Freddy Shepherd has once again been winding up Newcastle fans.

The former Newcastle Chairman who along with Sir John Hall made £146m from their association with Newcastle United, has been speculating about the future of Mike Ashley and the club.

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Shepherd suggests Ashley is likely to sell and says that you can’t get relegated twice within seven years and there not be major changes at the top.

Speaking to the BBC, Freddy Shepherd said:

“If they do get relegated then I think there could be a change of ownership, I’m sure.

“You cannot get relegated twice in seven years without something at the top being sorted out.”

Had enough?:

“He (Mike Ashley) might have had enough at Newcastle.

“It’s down to the players though at the end of the day.”

We can all speculate but it as always a bit rich(!) when it is either Freddy Shepherd and John Hall talking about Mike Ashley and the good of the club.

They love to play the ‘I’m just a normal fan’ card these days but think that we all have the memory of a goldfish.

Between the pair of them they made fortunes from the club, much of which could have been used to grow the club and make it a success, rather than ending up in their pockets via salaries and share dividends.

Then there were all the disastrous decisions which led to the club being on its knees, the treatment of Sir Bobby and appointments such as Glenn Roeder, Graeme Souness and Sam Allardyce were disastrous. Not forgetting shocking signings such as Michael Owen, Boumsong and Luque, to name just a few.

Then we come to the fact that the pair of them sold us on to Mike Ashley, with claims that they were thinking about anything but the cash they were banking being simply laughable.

The idea of Freddy Shepherd being involved in some way as part of the ownership of Newcastle United if relegation happened and the club was sold at a knockdown price, is about as hideous as the thought of being stuck with Mike Ashley.

  • Mark Wallace

    Sick to death of hearing from shepherd let’s not forget it’s because of him and Sir John Hall selling to Ashley that we’re in this mess!

  • Paul Soulsby

    In fairness Ole’Shep was in no position to stop that.

  • Andgeo

    He’s just another fat prrick. Put your money where your mouth is then.

  • tonyshaw

    I’m no fan of Freddy but he’s done a lot more for NUFC than Mike Ashley has. If Ashley had the club back in the day then the ground would be a 36k capacity advertising board for his Tatty shop, not the magnificent ground it is today.

    Yes there was debt and ‘missing money’ but there’s a lot more debt and missing money these days, with no plan to get the debt paid off.

    SJH sold his shares to Ashley and we all hoped for good times, English billionaire owner, with  sports background, all sounded great for the future, until we realised he is only interested in making money for tatty direct.

    In my eyes, Ashley is a lot worse than FFS was, and we’re gonna be stuck with him and his greed for a long time.

  • Chemical Dave

    I’m sorry but I don’t like to sneer at those that take the time to write an article but this one is ridiculous. People who resent the Hall’s and Shepherd for the money they made must have a very naïve outlook on life, I’m not a businessman so can’t comprehend their greed but looking at things in a more simplistic way I’d suggest that the Hall and Shepherd years were well worth the money given what had gone on before and what’s gone on since. There’s plenty of justifiable criticism for both of them but some of the ‘mistakes’ are easy to point out with hindsight.
    Personally, I miss those days and yes, I’d take fat fred back in the blink of an eye…come back Freddie, all is forgiven (well, some of it anyway).

  • Chemical Dave

    couldn’t agree more Tony, excellent post.

  • A lex

    Chemical Dave Well said.

  • A lex

    tonyshaw With the good, old fashioned bank loan that we had with Barclays then, it wouldve been well paid off by now. 
    Instead, we now still owe it, and more, to Fatty.

  • Chemical Dave

    Did you know how it was going to pan out mark ? If not, how the hell were they meant to ?

  • Paul Patterson

    A lex Chemical Dave  Agreed.
    With the tv money floating around the premier league these days, it would be difficult to put the club in the financial trouble Ashley’s minions have rumoured was the case.

    If it was in trouble at all.

  • Mister Tee

    I dont think anyone would begrudge Mike Ashley making a profit from NUFC if the club was being run properly and we were a stable Premer League club like Southampton, Swansea, Stoke etc (isn’t that depressing?).
    You get back what you put in, or at least you should, and John Hall put enough in to the club (and I’m not just talking money) to have been able to enjoy some payback from us. The club has never been better in my lifetime and we were where we all wanted to be and then some.
    Shepherd was a different kettle of fish. Too mouthy, too happy to take praise, too quick to get hot under the collar if fans turned on a manager and then sack them. He did, however, have us back in the big time after appointing Bobby Robson but his major miatake was not planning for Robsons successor. He should have been more open with Bobby and used his knowledge to look for someone who would have been perfect to take us on again.
    Could we have ended up with Mourinho or Guardiola? Robson made a massive impression on the Portuguese and tried to sign the Spaniard when he first came here I’m sure.
    Lack of vision from Freddy.
    He also used to come out with some ridiculous statements, who can forget the “Manchester United are a rudderless ship” quote or his “Fight my way into school and then back out again”?
    He lost the plot majorly after Robson was relieved.
    Personally I’m fine with someone like John Hall making money on the sale of the club, I don’t expect anybody (Mike Ashley included) to do anything for Newcastle United out of just the kindness of their heart.
    Mike Ashley has done very little for this club and it is a disgrace he will probably make a profit on us when he wants to sell.

  • Toon Magpie

    Chemical Dave right on Dave.

  • Toon Magpie

    Buy the club back Freddy.