What does cui bono mean?

No nothing to do with the singer of Irish rock band U2, cui bono is a Latin phrase which roughly translates to ‘who benefits?’ and that is the question which I find myself asking after the last few days of insanity at Newcastle United.

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It seems to me that between them, probably acting on instructions from above, John Carver and Lee Charnley have chosen to take the handbrake off and hurtle towards the relegation trapdoor like Thelma and Louise to the edge of the cliff at the end of their movie.

A record eight defeats in a row, players being sent off left, right and centre, rumours of arguments and fist fights on the coach home from Leicester, and finally a meeting of which the result was basically a decision that nothing needs to change.

So if John and Lee have decided that everything is ok, the staff just need to ‘focus’ a bit more, despite the obvious state of affairs, you do have to wonder what the benefit is of carrying on towards certain doom.

Despite divisions within the fan base, I think we can all agree that we are currently and comfortably the worst team in the entire Premier league by far. We play badly organised pub team style football with players seemingly more intent on getting off the pitch as soon as possible, rather than being open to receiving and using the football.

I also think that we can agree we will certainly rely on the charity and poor form of others if we are to remain in the Premier league, as our own playing staff seem to have decided (no matter what they say) that winning football matches is simply beyond them.

So with all the ingredients in place for return visits to Doncaster and Brighton, all whilst being owned by a man famous for ruthless and swift action if his businesses are in jeopardy (i.e not making him a pile of cash) but seemingly unwilling to take action in our case, you do have to wonder what the deal is.

Here is my theory, and it is just a theory which has perhaps been born of my overactive imagination, but it is a scary one. Simply put I believe that Mike Ashley hates us, every last one of us, and his plan all along was to make the club successful from a profits point of view, before sending it on a kamikaze dive into the Championship and perhaps beyond. You may think that I’m mad, you may question what he would have to gain from this, especially bearing in mind the new massive TV deal, so how do I answer that?

Simply put, after relegation he faces a choice of how to further exercise his hatred and spite. He can choose to reclaim his ‘debt’ (lol), thus sending us into a financial meltdown a la Portsmouth, where he simply strips all assets publicly before declaring the club bankrupt and selling it for a pittance. Or he can sell the club at a value to get his money back (i.e cut down bargain price) to the first mug punter he finds.

As always, the answer to the cui bono question is Mike Ashley, who can drive it home to us stupid jawdees (as those from below the Watford gap say) in a number of ways, all without costing him a penny and safe in the knowledge that he has made some money, ruined the club and he can now move on to doing the same to Rangers, or Oldham, or one of the other Sports Direct subsidiaries on his hit list.

Bluntly, it seems that Newcastle United is about to be ruined beyond immediate repair, you should not fear this as it was inevitable and always likely to happen.

I believe that this has been the owner’s plan for quite some time, but recent events may have forced the schedule forwards a bit, there was talk of summer 2016 but now it will be summer 2015, although it might actually take another year for the thorough demolition to take place before Mr Ashley skips away chuckling to himself.

What better way to get out of the promised major spending than relegation? What better way to keep his pawns in place (Carver and Charnley) than relegation? What better way to drive the club into a position where he can escape with his fortune intact whilst revelling in how he dealt with those Mugpies who dared to sing daft songs about him.

It will soon be over so far as Mike Ashley is concerned, of that I am convinced, then the real work begins. The task of rebuilding from the ruins of what he has done here.

  • prestondave

    And rebuild we shall. There will be someone out there who will see our potential as a sleeping giant with a fantastic loyal fan base who crave good football and an honest days graft for the honour of wearing the shirt. Winning a cup will be rewarded with untold loyalty and spending in the club shop like not seen for years. Bring out 5 strips a year and we will buy them all. Such is our devotion to our great club. FCB will soon be gone and that bad taste in our mouths will disappear. Ooohh, I was just having a Spartacus moment there and so better stop typing. HWTL.

  • nufcmag777

    Ashley doesn’t care he will have recouped his so called £129mill loan from profits by the end of this financial yr so if he wished he could leave us in the championship and pocket the parachute payments before selling us for £50mill and still be in profit.We are finished as a premiership team whether its this yr or next Ashley isn’t arsed either way.NUFC R.I.P.(he might even follow the route of the Blackpool owner and sell any player he can.

  • LeazesEnder

    prestondave HTL

  • paulmc4084

    There’s a common enough psychological term for it, and he fits the behaviour perfectly……………it’s called being a sociopath

  • fireflyuk

    prestondave No, I’m Spartacus!

  • prestondave

    fireflyuk prestondave No, Im Spartacus.

  • Demented_Man

    You’re not the only one to think Ashley’s ultimate aim is to take this club into administration.  It would have been more honest and open to be like that Huddersfield owner a few years ago who tried to have the main stand burned down for the insurance money.

  • Hetton Mag

    I think there’s something in your proposition but would add something worse. Ashley would asset strip the players £50m or so keep this and the £34m in the bank for himself, no problem as he owns the club. Then sell club for a huge loss and claim this against his tax. the real horror is he could sell to another Ashley owned entity for a knock down price, in the manner of dodgy double glazing firms. He would then have an asset at low value with tremendous sell on value on return to PL. he has form for this with the sale of the USC warehouse in Scotland that agitated the MPs. All pluses to the vile one and very much in his greedy money grabbing style.

  • AndrewRobinson4

    prestondave fireflyuk I’m Antoninus….’What do you do?’ – ‘I’m a singer of songs’ ( and he said this with a straight face :-o )

  • magpiefifer

    Don’t go with the relegation theory for this season – Ashley has totally messed up with his calculations that we would be safe this season.Agree that he hates us fans – the feeling is mutual,and has been for a very long time!!! I still feel that he wants us to stay in the PL so he can maximise his profits from the TV money – as long as it can be done on a shoestring of course!

  • BillytheFish

    Ashley has said he is selling up next season so don’t expect any unnecessary investment.

    I have however heard from Brentford that Mark Warburton is our likely next manager, not sure about him but he is very highly regarded in London.