to be everywhere and Jonas just never stopped running.

  • Andgeo

    Put your money where your mouth is fatty or Fcuk off!!!

  • mentalman

    I think that was the best performance I’ve seen from Anita for a very long time.
    I’ve criticised Carver for picking Jonas this season but he’s showed the last few games he’s still got it but maybe not a first choice player. Due to his age and salary the club probably won’t offer him a new contract but it would be good if they could agree a pay as you play deal

  • grahame49

    Gallowgate block u and v were loud and jumping today women of the match the 2 blonde teen lasses who sang all game true fans

  • Toon Magpie

    Jonas should be rewarded with another season at the club.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    I’ve always had a soft spot and stuck up for Anita and today he finally showed what he’s capable of (I’ll ignore the gaff with the 4 on 1 chance) while Jonas will rightly get all the plaudits I thought Big Vern ran him a close second

  • TheBoneYard

    Jonas, Anita and Janmaat by far the 3 best players today, but Sissoko a 7.1 score ? he may have score but for most of the game he give the ball away, his close control is abysmal. We got the win we needed but next season is gonna be a worry, need at least 8 or 9 new players including at least 4 or 5 proven quality………………….100mil+ and over to you Ashley

  • GToon

    You are spot on but if you analyse his game, wasn’t he just first to every loose ball and tidy with his passing? Do we not expect that anyway. Not knocking him. I think he’s a great player, in the right position, like today.