The last 9 weeks have been horrendous as a Newcastle fan, well…even more horrendous then the normal drivel we are usually subjected to.

I put a £10 bet on Newcastle to be relegated immediately after the 5under1and loss at 100/1! This was probably out of anger and disappointment, as opposed to a genuine belief that we would go down.

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It is now looking like a realistic prospect but do I really want £1000 for Nufc to go down?  Easy answer, NO!

Survival is beyond my control and the money would numb the pain somewhat, but if I had a firm choice then it would be Premier league survival.

The performance of the players on Saturday was dire and it has been for weeks and for certain players it has been years!

They get paid thousands of pounds weekly and are professionals, so they should be able to cope with a bit of criticism, but that is clearly not working. What I am proposing is every Newcastle fan attends WBA at home Saturday and they don’t stop singing. They don’t stop supporting the players, the team, the subs and yes, even the inept coaching staff. 3 points for safety, something we are capable of and still well within our control.

I don’t care about Ashley, Charley, Carver, all I want is to see our team compete in the Premier League next year and if that means 90 minutes of singing our hearts out in support of a bunch of mercenaries, then it’s something I would be willing to do.

I don’t want to cut my nose off to spite my face and I don’t want relegation just to spite Ashley. In the belief it may hit his bank balance or the stupid idea that he will leave.

So I urge all fans to attend, sing, support their team and do as much as possible to provide a platform for our players to obtain 3 points and Premier League survival.

The alternative, MK Dons away next year, an exodus of players leaving and little chance of a revival or Premier league football for what could be a period of years.

Forget Ashleyout for one week, relegation of our team isn’t worth it, especially when we know his weakness is Sports Direct. More should be done to focus our attention on that area of his business.

Relegation is a cost that I as a fan am not prepared to face, just to make a small dent in Mike Ashley’s Wallet.

Attend, sing, don’t get on the players back, support them, make them aware, whether you believe it’s deserved or not is not the point.

Do it so that we have a platform to start something new next year, with a new manager and new players.


  • Wes Saxton

    Short sighted U0001f621

  • dave1892

    I supported the boycotts but I have to say I agree. Also, consider how much harder the boycott would be in the championship. A bad half a season there, and you miss promotion. A bad half a season in the premiership, and you don’t go down. Let’s stay up first, and then I’ll support every action to get ashley out.

  • DownUnderMag

    dave1892 if we boycott in the Championship then it will all be reported as the fans abandoning the club because they are glory hunters or some such none-sense.  At least while in the Premiership it is fairly obvious, even if not reported as such, why we are doing it.

  • StephenBowers

    Great article.
    I heard Chris Hughton on Talksport this morning he said he was sure the fans would get behind the team for the home games. If ever there was a man with an axe to grind against a former employer its Chris, he remained dignified (as ever) and supportive the club and in particular its fans.
    I don’t dislike Mike Ashley but I dislike what he’s done to my football club the Stadium , The Playing Squad and even the Shirts but I wouldn’t allow his acts of meanness and stupidity to stop me loving this club.No Boycott or protests for me, not in the short term anyway
    Toon Toon

  • NottsToon

    Take the money and use it to take your family on holiday. It will be the only joy you’re likely to get from this club for a while.

  • SGM

    I’ve never agreed with the protesters. I’m a true SUPPORTER, its thick and thin. Good or bad. Better or worse, for me
    Like Stephen Bowers I’m not a great fan of what M. Ashley has achieved in his years at NUFC but there is some proper club destroyers out there, Leeds, Villa, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Blackpool. to name but a few.
    So I don’t think he’s just in it for the money, or to promote other interests, if that was the case he wouldn’t waste his time at S.J.P. And I certainly don’t think he enjoys his face being beamed to millions of viewers world wide while his team is hammered week-in, week-out. I just think he has been very badly advised.
    “” in my opinion got it badly wrong, “Nobody could be worse” was the cry. And “” is heading down the same road.
    I would suggest that all TRUE SUPPORTERS support this weekend and help the lads lift their heads and get us the result we so desperately need.
    You never know Ashley may recognise the fact, he needs us on board. 

  • Ian Waugh

    Think of the people who’ll get nothing.

  • dave1892

    SGM Given he never says much, you can only go on the evidence. In the transfer markets, and in the bank accounts. NUFC and SD’s accounts that is.

    You can only fight the enemy in front of you. It’s ashley’s fault Carver was appointed. Not

  • Demented_Man

    Regardless of whether supporters turn up v WBA or not, you can bet Keith Bishop is already planning his propaganda offensive, blaming the fans for the relegation to come.
    Witness the article in the Daily Telegraph which said that the players were so terrified of SJP that they were advising their relations to stay away.  Pure scare stories with no substance, like the ‘death threats’ against Ashley.  We can expect more of this in the coming few weeks.
    Don’t be a mug.

  • andewalsh

    Demented_Man He isn’t a mug…. Sam Brown.. IS Keith Bishop.

  • A lex

    “…….not in the short term anyway.”
    Honestly, out of interest, please tell us to what level NUFC should sink to before you reckon it’s time to protest.

  • SamBrown3

    andewalsh Demented_Man  Im not Keith Bishop, I’m Sam Brown

  • SamBrown3

    NottsToon Going to Paris in June and my Mrs has no interest in Football what so ever, so as you can probably tell all she can see is £££.

