Gary Neville looked at the aftermath of Newcastle’s eighth defeat in a row and suggested that it was almost a case of the dressing room ‘losing the manager’ as details emerged of what had gone on between the players and the head coach.

John Carver’s incredible character assassination of Mike Williamson was a massive statement by the Head Coach, to accuse one opf your players of deliberately gettting sent off to avoid having to play in the relegation fight….what kind of atmosphere suggest between the players and the perspn who is supposed to be ‘managing’ them.

Carver himself also added in the post-match storm, that he could have been to blame for Janmaat and Williamson’s red cards, admitting that he’d been aggressive and had provoked the players to gte a reaction…

Gary Neville talking on Sky on Monday night:

“It definitely felt like John Carver didn’t want to be amongst those players any more, he’d had enough of them.

“You talk about managers losing dressing rooms, well I think the dressing room had lost the manager. ..”

Teams that go down are usually hard working ones…

“The teams that go down are usually hard working ones  that just haven’t got the quality but Newcastle are a bit different, QPR as well, they have got more quality and should be doing slightly better.

“I have said for two or three years that the composition of the squad is wrong and Alan Pardew was managing them in the very best way he possibly could.


“I couldn’t imagine walking in on Monday the players having any particular respect for the manager, or the manager having any particular respect for the players.  I don’t think there is a great deal of respect between manager and the players, or vice-versa, there can’t be after what has gone on.

“I don’t think John Carver thinks he has got a good group and I don’t think the players, after what he’s said about them, probably think too much of him either. I think though that it is a case of needing to come together for the football club, Newcastle is bigger than any of these individuals.”

  • NottsToon

    There is a massive disconnect between everything associated with the club. Fans, players, coaching staff and board are all at odds and it all goes back to the owner and his woeful mismanagement. I honestly believe that he has engineered this situation and we will shortly find out why.

  • scotty63

    NottsToon Events at Rangers are unfolding too and it doesn’t look like he’s finished there yet either

  • Jimmywayhay

    Exactly ,wether they like Ashley ,carver or anybody else involved at the club ,they are picking up their wages week after week and should be going out for the fans and if they want to leave what better place than the pitch to showcase their ability or lack of it !

  • wivawova

    A bit unfair to pick on MK Dons, I think.
    I’ve been there twice this season with Chesterfield. It’s a nice stadium – better than a lot of Premier League grounds – which now includes my pet hate of Watford, of course.  Better still, MK don’t get a lot of support, so prices are cheap (£10 for the first, £6 for the second game), and there is no problem getting a ticket. The ground is black and white, has padded seats – and you’d imagine that it would feel more like a home game but without Ashley getting any of the proceeds.
    The worst trip, I imagine, would be Brentford (a) – but that might still be a premier league ground if they make it through the play-offs.

  • NottsToon

    A lex When I say we will find out why, I believe that Ashleys greatest act of spite for the Toon has yet to be revealed. My bet is that all those bleating apologists who warned against rocking the boat in fear that we might become the next Portsmouth are about to see exactly that happen.

  • whickhamrobbie

    I had never thought of it that way as the players losing the manager but looking at it  makes sense. A  died in the wool Geordie who cant believe the pilo o s%ite in the dressing room and cant get any better out of them.
    Respect goes both ways and it obvious they just don’t respect each other and its time for a complete revolution at our club from board and players through to coaching staff and fans attitudes .
    The owner has to go but he wont and as the rest of prem clubs seem to want us relegated maybe its for the best as obviously a trip to dean court is favourable to a trip to the toon for the muppets who support the other big clubs in the prem like villa stoke and hull .

  • Toon Magpie

    CARVER has to go for not now surely at end of season.

  • Toon Magpie

    Surely he would ruin the club quicker if that was his intention. Everyone is at loggerheads now your first statement is correct but Engineered the situation? FOR what purpose. He didn’t engineer the Pardew out campaign and ultimately we are in the situation we are in now has a lot to do with the Pardew out campaign though I am sure you will disagree that we engineered that situation which resulted in the present, cause and effect. I know many fans did want the present situation to out Ashley even relegation was part of some fans plan to get Ashley to sell.
    Can we have it both ways and day we had nothing to do with present situation, are we that deluded to think we played no part in current events? Yes Ashley has not been a great boss but we put spanners in the works on more than one occasion and attacked our own immune system and our own team and manager and this is the result.
    I am no Ashley fan but we have to acknowledge we have played our part to manufacture the current crisis at the club.

  • NottsToon

    Toon Magpie Let’s see…

    – Selling anyone any good and replacing them with sh1t. CHECK
    – Taking the Fraudew compensation and not replacing him with an actual football manager – CHECK
    – Selling off two international defenders whilst only having four fit defenders in the entire squad – CHECK
    – Loaning out defenders whilst only having four fit defenders in the entire squad – CHECK
    – Releasing accounts showing money in the bank which could have been used to strengthen the weakest squad in the league – CHECK
    – Failing to respond to mass fan unrest, protests and boycotts with anything other than meaningless PR – CHECK

    Oh yeh, nothing engineered about any of that is there? Not a single inclination that the club is driving hard towards relegation with the fat, spiteful loony in the driving seat at all is there? I totally see your point.