Reflecting after the 1-1 draw with West Brom, Fabricio Coloccini thought that Newcastle had done everything they could to win.

The Newcastle Captain saying that United showed ‘good spirit’ as they created more chances than they had done recently.

After a fractious last seven days, Coloccini also thanked the supporters and said that they needed to stay with the team for the final two matches.

Fabricio Coloccini talking to Sky Sports:

“I think we tried everything to win the game and we created some chances, more than in games that we’ve played before.

“We gave everything and it is good that we showed good spirit.

“To the fans….I say thank you, because they were with us and we need them to be there for the next two games.”

Whilst over on the BBC, Coloccini talked of Newcastle moving forward and not putting themselves similarly at risk next season:

“We have to look forward now and try to make sure that we don’t put ourselves at risk next season.

“This result leaves it in our hands, we have to win (at QPR) and then we will be safe.”


  • David Brown

    But still couldn’t win

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    Its a start , it was a lot better than performance v Leicester so they are improving

  • toon tony

    He’s becoming a right blabber mouth isn’t he. !!!

  • Alsteads

    Can’t shut him up now!! Don’t put ourselves at risk next season?? From what??… Division 1? Bloody hell colo get yr maths right. Beat QPR and hull beat spurs who have give up and don’t want to be anywhere near europa league we are still smack bang in it Bonnie lad. I would of thought as captain you would of really had a better grasp of things. I’m not knocking you (we’ll suppose I am) but all this seems a little bit too late fella. I’m writing this just down in the fxxxing dumps as I can’t believe we are where we are. Sorry fella your time is up. Go play for your fathas team with our blessing bud.

  • Ian Waugh

    He speaks!

  • SGM

    Alsteads You need to go and have a lie-down.

  • Alsteads

    Aye for about 3 years and hope all this sorts itself out. Now that would be worth waking up to fella!

  • terriertwo

    Has to be Colo’s best game this year. Pity Sissoko hadn’t the same attitude but he didn’t seem interested.
    RTaylor definitely not a full-back but surprised to be able to praise Anita for doing a good job. Two average teams but with the possession we had we should have won but not great in the last third of the pitch..

  • Alsteads

    Just got back home and seen colo on TV. Fair play but fxxxing hell colo what took you so long?? Your English is better than mine!!

  • Jason English

    Were still sitting ducks at set plays but we have given ourselves a great chance of survival.

  • GToon

    terriertwo think we got caught out by playing taylor and colback in the middle. neither have any pace so didnt join up going forward. glad you recognised the effort from Anita. It was great to see him wanting to carry on at the end and even though he was injured he still got up and tried to continue. hopefully he appreciated the applause he got when he went off. the worry is the sudden realisation that if they try we might applaud has come too late. bit harsh on sissoko – he was loads better today and had a couple of decent shots and runs and tried to pick up anichebe from throw ins.

  • DownUnderMag

    Much better performance, still not the result we needed but I can take losing or drawing games as long as we show some effort…that’s what seemed to be overlooked – the fans weren’t angry because we were getting beaten, they were angry because the team showed no urgency, effort or determination to at least COMPETE!

    Much better show from Colo now that Williamson is out, Raylor is a long way off the pace these days, but showed some decent bits of effort, Dummett had a decent game too. Perez and Riviere seemed to link up really well, I know Riviere still didn’t get on the score sheet but if you watch his game, he is doing much more than just trying to score, he’s working hard for the team so respect to him for that.

    Sissoko had one of his better games for a long time but Cabella was again very frustrating, lots of flair, pace and skill on show and he looked out most dangerous player today…until he got into the final third and seemed to lose his bottle and fluff every shot, pass and cross he made.  If he can just make some better decisions and add some end product then we could have a good player on our hands there.  That’s a big if though.

    All in all though, a pretty good effort.  It just shows how much luck is involved at the bottom, the Mackems have had two wins on the bounce which had loads of lady luck smiling on them for, while we seem to be struggling for anything to go right.  You make your own luck though and if the players put the same effort for the last two games as we saw h=against the baggies then I think we could pull enough out the bag and send Hull down.

  • whickhamrobbie

    Colo is waking up . A letter, a speech  what next ? a series of youtube videos perhaps.
    Yes Fabricio it was a bit better but as Savage said on MOTD effort is the least we expect .
    if we cant win one of our last two games we deserve to go down .

  • prestondave

    Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted? U0001f621

  • Jarra MIck

    i think we all agree it was generally a better effort yesterday. The problem is what will happen next week away in London. The worrying thing is we will probably revert to type, sit deep and wait for them to score from a dead ball. I think it will go down to the last game. What’s the odds Nolan gets the goal that sends us down?

  • A lex

    So he’s saying that we look forward and not put things at risk next season…..
    Hmmmm…….think heard something like that for the last three seasons.

  • TonnekToon

    It seems quite clear now that the fans are rattling the regime, like everyone else I can’t remember our “Captain” ever speaking. open letters to the fans and now trotting out for post match interviews straight after the game , Will wonders never cease ? I’m sorry but no way did he do that of his own accord . We can’t have restless natives can we ?