It has been confirmed that Mike Ashley will be at St. James’ Park this afternoon when Newcastle’s Premier League future will be decided.

After being noticeably absent in the last handful of matches as relegation went from a distant possibility to a very stark reality, the club owner today returns to the scene of the crime.

The press have been briefed that this is the case with numerous newspapers carrying the quote:

‘A Newcastle insider told us’:

“It is a huge game, one of the biggest in years, and Mike feels it is important he comes up to give his support to the management and the players.”

The various newspapers are describing it as Mike Ashley ‘fronting everybody up’  in terms of his presence today.

After giving the NUFC stick for the disgraceful fact that he has stayed away from recent matches, I do at least give him some credit for turning up today, if he follows through with this pledge to attend.

It has been yet another embarrassing week for Newcastle United, with their reaction to the relegation crisis to have a media lockdown, with only the most basic interaction with the press.

Despite this John Carver still managed to make numerous statements telling the fans that it was their duty to turn up and support the team, yet at the same time said that it didn’t matter either way if Mike Ashley chose to come to the match or not.

The fact he is the owner, the figurehead, somebody who should be showing leadership in times of crisis, plus we are always told that the owner is a fan just like us…is of course irrelevant.

  • mirandinha9

    It comes as no surprise that he’ll be there. He owns the club and thus, has the right to attend, albeit, his temerity holds no bounds. However, I do recall his 2008 statement, which expressed his fear that his safety might be compromised in light of how fans felt after Keegan went. Relegation today, might just lead to some fan being a little too demonstrative of their feelings to him!

  • Paul Patterson

    I don’t have a problem with him being there, he should be, if nothing else to witness the mess he has created.
    However, if other reports are true and he is planning on coming up and holding a S***** D***** party, including playing football on the pitch, then the man needs to be put out of his (or our) misery . .

  • Corkyjohn

    I hope fans turn on him if he does attend. Make him fear for his safety…..

  • Jack_Miles

    West Ham fan here, I know you haven’t been in good form but neither have we! 3 wins in our last 20 games I think you boys will be up for it today best outcome for west ham i imagine would be a draw but I can’t see anything past a NUFC win!

  • Andgeo

    Bet the fat toad doesn’t stay until the end! Sure I heard his helicopter fly in yesterday afternoon. He must have (or be going to) offer the players a bonus for winning this game; would be interesting to know how much.
    Any chance of fatty doing the programme notes apologising for his short sightedness, greed, insulting behaviour, lies and mismanagement of our football club. Together with a commitment to invest properly in the future or sell.
    “How much would your free advertising really be worth Mr Ashley?”

  • Andgeo

    If you take the novembers out of the equation for each of the past two seasons we are the bottom team in the division.
    If you had been forces to watched us over the past two years you would be disgusted with the efforts on the pitch.
    West ham are the better team, just a question of whether your up for it.

  • fromtheheed

    Don’t mind him being at game as long as he is sat next to Jurgen Klopp having announced he is our next manager. Talk in the paper Brentford are after him, if that is true then we really do lack ambition. Otherwise he’ll give us something to ” Jeer “.

  • Deltic13

    If the blurt turns up I hope he feels the hatred for him. Plus I hope he trips up and smashes his neck. And hope every sports direct sign is removed from the ground by force.

  • Mark Brooker

    Hope he falls down the stairs on the way oot !!!!

  • Jack_Miles

    Andgeo I don’t think we will be, with us potentially getting a europa league place through fair play.. i’m hoping we don’t go about leaving our foot in on players! And with Sam Allardyce apparently leaving after the game I doubt the players will be up for it!

  • GToon

    But Paul if they do plan a little game at the end why not stay behind and offer some “support” to them?!

  • ilullissat

    Deltic13 I’ve read in the Sunday Times that there is going to be a Sports Direct day on Thursday when staff from around the country will march into a free bar,play football on the pitch and race remote controlled cars in the Milburn Stand.The article goes on to say”It will not feel like a football club, and there is no surprise about that anymore “Oh I almost forgot that there is a football match on today

  • ilullissat

    Have a look on BBC sport website for King Kevs take on the current situation

  • ilullissat

    mirandinha9 Check out King Kevs thoughts on BBC sport website today

  • fromtheheed

    Hope the toon don’t cut up the pitch. Understand there may be 5 aside football. Maybe find someone who has talent and sign him/her up.

  • TonnekToon

    If he does turn up the fans should beast him all the time he’s sat there . He must have some pretty big stones to want to  turn up today of all days . Sod whats going on the pitch its all pretty much out of our hands , yes we can win and put survival to bed , but with this shower of sh*te i very much doubt they’ll do it for themselves . Its all as it has been for while now , the out come of the Hull/Manure game .