One of the few successes of this season, Daryl Janmaat says that he enjoys living in the north east now, but at first he found the grey days hard to deal with.

Referring to the weather, though it is equally apt if you apply it to what has happened on the pitch, the Dutch international says that he asked himself ‘What am I doing here?’.

Something which many Newcastle fans have been saying to themselves when turning up to St. James’ Park for however long.

Considering that Janmaat hit the ground running and has been United’s best and most consistent player, the fact he found it so difficult early on will be a surprise to supporters,

However, the player’s stupid sending off against Leicester and some recent uninspired performances suggest he has been dragged down to the level of his teammates and the club overall.

In an interview with Dutch media organisation Omroep West, Daryl Janmaat was interviewed at his north east home, before the match at Leicester, and had this to say:

“When I first came here, I thought ‘What am I doing here?’, it was all so grey.

“My home is twenty minutes away from the stadium and I’m now used to it and even enjoy living there.”

Longer term:

“If I think about it now, I would like to return to Feyenoord and ADO (Den Haag) if I did return to the Eredivisie.

“We will just have to see how fit I am because I am still very young.”

  • mrkgw

    I now live in the South East through work but am intensley proud of the North East, my true home. I’m absolutely fed up with hearing people, footballers included, putting this negative slant on the area whether it be as a result of weather or other things. Its all completely over exaggerated. If they don’t like it, then they should ship out.

  • Jimmywayhay

    He would be loving the area if no other club wanted him ,Newcastle are a stepping stone club !

  • toon tony

    He’ll find it equally grey in Manchester. !!!

  • christopher87taylor

    I was going to offer a sympathetic slant for players but in truth you look in other leagues like Ukraine and Russia and the chalenges for new players will be tough despite financial renumeration I cant think it compensates enough for the threat of racismracism and subzero climateclimate. Anyway most of the players are comfortable in Ponteland away from day today travails of ordinary people in Newcastle, saw Mike Williamson in waterstones last year I can’t say he will ever walk the streets of Newcastle again unencumbered from abuseabuse, it takes just one butter to ruin it for everyone I liked when I was younger and you’d see a player randomly in the street away from footballing hero persona, personally I wouldn’t harass a player for an autograph or selfish but no the less it was good to see players.hate how theere hefty salaries increased the us and them factor.
    Last point there was an Argentinian footballer stoned to death outside his home stadium by his own fans, obviously that wouldn’t happen its an extreme example but stuff does happen

  • Toon Magpie

    No grey days at this club. It is either black or white and it has been black days these days.

  • Steve Cross

    He should think himself lucky; apart from a purple patch in the mid 90’s I’ve had 35 years of it.