Former Newcastle United Chairman Freddy Shepherd says that he has every sympathy for both John Carver and Lee Charnley.

The man who made tens of millions out of Newcastle United says that unless you have been on the inside, you don’t understand what the pressure is like.

Shepherd believes that rather than John Carver, the finger of blame should be pointed at Alan Pardew in terms of responsibility for the players that the Newcastle United Head Coach has inherited.

Freddy Sheherd speaking to the Chronicle:

 “People are having a go at Carver but he and Lee Charnley are under extreme pressure.

“Unless you’re there you don’t realise what the pressure is. When you’re the manager or the Chairman of Newcastle you feel a tremendous amount of pressure.”

Carver done no favours:

“Pardew didn’t leave Carver any favours and he’s doing the best with what he’s got.

“I feel sorry for Carver and he has been harshly criticised, it is Pardew that must take responsibility for these players.”

  • NottsToon

    Shut up Freddy you absolute prat.

  • BillytheFish

    Stick to scrap metal Freddie, you lost all respect with the way you treated Bobby Robson, sacked him then made the bloke wait nearly a year for his pay. That is not the way to treat a local hero like Sir Bob.

  • fishandchips

    Well do we blame ashley for the mess were in now or you for selling out to him mr sheperd

  • Double Carpet

    So the fountain of all knowledge, with his own untarnished record, bravely strides forward.
    What an idiot. He must be after something.
    Everyone involved shares responsibility for the appalling mess, but 1 is more responsible than all others put together – Ashley.
    Shut up Freddie.

  • Demented_Man

    NottsToon Yes, but I’d have the prat back in place of Ashley, to be honest.

  • Little Davey

    When Pardew chose to become a patsy after the 5th place finish, instead of standing up for himself and demanding the right players from Ashley, the outcome was always going to be this way.
    Voted manager of the year, his stock had never been higher.
    I don’t see what he had to lose at that time.
    Now we are reaping the rewards of his weakness.

  • Porciestreet

    Demented_Man NottsToon 
    And get screwed all over again….Your’e normally a sensible poster but youv’e lost me on this one.  He’s the last one I’d have back after we got screwed with him and Douglas Hall.

  • DownUnderMag

    NO!!!!!!  NO, No, No. ASHLEY is to blame, Pardew was inept but you can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear….

  • DownUnderMag

    Little Davey The thing is, Pardew missed a huge opportunity.  If he’d kicked off, he could have either got loads of money to spend or ended up leaving and getting a better paid job long ago.

  • Little Davey

    DownUnderMag Little Davey  yes, it was there for the taking, all he had to do was have a backbone and a swinging pair of balls.
    He would have at the very least garnered the respect of the fans.
    And I don’t think fatty would have sacked him anyway. The fool doesn’t know what to do.
    Like I say Pardew had nothing to lose.

  • Paul Patterson

    I hope anybody tha still thinks Pardew was to blame for the slide this season gives their head a shake.
    Pardew would have hadus at least 10 more poits if he’d stayed.
    He got given a wonderfu way out and took it.
    Mike Ashley is to lame.

  • Demented_Man

    Porciestreet Demented_Man NottsToon True, but at least he was a fan and he opened his wallet now and again, even if the level of spending was sometimes ludicrous, eg on Albert Luque.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Fred tried to do the right thing as a fan himself … as the picture above proves.  If only we had managed to get Bobby Robson as manager instead of Dagleish!  We may never have dropped out of the top 4 since!

    Years ago we had probably our best ever coach-‘Keith Burkenshaw’ who rather than Joe Harvey was responsible for most of the entertaining players we had and believe me, if you are under 50, we had some purple players…Jimmy Smith, Tony Green, Terry Hibbitt, Super Mac, Tudor, Barrowclough,  Terry McDermott and youth players like Alan Kennedy and Nattrass.  If Burkie had been appointed manager instead of being sacked as coach and going to Spurs we would have won something.  He won 2 fa cups and the Uefa cup at Spurs with his adventurous attacking football.

    Then Arthur Cox in his purple managerial patch when he had us promoted, but resigned due to the lack of investment to build on the likes of Waddle and Beardsley.  But how good was that attacking football.

    Two opportunities missed, but of course we would never have had the Keegan years without the relegation and barren days.

    When Hughton was manager and we were promoted and Andy Carroll was up front.  I might be wrong but Chris has our best win percentage of any manager, though mostly championship.  Would he have been worse than Pardew?  If Hughton was to be sacked the mistake was not to bring in the expected top manager and invest big time.  The problem is and always will be Mike Ashley and his penny pinching philosophy.

    We go down and it will be the long barren years, much worse than the last two.  If we stay up Ashley could yet redeem himself by making the right appointment and investment. 

    Yet we all know that NUFC is going nowhere until Ashley finds another hobby and gets rid, but the ‘for sale sign’ is the price for a brand new Mercedes, but with ‘due intelligence’ you are really getting an old  ‘F’ reg’ Lada for the same cost as that new Merc.  What nutter will buy our club at the price?  If it is a nutter (it has to be), could it be worse than even Ashley? 

    It looks like Ashley isn’t going anywhere without selling his Merc for much more than it is worth.  How can it happen?

  • amacdee

    In all his years at NUFC, I never once got the impression that Fat Freddie knew wtf he was talking about especially when out whoring in a Spanish brothel !

  • amacdee

    NotFatFreddy FF didnt bring in SBR, Hall did. It was also SJH who made the decision to sack the grey haired maestro because fans, on the plane back from Marseilles, told him that SBR had lost the plot.


  • amacdee

    Paul Patterson Sorry did you fail to notice our dismal showing last season ? 2 wins out of last 10 games ? Pardwho is as bad as Pinocchio but the players liked him apparently.Presumably cos he got them hookers ? ;-)

  • Bucket1234

    So now pardew bought the players something else the fat numpty says the fact that pardew never had a say in who was bought y does no one ever blame the idiot we call our top scout Carr just what is it he looks at is it the French women or the sights because it certainly is not a good footballer there all saying they are doing the best with what they have and there not good enough that’s down to one man our top scout Carr it’s time a lot of the blame should be laid at his door and remember he’s in charge of bringing in the next manager sorry head coach

  • geordie4567

    No Freddy you clown, Ashley is to blame!

  • prestondave


  • Toon Magpie

    Carver is the best manager in the league, he is obviously not to blame.

  • Toon Magpie

    Paul Patterson your mum is to blame

  • Toon Magpie

    He is to blame, she is to blame, they are to blame, you are to blame, we are to blame, who is to blame, it is to blame. 

    Now is the time to point fingers. Thanks  Freddy that really fu£&ing helps.

  • LeazesEnder

    Toon Magpie I blame Freddie

  • Toon Magpie

    Yes he sold to Ashley.