John Carver offered to meet two fans who had given him stick during the Swansea match as he stood outside his dugout.

Most supporters saw it as a feeble PR stunt by the Newcastle Head Coach and the club.

The fans promised to ask the questions and then relate what happened and fair play to them because that is exactly what they have done.

What exactly John Carver thought would happen during and after the meeting is anybody’s guess but judging by what his replies were and what the fans divulged, I think fair to say he got more than he bargained for!

The two Newcastle supporters went and met John Carver earlier today and via Twitter (@Allenocon14) one of the fans has revealed what went on:

He knows we’re not happy we’ve told him and he knows your and my feelings towards the club and him won’t change until the club… make massive changes.

Seen all the players. Spoke to Jonas and Colback as well as a few more. Never spoke to a nicer person – cheers for the chat Jonas Gutierrez.

Carver accepts that some of the players aren’t good enough but he has no one else to play because of injuries.

He also insisted that he tells Williamson not to play the long ball but he just keeps doing it.

He said he’s been told he’ll have money to spend in the summer and if not he’ll walk.

But then went on to say he’ll still be here next year as manger or coach as he still has a 5 year contract.

Also told us that Gouffran isn’t playing tomorrow.

Also says we should give Cabella time as he’s still adjusting and is one of the most hard working players on and off the pitch.

Told him that I’m a better player than Williamson and that Steven Taylor only tries vs Sunderland and he didn’t reply.

Aarons looked sharp in training, he said he’s not far from being back.

Cisse didn’t train outside with the players.

Very good chat with him and some of the players we got are point across and he knows we’re not happy and are feelings won’t change…. You can see deep down he loves this club like everyone else and is trying everything he can to get it to work BUT…. At the end of the day he’s just not cut out to be manager.

You can’t fault his passion and love for the club hence why he doesn’t want to walk away without trying BUT….. He needs to walk away out of respect for the club he loves.

Because as a Manger he’s not good enough and he’s sending us down IMO.

We told him that when we first got to 35 points, #LCFC were 17 points behind and with a win tomorrow can go one point behind…

I’m just telling you how he came across. Not how I feel about him.

Like I’ve said since the start if he gets the job I’m off just like the rest. He’s not good enough and he knows we all think that.

I told him that there’s no excitement on match day anymore and it’s not the same as the heart of the club has gone.

Feel for Carver with the PA woman (not Wendy Taylor) they gave him. Never met a more stuck up person.

We must thank NUFC and Wendy Taylor for the opportunity they have gave me and Thomas. It means a great deal to the both of us.


  • Conman

    Really don’t know what JC expected to get out of this and looking at the transcript, you got your points over.
    I really don’t know how you kept your cool as if it was me, I would have lost my rag as soon as I saw any of them. They don’t care. Don’t try. And are seemingly playing for the end of the season.
    Absolute farce and as for them having some PR woman there. Says it all really.

  • shadsdad

    Lets be honest, foreign players come over here to line their pockets(I don’t blame them!)
    My point is that the passion just isn’t there.OK there will always be the odd exception but in general our recruitment policy should primarily be centered in this country.
    As regards managers I don’t think it’s as important but landing a top one seems out of reach to me.Too much rebuilding required.

  • MichaelHodgson

    if he doesnt get the funds in the summer he will walk sounds to me  the jobs his already god help us

  • Porciestreet

    I honestly think he knows that he’s not got what it takes to manage . However, it seems that he’s willing to step aside for a new man to take over but not willing to relinquish his tenure at the club be walking away from his contract which is perhaps what he means when he says,”I will be here next season”

  • Toonbadger

    Cant wait for the club statement on this. I would love to get the b`stards on Jeremy Kyle for a lie detector test

  • Porciestreet

    shadsdad For me, I would rather we had a group of English/Scottish players that understand the passions of the premiership ,that finished 10-12th and failed by trying hard than what we have now.
    If you seriously think about the French players that have graced the prem,none of them have given as our tougher players have over the years. Loads of quality, yes but no b4ll5 for the fight when required. Maybe I just can’t see it  but tell me if I’m wrong.

  • Anthony Lewins

    Well said!! I’m pleased you stuck to your principles!

  • LeazesEnder

    Bit daft giving away the limitations of Team selection before a game….

  • tino o

    This covers up the fact he offered them a fight. Nothing will be achieved by the meeting apart from giving the rest of football a giggle. What a mess!

  • SGM

    LeazesEnder We only have 12 or 13 fit players, its hardly giving anything away. Can you not think of anything else to be negative about?

  • Pedrothegreat

    At the end of the day, the players don’t want to play for Carver, that much is obvious, he even said it himself, he keeps telling Williamson to stop lunking the ball up field and he ignores him not only once but every game. The players don’t respect him and are preoccupied planning their summer moves away from the club to care if we get relegated.

  • Anthony Darling

    Fair Play!!!

  • Chemical Dave

    @SimperingGormlessMug, you’ve pointed out we only have 12 or 13 fit the players which of course is down to woefully inadequate investment… can you think of anything else to be negative about?

  • NotFatFreddy

    LeazesEnder  NUFC LtdLimited sums us up in every area

  • IntravenusMP

    LeazesEnder just a guess, I think he assumed the ‘fans’ would respect the confidentially of the discussion.

  • dude 1

    What are you saying you didn’t get all the answers you wanted because of the PA person that was asigned to you. and THomas didn’t allow you to ask the questions you wanted to with our leader

  • DownUnderMag

    The issues are revolving around squad numbers, plain and simple. We just don’t have enough quality in depth and are reliant on too many players who are simply not up to the standard required.   If we can keep everyone fit and in form then we can roll almost anyone over…or at least give them a game of it.   But as soon as we get one or two injuries the team falls apart because those coming in aren’t able to play at that level.  One or two players coming in to a settled side we can almost get by with as others will pick up the slack, but as it stands now we are missing too many and having to make the numbers up with those not good enough.

    This is Ashley’s fault, NOT Carvers.  But Carver, as much as he may love the club, isn’t able to get more out of the players than what is there…he isn’t able to pull out some motivation, a winning tactic or affect the game with a match winning substitution (albeit that would be easier if we have players who could turn a match to bring on).   I love the club, but it doesn’t mean I could be a good enough manager.  Carver needs to realise the same and step aside, force the club into appointing a new manager sooner rather than later and not give them the easy (cheap) out they will be looking for.  He also needs to grow a pair and stand up to the owner and make some demands that will push us forward and improve us for next season, or we will go down (if we dont this season).

  • Chemical Dave

    Fans in inverted commas ? What a pompous bell end.

  • joppadoni

    This is exactly what I think.

  • Phildene

    Of course it was all set up and shame questions about Ashley were’t asked, but thanks for the insight lads, you did well.

  • shadsdad

    Porciestreet shadsdad Couldn’t agree more mate.I and I suspect most people on this site have always given everything when playing or supporting in whatever sport you play.Most foreign players just don’t seem to get it.

  • Brownale69

    and you will get more respect from all of us, stay and you will go down in NUFC history as shte

  • Big Al 1967

    1957 Having watched Derby on a few occasions,they struggle to score goals and have no idea how to defend. Sound familar?