Having considered the options at hand, looked and the permutations of relegation v survival over the next 8 days, it’s a clear winner for me as to what to wish/cheer for today.

In one corner (them things we don’t score from) we have Mike Ashley and in the other corner we have the Newcastle United fans. A divide has been created over 6 years that almost certainly won’t be fixed, the relationship broken beyond repair.

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However, the relationship CAN be patched up to a standard that both parties can co-exist and not descend into the tit-for-tat squabbles and hostile behaviour that has occured since circa 2008 when Kevin Keegan (rightly) sauntered off to the courts and demanded his pound of flesh for breach of contract.

The result of which was overwhelmingly in favour of Kevin Keegan, his lawyers, the LMA and the court’s ruling. The board of Newcastle United (Mike Ashley) misled the fans, media and Keegan himself, to a point that the manager wasn’t in charge of the football club’s transfers and therefore Newcastle United (Mike Ashley) needed to fork out on damages/compensation for Keegan.

Everything that has happened since has been done to rub fans’ noses in the brown stuff. After all, the big rich man from down the country doesn’t like his name (and rag shop) tarnished and dragged through the mud by us poor northerners, does he?

However, the last two years have defied belief from even a business point of view. Which businessman would run a brand down so much, so that it’s poor performance would actually jeopardise it’s very existence?

It doesn’t make sense. I can’t for the life of me work out what would go through Ashley’s mind to allow a manager/head coach to run first team affairs, when he is so far out of his depth that it’s untrue.

If Ashley has any notion of remaining as owner of this club into next season and not selling up, then job one must be to dispense with John Carver.

It takes time to find a buyer and unless one just turns up and shows him the money, Ashley’s going nowhere. What I do have a problem with is Mike Ashley not looking after Newcastle United as best as possible until said buyer turns up, which could take a few seasons.

Until then the owner needs to put his vendetta with the fans to one side (and the fans next season have to do the same) once a sizeable outlay has been spent on the first team, the vast amount of deadwood got shot of and a credible manager put in place. Then we can all move on to a competitive season, one that runs from August-May without the tail off from Dec 31st.

I’m sure nobody wants to visit the Championship again. This time it will take years to get out of it and it wouldn’t help our despised owner get out of town any quicker, quite the opposite in fact.

Premier League survival. That is what’s best for Newcastle United. That is what’s best for Newcastle supporters and it is also what is best for Mike Ashley.

That is why I hope that everyone puts differences aside for the next two games, enough points are garnered and Newcastle United REMAIN in the Premier League.

Everything else can wait.


  • mrkgw

    The club is in tatters. Rudderless with inepts running the show. And for that, Ashley MUST go.

  • Andgeo

    Simply horrendous!!! Whatever john the super manager carver said to them at halftime was clearly a complete waste of time. Out played by a championship team in the 2nd half; only one team that’s gonna keep us up or relegate us and that’s Man U

  • mirandinha9

    Completely disagree with the author. Relegation is the only route beneficial for us. Besides, if it doesn’t happen this year, it will inevitably happen next year, if Cashley persists with the best coach in the world in Carver. Championship football with the reduced funding streams will surely offload some of the high ‘laxadazical’ non triers like Coloccini and Sissoko, which wil turn, will enable us to blood youngsters, many if which may be from the local area. Ask yourself this question ‘Do you want us to be relegation fodder year upon year and getting stuffed off the Mackens twice a year, or the prospect of being us being mid-table in the Championship for a few years, enabling us to cement a resilient young team and most importantly, then being promoted back up’ with Cashley having left in his search for other advertising source’. I know which option I would choose.

  • Toon Magpie

    We must self destruct and get relegated but not stop there as Ashley and Newcastle have been there before, we must and I emphasize must get relegated again to the place Ashley and Newcastle haven’t been the third league and then we may be rid Ashley. Unfortunately Hull may spoil the dream.

  • GToon

    The result that will save us was hull 0 burnley 1. If we can’t hang on at qpr we deserve nowt. Wonder if Carver will reassess his best coach idea after today. Still if we go down at least we will be able to compete in games next year.

  • GToon

    He said we needed to win and was going to bring cisse on but thought we were comfortable even though he knew they would go for it in the second half. He really has no idea.

  • mirandinha9

    Absolutely agree. Sometimes in life, you have to further backwards, in order to start moving forward. The 3rd tier would be fitting for Cashley, however, the fans also need to stay away.