Forbes have now released their list of the top 20 most valuable football clubs in the World.

This isn’t the Deloitte figures which come out each year, their top 20 is based on revenue each season and Newcastle were 19th in their latest list (2013/14 season revenues).

As you can see, Newcastle United are ranked as the 18th most valuable of all the football clubs in the World at $349m, which is around £229m at today’s exchange rate.

Whilst last season’s revenues play a part, Forbes use a number of criteria to value the clubs and obviosuly the striking thing is that pretty much all 17 of the clubs ranked a higher value than Newcastle are Champions League regulars. One big reason in favour of Premier League clubs of course, is that as a league their TV revenues are huge and going to have another massive leap starting in the 2016/17 season.

No wonder Mike Ashley saw the value of buying Newcastle and the benefits it could bring, Forbes rate only the six obvious other English clubs as being more valuable.

Whilst any valuations aren’t going to be exact to the penny, Forbes have no interest in rating Newcastle higher or lower in value than the reality and use the same criteria on every club.

Just imagine what Newcastle could be worth if ran with ambition? Plus how ironic if Mike Ashley’s valuable asset shrinks in value due to relegation, thanks to his calamitous running of it.

Here are the Top 20 most valuable football clubs in the World according to Forbes (Galatasaray were in 20th position but I couldn’t access that figure)

$3.26bn Real Madrid

$3.16bn Barcelona

$3.10bn Manchester United

$2.35bn Bayern Munich

$1.38bn Manchester City

$1.37bn Chelsea

$1.31bn Arsenal

$982m   Liverpool

$837m   Juventus

$775m   AC Milan

$700m   Borussia Dortmund

$634m   PSG

$600m   Tottenham

$572m   Schalke

$439m   Inter Milan

$436m   Atletico Madrid

$353m   Napoli

$349m   Newcastle United

$309m   West Ham

  • northender

    Hardly cause for celebration unless at least some of the cash is seriously re-invested in the playing strength. Otherwise you may just as well say Sports Direct is the 18th most valuable club in the world.

  • Dave U

    Not many of the 17 teams above us have won nothing for 50 years and constantly let supporter down. Never mind the media like to blame the fans because we expect too much – Still the main thing is that we have plenty of money, football comes second here lol

  • dunelmcuths

    NUFCTheMag MikeAshleyLies AshleyOutdotcom TaylorandBesty So why isn’t there a queue to to buy the club?

  • NUFCTheMag

    dunelmcuths MikeAshleyLies AshleyOutdotcom TaylorandBesty Who says there isn’t? You need somebody willing to sell as well.

  • dunelmcuths

    NUFCTheMag MikeAshleyLies AshleyOutdotcom TaylorandBesty I accept that! Just hope he will as NUFC slips down the pan!

  • ijbthe5th

    NUFCTheMag ToonArmyJayne if the club is to be relegated where will the millions of pounds end up

  • ToonArmyJayne

    ijbthe5th NUFCTheMag Ashley back pocket

  • ilullissat

    There needs to be a list of the best supported clubs based on silverware won and I bet Newcastle United would top it

  • Morpeth mag

    Have a look at what city are now worth,,,, what were they worth when ashley took over NUFC? ( also we were valued more than Spurs)
    Very short term thinking off ashley, we get bigger crowds than city and they don’t sell out there champions league nights. It goes to show worth and value equate to silverware won. With the exception of Spurs and us these teams are all serial winners,,,,

  • northender

    Dave U Hi Dave, I don’t think the media blames the fans, they are just incredulous that so many people having long ago seen through Ashley and his pals should continue to pour money into his company.