Garth Crooks believes that Hull are more than capable of beating Manchester United on the final day of the season, with Newcastle then being incapable of saving themselves.

The player turned pundit thinks that the Newcastle players have clearly shown they can’t handle playing at St. James’ Park in a ‘pressure cooker atmosphere’.

Bizarrely, many people talk of Newcastle playing at home on the final day as some kind of positive, totally ignoring the fact that United have won only one home match in five months since the December victory over Everton.

Speaking on BBC’s Final Score, Garth Crooks:

“I don’t think Newcastle will survive, St James’ Park will be a cauldron next week and they face a manager who can’t wait to send them down. Crooks said on BBC Sport’s Final Score show.

“Somehow my instincts say that Hull against Manchester United is better than Newcastle against West Ham.

“This group of Newcastle players have not coped very well in that pressure cooker atmosphere at St James’ Park.”

Yesterday’s disastrous late Manchester United own goal means it is almost certain Louis Van Gaal’s team will have nothing to play for next Sunday, pretty much ensuring he will give some fringe players a game who would otherwise not have played.

Steve Bruce has never beaten Manchester United in 17 years as a manager…

  • Peter Lamb

    We are. Fair cop.

  • BrianKD

    Much as I don’t like Crooks and he doesn’t like Newcastle, i can’t help but agree with him on this topic.

  • magpiefifer

    Got to agree that Hull will probably beat Man U,who will have nothing to play for.We don’t look capable of beating anyone so we’ll finish where Ashley deserves – in the Championship!
    The rot that Ashley has created at my beloved club is sickening for anyone who is a supporter of our once great club – what I think of that excuse for an owner is unprintable.Will Ashley turn up on Sunday – I very much doubt it!!!

  • Paul Patterson

    I still don’t think Hull will beat Man Utd. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Consett Mag

    I don’t want relegation. But I also don’t want Ashley to off Scott free for his complete mismanagement.
    Giving him another £100 million to remove from the club, whilst getting 30,000 suckers to fill the stadium every week is just wrong.
    We don’t deserve to stay up.

  • TonnekToon

    Well , if Carvdrick hasn’t  got  a cunning  plan and Man U can’t  help  us  out  against  Hull , we’re  knackered  . That would  be down twice on Fatties  watch . It’s disgraceful  that  we’re  having  to  rely  on other teams to help  make us safe  but  we’re incapable  of doing  the  job  ourselves. I hope  they’re  all  proud  of  themselves  . Pack of [email protected]

  • Simon Sharp

    I don’t usually agree with him. But he’s right.

  • Michael Russell

    Big Sam to relegate Newcastle

  • Steve Cross

    We’re not doomed, Crooks is as usual talking out of his backside. OUR club will always be there. Thankfully Ashley won’t; even if we get relegated 5 seasons on the bounce, we’ll still survive. Great clubs and strong communities survive, regardless of how badly they have been treated. Use Juventus as our inspiration. We just need to get shot of the parasite that is Mike Ashley. Once he’s gone, we will return and the good times will roll again.

  • Tom Dodds

    Can’t agree with someone that looks like a cream egg