There are claims this morning that club sources have indicated that Mike Ashley has backed six new signings for Newcastle United this summer.

The Chronicle information from their club source/sauce is that United have ruled out Anderlecht striker Aleksandar Mitrovic as he could be a disruptive influence, but that Ashley is willing to back moves for Charlie Austin and Danny Ings.

If those two signings happened and little else this summer, it would probably surpass most fans’ expectations of what will happen in the transfer market.

However, two English strikers who scored 29 Premier League goals between them (Austin 18 Ings 11) despite playing for relegated clubs, aren’t going to come cheap. Especially when you have Spurs allegedly having offered £12m to try and land Ings before anybody else can talk to him, with or without Bunrley’s permission, once his contract runs out at the end of June.

The Chronicle also claiming that they’ve been told Mike Ashley was in good spirits after survival Sunday.

Deals for players are supposedly lined up to go ahead after a new manager/head coach is confirmed towards the end of next week.

Call me Mr Cynical but the fact that the season ticket deadline, which has been extended, ends a week on Wednesday (10 June) is a bit of a coincidence. As in signings being speculated by friendly press without anything actually happening before that deadline passes.

It also raises big questions as to exactly what is going to change for the better overall at the club, if deals for players have already been lined up without any input from whoever is going to be in charge.

No criticism of the Chronicle for printing the positive spin that they have been told by the club’s PR department but with only 69 days to go until the season starts, fans will believe the signings when they see them.

As for bringing in six players,  last summer Newcastle brought in nine, with Ayoze Perez, Jack Colback, Daryl Janmaat, Karl Darlow, Jamaal Lascelles, Remy Cabella, Emmanuel Riviere, Siem de Jong and Facundo Ferreyra all signing on for Newcastle.

Three success stories (Perez, Colback, Janmaat) out of nine, with some looking way off the standard needed (Ferreyra, Riviere, Cabella) and the remaining trio (de Jong, Lascelles, Darlow) still to prove themselves.

A credible new manager/head coach is imperative before I personally will feel any positivity whatsoever.

The main talk this weekend appears to revolve around Steve McClaren and Patrick Vieira. If the club are serious about either or both of these, then no excuse for not acting quickly with one on the dole and the other in a youth development role that is up for renewal this summer.

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  • Geoff Themagpie Robinson

    Think we need more than 6 signings

  • Andgeo

    And how exactly would motrovic be a disruptive influence??? Maybe by showing a bit ambition!! Mike ashley and chumpley are utterly useless.
    Get in a decent manager, give him the money, get behind them and let him get on with it, How complicated does it need to be?

  • Bearsize

    Hmm seemed mitrovic was a done deal while we might not be in the prem. normal service resuming again. The regime dont tell anyone anything, so dont believe the PR bishop leaks. No signings will be made until july 1st same as last year unless free.

  • Ian Creed

    so do i Geoff

  • Wallsendstu

    That report also stated that the fat man has sanctioned spending the profit from last season. That won’t get six quality players the likes of those quoted.

  • SteveSowden

    I agree:

    1. Owner
    2. Managing Director
    3. First team coach
    4. Under 21 coach
    5. Youth team coach
    6. Press officer

  • Steve Pringle

    like to see Joey back

  • Sickandtiredstill

    I see the cart before the horse problem still exists then!

  • Bearsize

    I believe the ashley.out group is mike ashley and keith bishop. Think about it. Its distracted people from the operating and wage costs. Its made the club look so bad to prospective players and managers i.e how do you not spend money when you have lots of it? Say that no one wants to come because of all the turmoil and turn it on the fans and say its our fault. The southern press will lap it up. It also explains that really nasty letter back at mike ashley from the group which gives him the high ground after his interview. That letter seemed out of character to what they had been writing. If you think hard about it you will find connections for yourself. I cant remember all the ones I thought of last night but it all seemed to fit. You have to remember ashley and co are professionals at conning people i couldnt put it past them to be so devious. They even have a donate button on the website. Open your minds please before shooting me down lol

  • Pedrothegreat

    To quote big Al, “actions speak louder than words”, we have heard the words, now lets see the action from mr Ashley and co, ill believe it when I see it.