  • prestondave

    A lex you couldnt make it up. Some people just dont see or get it.

  • SamBrown3 andewalsh Demented_Man Sam Brown pretending to be Keith Bishop who is not Sam Brown,  mmm I’d take the money.

  • Matthew Northrop

    Martin Payne

  • SGM

    dave1892 SGM  Carver would not now be in charge had Pardew not walked.
    Pardew wouldn’t have walked if not for the abuse he received. Pardew had the dressing room. That alone would have been enough to keep us up. i.m.o.
    Ashley dose indeed have to take responsibility for the squad, but I don’t think he picked the players we bought.

  • Martin Payne

    Haha. What a mug 100/1? U0001f633

  • Martin Payne

    Easy money

  • LeazesEnder

    SamBrown3 andewalsh Demented_Man No your not! your’e Keith Bishop!

  • andewalsh

    SGM get some help with those meds.

  • SGM

    andewalsh SGM  Anything constructive?

  • kuromori

    SGM dave1892 You’re saying Pardew walked because of some abuse and *not* the chance to quadruple his salary and sign players he wanted? Riiight.

  • Phildene

    Pardew kinda got ‘helped’ out the door by Ashley getting £3+m for him in compen, so no he wouldn’t still be here as for singing for the lads – why? We all past that bit. The team are sick of carver et al as we are. We need to shake this place up and keep on with that, just as we are now. And True Supporters are well prepared to make sacrifices to get their beloved club back – the ones who sit back AREN’T true supporters as they’re sitting there like zoned out sheep paying money into Ashley bank account, they, in fact, are part of the badness running through our club and are just supporting Ashley

  • SGM

    kuromori SGM dave1892  No that’s what he said.

  • dave1892

    SGM dave1892 You can bring up what ifs as long as you like. I could do it too, and reverse your point, but it doesn’t tell us anything. Ashley, and charnley etc, are 100% responsible for carver’s appointment. Not the fans.

  • SGM

    Phildene  Agree, and disagree, he did get “helped” but that was after the event, £3 mill was a bonus, Don’t agree with you on the point of him still being here, he said himself that the “abuse” was the reason for him taking the Palace job,
    Agree on the “shake up bit” but not necessarily the methods used by the demonstrators, I think that has more impact on the pitch than in the boardroom.
    Don’t agree with the sacrifices bit, bin there, done that, to no effect, if another buyer came out, into the arena and declared their interest, then there might be a case for sacrificing a season or two, but there isn’t.
    Disagree with the sheep analogy, have been a supporter since 1969, we were shite then, we’ve had a few blips, Keegan, Robson, but on the whole we’ve never amounted to much in those 46 yrs. wholly because of what were experiencing now, under performing players, management, staff and owners.
    but being born within sight of S.J.P. I don’t get much choice in who I support. (The action or an act of helping a person or thing to hold firm or not give way; Provision of assistance or backing) O.E.D. 
    Paying money into his account is unfortunate but it is his club, he bought it, lock, stock and barrel, with his own money, if I had bought it with my money, I think I’d want some return also.

  • StephenBowers

    Two home games to get behind your club and if the worst thing happens (no points) Protest then.

  • SGM

    dave1892 SGM  His hand was forced. probably in carvers direction out of spite.

  • Brownale69

    WE always support the team BUT its about time they supported us. The players have let us down 2 sent off a team that is going thro the motions beaten before they take to the pitch.

  • Alex Bremner

    It’s guaranteed income!

  • terriertwo

    If we get relegated I would like a thousand pounds in my back pocket. Preferably the money I have spent on next seasons tickets.  Must be some way we could sue the firm for incompetence but no doubt there will be small print telling you to sod off and accept the crap thrown at you. Worst eight years of my life supporting this garbage since the fat man took over.

  • Toon Magpie

    May as well profit from the club Ashley has. Enjoy your £1000 good luck to you.

  • Toon Magpie

    Players you say? The finger of blame has been pointed at the pawns but the King and the queen and rest of the chess pieces go unblamed.

  • Toon Magpie

    There is nothing to get behind. It is a shambles.

  • Toon Magpie

    There has been death threats towards Ashley as there were towards Pardew. You read them on this forum or is dementia kicked in too much?

  • Toon Magpie

    He said he left because of comments made about winning game because the opposition as poor He said fans and media said we won because the other team is cheap so he is thinking why do I even bother they don’t like me if I win and they don’t like me if I lose I can’t win.

  • Toon Magpie

    Wouldn’t you want success if you bought the club?

  • v0ices

    Toon Magpie stop talking utter rubbish death threats on a forum? oh how scary back in your box stooge.

  • Personally, I think it will take relegation to make Ashley realise the correct way to how to run a football club.  If we survive, he’ll continue to do things on the cheap and spend the absolute bare minimum to ensure he still gets his TV money and free advertising.
    Relegation would make Ashley realise that if he really wants to guarantee his TV money and free advertising then he has to at least show a little more ambition.  Maybe aim for 7th rather than 17th…

  • SGM

    NUFC Tips It didn’t change his attitude last time.

  • SamBrown3

    LeazesEnder SamBrown3 andewalsh Demented_Man I dont know who Keith Bishop is?

  • Toon Magpie

    @voices, threatening me too?

  • v0ices

    Toon Magpie never threatened anyone on a forum in my life feel free to look at my posts. care to not slander me?