John Carver has revealed that he had a chat with Steve McClaren on Tuesday.

The Newcastle Head Coach had claimed earlier in the week that he made the 300+ mile round trip to watch Siem de Jong play for the reserves against Derby.

However, now Carver has put an extra angle on it in terms of fans now no doubt wondering whether the reason was specifically to have this chat with McClaren, even though he has denied that is the case.

Why John Carver has decided to make this chat with the Derby boss public is anybody’s guess but here is what he had to say:

“I had a good chat with Steve McClaren and we didn’t talk about anything other than my situation and about what my players are doing on the pitch.

“It was all about me and how I had to cope with it, even he said ‘It has been a difficult thing for you John, I understand that, but you have handled it quite well, you have had to cope with it’.

Asked if they’d talked about McClaren getting the Newcastle job:

“Absolutely not, he just asked how I was coping, how I was dealing with it. Steve and I go way back, Steve Round and Paul Simpson (Derby coaching staff) were also there.

“We were all on that same Pro-Licence course together and when you go on these courses you get to know them, it was all about the situation here and nothing about what all the rumours (McClaren to Newcastle) are.

“Whether they are in for it or not they have to give me respect, so they were never going to talk about anything like that.


“You have got to give people opportunities and I think people out there understand the circumstances – extreme circumstances, if I have got the tools…

“I had a chat to Chris Ramsey (QPR’s internal appointment also heading for relegation) and he said, ‘I have seen the sides you’re putting out John, it is difficult’.

Pole position:

“But listen, I am in pole position at the moment and until I’m told otherwise, nothing is going to change.

“Whether that is next week, the following week, in the summer, I’m in pole position and that is how I look at it.”


  • Thecyclist1

    ‘it was all about me’…..and there you have it.

  • A lex

    The thing with Carver is that he’s a coach and hasn’t had proper training in ‘managerial speak’ and football PR – in other words, he doesn’t lie very well.

  • Corkyjohn

    I honestly think the bloke is touched, I’m sure McLaren thinks the same. He’s gotta be sacked at the end of the season as he’s a loose cannon. Is this one flew over the cuckoos nest?

  • Michael Maximus Moose


  • Mark Wallace

    Dumb and Dumber! !

  • foggy

    7 defeats on the trot and carver reckons he’s still in with a shout of the job full time. At any other club in any division he’d be out the door before he could say “I worked with sir Bob you know”.
    Only at Newcastle could he still be in a job.
    We’re well and truly F***ed

  • Conman

    The more he says things , the more he believes them.
    If SM said that, it really adds to the pessimism that if he comes in, JC will be his coach. As I’ve said many times, he’s not good as a coach either. He’s just fallen into his career and moved up thru the ranks without showing anything much in the role he has.
    It’s just an old boys network and no matter which one of these is a manager or coach next season, it will be the same as this season I’m afraid.

  • LeazesEnder

    Why’ve you used a picture of Jeremy Clarkson?

  • Paul A

    How is loosing seven on the bounce, a new club record, handling the job well you utter fool.
    Sadly I’m resigned to this knob getting the job full time and none of us should be surprised when he does.
    We’re an f’n joke.

  • tino o

    Well if Steve mclaren says it it must be true we’re all wrong. Okay John we’re sorry for any abuse we gave you we know very little about football. You are a fantastic coach we were just worried you would use us as a stepping stone and leave us for real or Barcelona! ! He needs medical help now he is in the middle of a break down. Ashley is sitting watching this unfold show some decency you fcb this has gone too far! !

  • JohnyH

    Carver Is an utterly deluded knob. He has to be the worst we’ve ever had and that’s saying something when you look back at some of the other muppets over the years.