  • Hez

    Even if we signed 6 quality players (joke) would we still have enough to make a regular match day squad capable of competing in the Premier League? This in terms of regular availability, full fitness (no – Obertan, Taylor, Aarons, De Jong, Haidara, Tiote, Cisse and the fat unfit pudding Elliot) and ability to regularly put in top performances (the list of doubts is so long can’t be bothered). We have already lost two of the regular starters from the 2nd half of last season, Jonas and R Taylor. Same again next season me thinks, lack of options and players

  • Pedrothegreat

    Its beggers belief, when we were nearly getting relegated the story about him was span in every news paper, how we were going to spend 15 mill etc to get him over here if we survived relegation, now we have survived, he hasn’t got the personality all off a sudden, lame excuse after lame excuse.

  • Corkyjohn

    If our management candidates are down to Viera & McLaren then it shows Ashley hasn’t changed one bit. I’d rather take a chance on Viera than going back to mediocrity with McLaren. At least with a real leader & footballer in the dressing room we could possibly punch above our weight…..still hard to believe we haven’t approached anyone else with the amount of quality, proven coaches there are available at present

  • Stephen Walton

    Thats a bare minimum we need

  • NufcToon


  • Martin Collins

    Season ticket renewal must be due

  • Charlie Jordan Galante

    We need at least 15 players hahaha!!

  • prestondave

    Think the horse has bolted mate

  • TonnekToon

    That should just be for starters after the massive clear out that’s needed .

  • Kev82

    We need 6 before you even take into account players leaving.

  • KevinBrown11

    Only six, we’ve just let six go so getting six in is just the same, unless they mean six first team members coming in, plus a few squad players, I hope that’s what they mean, if we did get them over the line ings Austin long pause for laughter, we need at least two central defenders left back two wing backs, maybe a new stand in goalie, but this is the toon so we’ll be lucky to get anyone over the magical line, I think we all know that mclaren and carver will be in charge said loosely, as it’s chumps ashley and Carr who are pulling the strings, I can understand them waiting a week or so to talk to any candidates, but if it is mclaren then why wait as he’s not tied to any club, the fans need something to go on to witch way the club is going, personally anyone but shyte for brains carver,

  • dude 1

    Believe it when I see it

  • harvowalker111003

    Yeah they may well sign 6 players but they will be cheap foreign imports who won’t cut the mustard

  • Bearsize

    We’ll see on august 1st bud

  • amacdee

    The current squad minus the recently let go bunch and assuming Tiote, Vukcic, Abeid, Satka, Bigi, Ferguson, Marveaux and Riviere will join them ?

    Keepers: TK, Darlow and Woodman
    Defenders: Janmaat, Colo, Willo, Saylor, Dummett, Haidara, Lascelles, Good
    Midfield: Sissoko, Anita, De Jong, Colback, Aarons, Cabella, Obertan
    Forwards: Cisse, Goof, Perez, Sammi, Arma
    Of those we should see the back of Willo, Obertan and Goof as a minimum 

    Keepers OK
    Defenders need at least another quality CB plus RB
    Midfield needs another Cabaye plus a Tiote
    Forwards need 2 goalscorers !!!!

    However above all we need a manager with the cahones to tell Fatman where to go !

  • amacdee

    Corkyjohn but none with a brown tongue ?

  • GToon

    I bet the conversation went something like “Mike, we are going to need at least 12 new players” to which Ashley replied “10 players, where am I gonna get the money for 8 new players. Which 6 do you want anyway?” All of these players purchases could be kept down to a half a dozen or so if we get a decent coach in who will bring out the best from some of those deemed surplus to requirements at the moment.

  • MilitantGeordie

    This could be true as long as each purchase is funded by a current player sale. I very much doubt Ashley is going to actually invest money in the squad, he hasn’t since 2011. Infact i’d bet money that when the window closes he will have made a net profit once again but we’ll all be expected to be grateful for the players he’s bought and forget about the profit and players out the door. his little speech on sky sports was nothing more than a man worried by all the negative press and lack of season ticket sales and the possible impact it could have on sports direct share prices. is it a coincidence that he was due to attend a sports direct meeting with share holders? To me this interview he gave was to protect his other business and try and hoodwink the geordies into settling down and buying the tickets. The pressure of protests, pundits and media finally shining the spotlight on his greedy modus operandi and that tv programme showing how grubby and morally bankrupt his sports direct empire is. f**k him.

