The Newcastle manager shortlist is/has supposedly being drawn up this week and four contenders have been named.

Yesterday, the Guardian claimed that Remi Garde, Steve McClaren, John Carver and Michael Laudrup are all in the running for the job.

They then went on to say that the club weren’t going to be ‘rushed’ and were comfortable with simply having the new Newcastle Manager/Head Coach in position to coincide with the players being back for pre-season training in early July.

That message of ‘no need to panic’ has also been carried by the local press, despite the ruin of a club and a squad that is apparent to all but a handful, which seemingly includes those with the responsibility of putting things right.

Whilst he might not have the final say on players, you would certainly expect that if Newcastle United are to make any kind of credible appointment, then that person will surely have to have a major input into what kind of players he feels are needed to avert another disastrous season at St. James’ Park.

The idea of somebody walking through the door for the first time in the first week of July, only a month before the start of the season (8 August) is surely a horrific prospect for anybody of sound mind.

Five months ago, Lee Charnley was reported to have his shortlist already drawn up after the 80 applications and worldwide search…

Seen as McClaren and Garde are out of work and Laudrup is now at the end of his one year contract at Lekhwiya in the Qatar Stars League, if these are indeed the ‘credible’ candidates then why not appoint one of them immediately to begin the job?

The local media keep reporting that John Carver is involved in decisions in the meantime, including pre-season preparations, setting up friendlies and…targeting players.

Surely this is a complete nonsense if there is any truth at all in Mike Ashley’s words on Sunday regarding a new dawn for Newcastle United and putting things right.

The fact his name is John Carver is immaterial.

Giving the job to anybody who has no track record of top level management and has just overseen 3 wins in 20 matches, would be simply ridiculous.

Everything has to start with a managerial appointment that convinces, every day that goes by without one is another nail in the Newcastle United coffin under Mike Ashley.

  • NicholasDryden

    Well sadly it won’t be Garde or Laudrup because they wouldn’t work with a total non – entity and dinosaur in Carver and his fellow 3rd rate coaching staff.

    We’re nailed on for the completely underwhelming Mclaren with puppy Carver as his sidekick.

    Charmless is a spineless fool who knows nothing about football and Carr will just nominate his mate McLaren. Move along, nothing to see here, same old, same old.

  • prestondave

    Cant wait for the FCB apologists when we are 2 weeks from kick off and weve signed a couple of knackers and Charver is in charge. Better get your thinking caps on you fools cos I cant wait to hear the reasoning coming from you all. But hey,ho support the regime and the (team) eh.?

  • Davidelder888

    I can’t see us “winning something” with any of the above. If Ashley was serious we would be aiming higher. I do agree we shouldn’t rush but if it goes over two more weeks without a manager we are wasting time. They’ve had 5 months to look at people.

  • A lex

    They’ll have a post-mortem of what happened, and learn lessons from what they did wrong.
    Procrastination – clearly, one of the lessons they’ve not learned.

  • Wallsendstu

    They have had since January to sort this out. How much more time do they need?

  • TonnekToon

    They’re probably looking for no one . they’ve had their man since January .  Oh by the way , he’s a Geordie and he used to work with Sir Bobby .

  • TonnekToon

    1957  Carvers only reputation is a bad one , But he’s a legend in his own lunch time ! Ha . He’s had no success on his own anywhere , you only have to look at the the other Clubs he’s coached , I bet none would want him back and not many in the lower leagues would want him either.

  • Polarboy

    NicholasDryden Well apparently Ashley wasn’t impressed that McClaren turned us down after the Leicester game so we just have to hope he’s still sufficiently annoyed to not sanction the appointment. He may have said he won’t be involved but you would have to be naive in the extreme to think he won’t have veto or final say.

  • killyted

    I thought Mike sounded very honest and upfront about is vision for the way to push nufc forward.I was so happy great then I got those old grey brain cells moving…..
    just one fraze which marked the SAME old cashly (AS LONG AS WE GET VALUE FOR MONEY)

  • tino o

    We have idiots running our club god help us!

  • Milo79

    It may only be the Wednesday after the Sunday we survived – but we’ve already taken too long to appointment a new manager as far as I’m concerned. What has Charnley been doing these last five months?

  • KevinBrown11

    Picture says it all!!! Oh shyte was the match yesterday what am I like!!!

  • KevinBrown11

    I wouldn’t let this chump take me dog for a walk nevermind run the club, he just doesn’t seem to know what day it is half the time, it’ll be carver his mate who gets it, because carvers even thicker than chumply so it makes him feel intelligent, anyone else would see straight through him.

  • Hullmag

    Please, please, please not McClaren. Just saying his name makes me feel tired and depressed. Unless we can get Gary Monk we need a foreign coach who will bring some flair and excitement to the club. What’s Jurgen Klinsmann doing these days?

  • andewalsh

    If ever there was evidence beyond the evidence of this season ( like after that you’d need some more compelling reason ) it is this :- “the club weren’t going to be ‘rushed’ and were comfortable with simply having the new Newcastle Manager/Head Coach in position to coincide with the players being back for pre-season training in early July” 

    This is the definitive delay tactic. Ashley et al want to see if his platitudes do the trick and have a reversal of those non-renewals that have made him and Merdock 5hit themselves. Suckers are being reeled in again. Back to your pens, sheep.

  • Jarra MIck

    Everyone is hoping beyond hope that Ashley has changed direction but this first statement tells me nothing has changed. After all the “work” they put in at Xmas searching the world for our next manager to say we can hang on there’s no rush is just bollox. I’m afraid it is Carver or McLaren take your pick.

  • DownUnderMag

    Surely the alarm bells should have been ringing months ago that Carver wasn’t up to the task?  As much as he may have his heart in the right place, he just doesn’t look to have the edge it takes (OK he’s had to make do with a bare-bones squad but i’m still yet to see evidence that there is anything from Sir Bobby rubbed off on him).

    Why didn’t the club have things in place for their managers?  I’m not naive enough to expect a signing right now, but the bottom line is we need a new manager and a good number of new squad additions BEFORE pre-season, giving us the best chance to have them gel before the season kicks off…the last thing we want to be doing is going in to the new season with the same squad with the “hope” of new signings before the window shuts…we all know how wide that line gets around then!

  • whickhamrobbie

    Sorry but ex Gateshead coach Gary Mills is better than both Carver and Maclaren . there are coaches out there but its the same names in the frame we need to get it right this time but alas its not gonna happen.
    Look at Norwich they went for a unknown who galvanised a floundering club and pushed them forward .

  • jD Sports

    Just like when Ashley got lucky with the compensation Palace had to pay for Pardew, he gets lucky again with McClaren. If McClaren is now interested and wants the job after he’s been sacked by Derby, then you can be sure Ashley will pay him less than he was willing to pay him after the Leicester game.