We want all fans to give us your Newcastle v Leicester player ratings using our new interactive system.

Please rate all fourteen players used and from that there will be generated the overall supporter marks for every player.

Plus you can keep checking back to see how all the players are doing, as the overall ratings are instantly updated as people input their marks out of 10.

Mark the players now with your ratings.

  • Andgeo

    There should be an option for 0, it’s really hard to justify some of them getting even a 1

  • Malcolm Hall

    0 for all of them, it’s been obvious for MONTHS that there is players that don’t care about our club, all they want is their wages. No passion, no commitment. Mike Ashley is to blame not the Managers. Players are to blame

  • Double Carpet

    Correct, Janmat, Williamson and Rivière all get 0 from me for cowardice and stupidity. Dummett might also have gone for a 2nd bookin and Colo was also dreadful.

  • tino o

    I’m writing mine down .Points for perez and Jonas [email protected] all for the rest inclusive of the nut job manager

  • NottsToon

    Double Carpet The only reason Colo avoided a booking is because he didn’t make a tackle for 90 minutes.

  • Double Carpet

    For the 4th or 5th match running ….. Shameful. Irrespective of how poor Carver might be, what about professional pride?

  • philrenner09

    What about marks for Carver — can it include  minus figures

  • geordie4567

    No option for zero? Shame.

  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

  • Nastynorm

    We r down worst Ncle team I’ve ever seen & I’ve seen sum bad 1s in my time, there’s no fight no & discipline, players just not bothered sissoko has spit his dummy out dosnt want to be here & as for our inspirational captain I would sack the useless get, they don’t care about the fans or the club most are just here for the money, no player in his right mind would cum to this poxy club its poison

  • Marc Wales

    Absolutely Disgusting. Williamson and Riviere need to piss off back to sunday league with carver. Dummett aswell.

  • terriertwo

    Sissoko should have stayed in bed as he never turned up today. Its obvious he has packed his bags and is waiting for his bus pass to get out of town ( the sooner the better). Another pathetic performance from so called professionals. Felt sorry for Janmaat as he seemed to be frustrated with the performances of his team mates but still should have controlled his daft action that got him sent off. Not looking good for us but hopefully three below us will blow a fuse and save our position in the League. What these last few weeks have proved is that a complete clear out is necessary at the end of the season including all the coaching staff and the useless chairman and hopefully the large one who has ruined our club.

  • nodnarb1

    Carver please step aside, don’t think any of the players have respect for you, no pace in the team , no commitment, no fighting spirit, no one taking charge on the pitch, some one has to get these players closing down earlier ,  collocini  should be organising defence , but he looks like he not interested

  • LeazesEnder

    Is there any point?

  • GToon

    LeazesEnder True. Its not like they are bothered is it. Perhaps if we give Colo a really low mark he will start trying to communicate or perhaps if we give Sissoko zero he will put more effort in. Perhaps if it was suggested they get chucked in the Tyne unless they get over 4. Who knows.

  • gazchampion

    LeazesEnder Nope! End of!   Ashley Out!

  • Toonbadger

    Zero for the lot of them and minus 1m for Charver