  • CMRowley

    We made a profit of about 18 million last year (reported profit anyway). That’s about the money needed for a top striker from outside the premier league.
    So if he’s investing last seasons profit, that’s all we should get. We can’t get 6 players that will improve the squad with 18 million. May as well keep Raylor and Jonas.

  • nufcslf

    SteveSowden It amazes me why everyone can’t see the 6 above have to happen first before there will be any change at all. Players just aren’t going to make any difference what so ever.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    MilitantGeordie Actually, he has invested nothing further since he arrived. The relegation money was raised by new borrowing (mortgages from Barclays) and was only paid back once we came back up and had tv revenue restored. In financial terms, he took a loan from Barclays (thereby loading the Club with more debt) rather than use his own money, just in case we didn’t come back up..

    We are still +20 million on player trading since Carroll left. There has been no 20 million a year  investment as he stated back in 2008, unless what he meant was – I’ll spend the money the Club generates but no more (its my money so I’ll call it investment). He hasn’t even managed to do that let alone dip into his own pocket.

    If Vieira arrives here this week instead of McClaren, then I may feel some degree of change is happening or at least starting. If not, and it’s McClaren anyway, then we can be assured the spin machine has led us up the garden path (again) at the very same time they advertised the extension of the ST deadline.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    CMRowley There was 34 million of cash in the bank account, mate, at the end of the last accounting period. That’s a fact and in the accounts.

  • CMRowley

    Yes, that’s correct, I didn’t say anything about the amount of cash in the bank.
    I mentioned profit from last season as this is what the Chronicle states as the amount Ashley has allegedly committed to spend.

  • XerxesVargas

    Thing is. even if we do get 6 players in we’re still going to be well short next season. I think we will see at least 10 out of the door this summer, possibly as high as 15. Those two lads from Forest aren’t going to help us next year, except in making up numbers.

    So if we really are only getting 6 in then they must be planning on holding onto most or all of those players who I figured would be sold – Sissoko, Janmaat, Tiote, Perez, Cisse, Krul.

    Though what will most likey happen is we will get 6 in and then in the last few days we’ll sell a load and “just not have enough time” to get new players in.

  • delashio

    Good news. Lots of clubs deal with signings this way and im pleased the club have extended ticket renewal so fans can see whos been signed and who the manager is before buying. Good move by the club for a change. Who wouldnt be happy with that?

  • delashio


  • delashio


  • delashio

    Its close season so yes you must be right. Same time every year.

  • delashio

    Hardly regular starters.

  • delashio

    Because its not going to happen!! For gods sake get over it. Ashley is going NOWHERE!!

  • Hez

    delashio  Jonas and Ryan Taylor pretty much started every game they were available play last season

  • Hez

    delashio  sheep, yawn

  • delashio

    Sorry but you’re the sheep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • XerxesVargas

    What’s boring?

  • delashio

    Keep going on saying he will sell a load of players right at the end of the transfer window. Why not just wait and see instead of being negative all the time. They have extended the renewal time for season tickets so we can see who they bring in as manager (which has to be a good thing) and from that we should be able to work out if he’s been made promises or is just another yes man. Anyway there are plenty players that are more than useless that we could get rid of and wouldn’t even notice so lets just see. Its not going to get any worse!

  • XerxesVargas

    What? Have you not been watching for the last 5 years? You know, when players were sold at the last minute and replacements weren’t? Remember that?
    As for being negative, again what club have you been watching? It’s not being negative just realistic. Optimism is a good thing generally, but when it comes to the Toon optimism = madness

  • delashio

    Not only have i been watching for the last 5 years ive been watching fir the last 40! If the players we have are as useless as everyone says they are well we wont miss them. Im more than positive we will sign at least 6 or more and if they are the right ones then it will improve us. If viera comes then micah richards on a free could be a possibility given the man city link and what im saying most is im not going to waste my summer whinging on about something that hasnt even happened yet. I will save that for if and when it does.

  • magpie9

    As soon as the so called story starts with “it is claimed” dont bother reading any more. Total b.s. the authors can write what they like naming any players they like. After all if you met a mad drunk in pub who told you Ashley had signed Messi & Ronaldo you could start with the same 3 words that give you license to write the headlines of the magic duos upcoming signings

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  • XerxesVargas

    Fair enough. But it’s not what is going to happen that has me worried and whinging, it’s what’s already happened.