Fabricio Coloccini says that it hurt when the fans booed him and the rest of the players after the final whistle at Leicester.

The Newcastle Captain believes that any player who wants to play in the Championship ‘must be stupid’ as he recalls what he experienced after his first season on Tyneside.

In these quotes released to the local media, Coloccini as ever is saying all the right things but what we see on the pitch doesn’t match up, with the Argentine international now one of the main culprits.

A total lack of leadership both on and off the pitch was evident from the club captain.

During the game Coloccini was appalling and gave no guidance or encouragement to his teammates.

Whilst off the pitch, yet again he refused to do any TV interviews to represent his failing team, instead leaving it to Paul Dummett amongst others to give their apologies for another abject perfromance.

Coloccini says he and the rest of the players have to get their ‘heads up and be strong’.

The evidence of recent years is that when this group of players goes on the slide then it can take an awful long time for them to climb back up the other side.

A club record breaking run of eight defeats on the bounce suggests their heads are anything but ‘up’ and as for being strong…

Fabricio Coloccini:

“We are not thinking about the manager and the future, we are only thinking about the present and we have to be better,  we’re looking for one win.

“Any player who wants to play in the Championship must be stupid, it would be crazy to think like that and now we all have to understand that our position is serious.”

It hurts:

“It hurts when you go over to the fans at the end and they’re booing you, it is not just this game where they’ve had to have that disappointment, it has been going on quite a few games now.

“You have to go over and say thank you because it is important, but I guess they didn’t want to see us….We know we’re not doing the right things but we have to get our heads up and be strong.”

  • geordieladdo

    Should have stopped at Coloccini doesn’t fancy….
    * The Fight
    * The Captaincy
    * The manager
    * Staying at NUFC
    * Defending
    * Any sort of dialogue with the media or fans (except when we are right in the brown stuff and is forced out)
    * Playing alongside Mike Williamson
    * Getting his hair wet
    * Breaking a nail
    That said you could replace ‘Coloccini’ with various other names at present.

  • Andy Brannen

    Neither do we so pull your fingers out you spineless feckers !

  • tino o

    I do believe life in the defence will be so much easier without Williamson he caused most of the panic and confusion. Let’s hope who’s left to play will put a shift in its now or never time time to stand up and be counted.

  • Paul Patterson

    It doesn’t look like he fancies the Premiership either . .

  • maidencitymag

    Their heads are up….their @r$£

  • Brownale69

    He has his bags packed for Argentina

  • Greg Codling

    I know for a fact he bummed Jeremy Clarkson