Yesterday brought ‘reports’ that Newcastle had agreed a £15m deal for Anderlecht’s exciting striker Aleksandar Mitrovic.

Immediately though, Anderlecht General Manager, Herman Van Holsbeeck, said that there was no truth in the story and nothing had been agreed between Newcastle and Anderlecht.

With 25 goals in 45 starts for Anderlecht this year, the striker who has been dubbed the ‘Serbian Ibrahimovic’ will have no shortage of suitors if the Belgian club decide to sell their biggest asset.

Today, Belgian media organisation Nieuwsblad say that their information is that Newcastle are indeed interested but that they also know for sure that the 20 year old striker has no interest in any such deal.

They also report that the player and his agents had a recent meeting with Anderlecht, where it was agreed that any talks about a potential transfer would be put on the backburner until the end of the season.

The Belgian club are said to be resigned to losing Mitrovic this summer and have a queue of clubs wanting him, with the player seeing European football as a minimum, or at the very least a club that is likely to be in Europe the following year, something that instantly rules Newcastle out.

Arsenal and Dortmund are amongst the many clubs to have been credited with an interest.

Anderlecht expect the player to go for at least a minimum of the £15m that was claimed to be Newcastle’s offer.

Not bad for a player who they paid around £4m for less than two years ago, although Partizan are entitled to 20% of any profit made on the striker.

  • prestondave

    Can you “supporters” now see what you are going to get more of next season.? Nobody of any worth wants to come here be it player or manager/coach. This is what your support of the regime and the way the club is being run gives back to you. If we drop into the championship and we get even worse players and dont make it back up then will you continue to “support” the regime.? If the answer is yes then you must have pretty mundane lives to want to escape for a few hours to watch that crap. If the answer is no then you need to boycott the remaining games and join the demonstrations as this will probably be your last chance. Really, a decent team with league and cup aspirations or more of what you have had over the past few years.? Is it really that hard a choice.?

  • SamBrown3

    If we go down we get Championship football
    If we stay up we get relentless gossipy transfer rumours with no substance, linking us to loads of players who wouldnt want to be seen dead in a Newcastle top, unless they were paid a substantial amount of money.
    Either way, this summer is going to be a headache

  • Alsteads

    The fact these transfers rumours just make me sigh and realise how far we have dropped in every sense of the word. I think our business will be in the lower leagues here. At least we’ll get players that want to bust a gut instead of 5 million quid gambles from abroad. Let’s face it. We had our last chance of signing a real 15 million quid player with lazzarete (or however it’s spelt) but bottled it. Now he’s linked with chelski etc mind you he would of only papered over the cracks this season and fatty would of sold him to chelski for a quick 5 million profit. The FCB has lowered everything at the toon. Including our morale and expectations. How sad

  • madgeordie003

    prestondave Yes, keep boycotting with all the negative press assley is getting this is the chance to hit him hard