The Premier League TV money split for all 20 clubs has just been revealed for the 2014/15 season.

The income is decided by three factors.

Firstly, every club gets a ‘basic’ payment of £52.5m each.

Secondly, there is a merit payment for every league place, which equates to roughly an extra £1.2m per position up the league you are.

Thirdly, clubs get £750,000 for every appearance on live tv.

Newcastle United’s income for this season just gone is £75.65m, compared to Sunderland’s £66.95m.

Despite finishing only one place above, Newcastle’s TV money is £8.7m more, almost exclusively down to the number of times United have been on TV.

In fact, only five clubs have been on TV more than Newcastle this past season.

This once again proves that Newcastle are not just another run of the mill club, it doesn’t mean that as fans we should automatically expect to win anything, but it does tell us that the TV companies and other football fans (by virtue of the fact that the TV companies see it as good business sense having us on!) take more of an interets in us that most other clubs. This is despite, especially this season, there being an almost total absence of decent football.

Newcastle United, for better or worse, are a club/a story that other fans are interested in, as well as of course the NUFC fanbase tuning in.

Newcastle were on TV more than Spurs and Everton, as well as being on live TV roughly twice as much as every other one of the other twelve clubs, including Sunderland.

I bet Sky were rubbing their hands when Newcastle ended up featuring on ‘survival Sunday’ yesterday – NUFC’s involvement would have meant more viewers and more advertising revenue. Sky and BT Sport have not featured Newcastle so often  because they like black and white stripes!

So third best supported team in England (10th in Europe) this season, 19th biggest turnover in the latest Deloitte World rich list of clubs, 18th most valuable club in the World according to Forbes and sixth most featured on TV.

All of this despite the football being rubbish and the club ran like a jumble sale by Mike Ashley.

Just imagine….

TV money table as featured by The Telegraph:


Premier League club breakdowns above.

  • NUFC9

    So getting dragged into a relegation scrap and keeping the cameras on us until the last game of the season means we get more money than the team who finished 9th.  I doubt this has gone unnoticed by the Fat Controller.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    £75mill plus £34mill in the bank, will Mike spendit on Newcastle 
    Not a hope in Hell

  • cwtoon88

    quite obvious what is limiting us here

    10 million less than southampton

  • Paul Patterson

    So we have £35m in the bank and now £75m coming in.
    SPEND £60m FFS ASHLEY!!!

  • pinit

    Mr Ashley fronted Newcastle out on Sunday, he doesn’t care how much you protest he is staying and as far as he is concerned there nothing fans can do about it. Its his money making machine, a few choice words of hope and your all back on the band wagon. We have seen on numerous previous seasons new players do not make a blind bit of difference to our core problems.