Reports in the local press this morning that there’s a boost for Newcastle United with Siem de Jong available for Sunday’s match against West Ham.

Exactly what ‘boost’ there would be in having a player involved who couldn’t be involved against West Brom or QPR because he wasn’t ‘strong enough yet’ must be very much open to question.

I don’t think this kind of false hope does anybody any good, apart from the possibility of the likes of Papiss Cisse and Rolando Aarons playing small parts on Sunday, surely the reality is that the players responsible for the shocking 1 point in 30 run, are the only ones who can belatedly earn a result against West Ham.

If Newcastle go a goal down against the Hammers, I can just see the instant demand to get the likes of Cisse, Aarons or de Jong on instead of Riviere, Cabella, whoever…as surely they can’t do any worse.

John Carver has already admitted involving Papiss Cisse long before he was expected to return and to be honest it has shown, he has looked way off the pace in his sub appearances.

Siem de Jong didn’t look very happy when pointlessly thrown on at Leicester with the game already gone, the half hour there potentially killing off any remaining chance of seeing him do anything of substance this season.

Afterwards Siem de Jong said:

“I’m not injured again, I’m just not strong enough yet. I hope to train again next week and help the team as much as I can the last games.

“I’ve tried to come back as soon as possible after 2 heavy operations. I wish I could have done more!”

In advance of the QPR match, John Carver confirmed the Dutchman wouldn’t take part:

“Siem is not injured, he just needs to strengthen his quad muscle, and he could be available for the West Ham game.”

The sad reality of our position is that even a fit Obertan or Ameobi will be more use than expecting one of the walking (still?) wounded to save the day.

Now is the time to somehow instil belief/conscience in one or more of our many hopeless cases, whether that is Obertan, Ameobi, Sissoko, Cabella, Riviere or whoever – there are no cavalry coming over the hill to save the day.

  • Dubaiexpat

    It’s the last game of the season which decides which league we’re in next season. To my mind we have to field the strongest team possible and I’d take a 70% fit Cisse over Manu any day of the week – we can’t afford to wait until we’re chasing the game before throwing on the likes of Cisse and Aarons. 

    SDJ is a different story as clearly he can’t be anywhere near fit. 

    One thing is for sure if Raylor is in that holding midfield role again we’re on a hiding to nothing. I just cannot understand playing him out of position – the only area of the squad we’re not short is in midlfield.

  • Demented_Man

    Don’t worry Siem, about being put in the firing line on Sunday.  You’re bound to sprain a digit or something before then to get you back on the sick list.

  • jarra lad

    Dubaiexpat  I think the only reason Taylor is playing is because they don’t have anyone else to take the corner kicks and free kicks. Can you believe that? A premier league club doesn’t have / can’t coach any of their squad of “professional” players to take a decent set-piece!
    Taylor’s set-pieces have been poor in any case – he’s put at least three corners  straight out of play in recent games and has never tested the keeper with any of his free kicks.
    It just emphasises  what a complete shambles we are.