Only hours before kick-off, the club’s final last ditch attempt at emotionally blackmailing fans not to protest, has involved roping Papiss Cisse in.

To help Mike Ashley get another year of free Sports Direct advertising and another season of TV riches, some rather dubious quotes have been attributed to Papiss Cisse.

Not sure whether he is supposed to have handwritten them but many of the quotes look very similar to those used earlier this week in attempts to get fans to follow the party line, without any commitment from Mike Ashley as to exactly what will change for the better if Newcastle stay up.

Familiar wording used in these Papiss Cisse quotes include:

‘…we have to forget  about everything that has happened before’

‘…this team is about the fans’

‘…just focus ahead’

‘We need them (fans) to come and support the team…’

‘They (fans) need to show us they are with us…’

‘…come and do this together’

Papiss Cisse ‘speaking’ to the official club website:

“It has been very hard during the seven games I have been out.

“I have watched every match and it is not an easy time for the fans, the players or the staff.

“There are three games left and we have to forget about everything that has happened before and just focus ahead. We have to play game by game and at 200 per cent. That starts against West Brom.

“This team is not about the players – this team is about the fans.

“The fans are angry, and that is normal in a situation like this because no-one wants to see their team lose every game for a long time.

“But we need them to come and support the team on Saturday. They need to show us they are with us, that we are together and hopefully we can win the game for them.

“I know that 100 per cent the players need the fans. We need them more than ever – we need their help to stay in this division.

“I know it is not easy at the moment but I say to them ‘come and do this together’.’

Doesn’t sound like Papiss is playing today, judging by ‘…if THEY score one’ and ‘They have to keep going…’:

“Our strikers need to put their heads up and have their chest out. They need to be confident and be a presence on the pitch.

“I know that if they score one, they will score lots of goals. They have to keep going, keep working and keep believing that things will change.”

  • NottsToon

    Literally the club not sink any lower without getting the ghost of SBR to deliver an impassioned plea for unity. I have no words for how much I despise just about everyone associated with NUFC at the moment.

  • fromtheheed

    Loved the letter from Colo. Being a Geordie with a strong accent I work and live in Leicester now, ( let’s not talk about Leic game ) I got some terrible stick at work. I said to my work mates, Colo writes better English than me, roars of laughter, but wait, he wrote it in Spanish? 
    I later read this was translated by the club, thought his English was too good. Which only proves that his wording was a PR stunt and Ashley and his cronies are desperate that fans do not protest.
    Yes Ashley’s got a lot to lose £70m and free advertising on a world stage.
    Agree with above comments.

  • StephenBowers

    Don’t know who is employed to do the club PR, sounds like the cheapest available.

  • ourlad

    Action speaks louder than words Mr Ashley and PR Stunts, so let’s see what the result is today.Will be interesting.

  • Alsteads

    It has been very hard during the seven games I have been out!!!  WTF????
    How about showing some discipline when we needed you most and not throw vile gob everywhere? Your attitude is that of all the rest of those so called players …..pathetic and weak

  • snodgrass2

    When you see the PR team working so hard grovelling and begging for our appearance at the matches does it not reinforce the fact that the boycott is working much better than we thought.

  • Philippines

    “feeble” “kept in the dark”, etc. etc…. …. what pathetic so called  journos work on this site. Always looking to paint the negative.

  • NottsToon

    Philippines So paint the positive then, come on, show me the joy in what’s happening at the moment.

  • Philippines

    NottsToon Philippines

    Quote from same Mag site….

    On the positive side, great to see players such as Papiss Cisse desperate to be on the pitch, especially when so many players recently have looked as though they’d prefer to be anywhere else! –

  • NottsToon

    I guess we’d call that a small mercy.