Barcelona striker Sandro Ramirez is going to spend next season on loan at Newcastle according to Spanish daily sports newspaper Marca.

They report that the 19 year old’s agent Gines Carvajal has been in talks with Newcastle this week and a year’s loan deal has been arranged in principle, no doubt dependent on United staying up.

Like Ayoze Perez, Sandro is from the Canary Islands and joined the Barca set-up when he was 14 years old.

Having played for Barcelona’s B team, the forward made his first team breakthrough when injuries to the likes of Suarez gave him the chance to make a dozen substitute appearances this season, all before Christmas.

His four goals included one against Ajax in the Champions League but since the injury situation improved, Sandro Ramirez has had to be content with B team football once again.

Barcelona aren’t interested in selling the striker but see the benefits of him continuing his football education in the Premier League, in a similar way to Gerard Deulofeu who spent last season at Everton.

The scousers were keen on keeping him for another season but Barca chose to send him to Sevilla this past year to get him more acclimatised to La Liga.

If the deal happens then he could be a great asset to United next season assuming he has a similar impact to Deulofeu, who if you remember tortured Paul Dummett when Everton stuffed Newcastle at St. James’ Park last season.

Today’s reports follow claims yesterday that Newcastle were looking to sign Manchester City’s 19 year old Belgian defender Jason Denayer on a similar year long loan, whilst Man Utd striker James Wilson had been the subject of loan speculation as well last month.

With Newcastle needing a massive injection of both numbers and quality it will be a surprise if Mike Ashley doesn’t use the loan market as he has done with Remy, de Jong and Ferreyra in the last two seasons.

  • Geoff Themagpie Robinson

    Another loan deal

  • Chris Usher

    Is it #April the 1st ? with all these loan deals and players we are going to get watch out the championship we will be on fire!!

  • Steve Kennedy

    Loan deals don’t help build a team for the future, they just help ensure the fat lad gets the TV money for another season.

  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    He is just doing this to make all them toon fans buy there season tickets for next season don’t fall for the fat leech lies please.

  • Geoff Themagpie Robinson

    However, still there are at least 30,000 who don’t see that. They don’t see that by uniting behind the banner of Mike Ashley, under the guise of Newcastle United, that ultimately it is they who will seal our fate.
    They who have the chance to save the club and they who by their apathy and inaction will lead to the continuation of what is.
    Until finally the walls collapse in on themselves and those who spent years warning about us becoming ‘another Portsmouth or Leeds’ without Ashley’s business acumen, will actually have helped to preside over exactly that……………….

  • A lex

    Loans are just ‘sticking plasters’ – all this does is get Ashley through a season.
    We want permanence to build a squad. Someone mention ‘stability’ once? You don’t get that with the frequent ins and outs of the loan system.
    If a new coach will readily accept such a transitory playing squad, then it confirms the standard of lap-dog coach we’re getting.

  • LeazesEnder

    Looks like the same old failed Ashley master-plan to me, transient players, total disruption, lack of commitment, zero investment…..

    …. look where it got us this year!

  • Wallsendstu

    They must think that all they have to do is mention getting players from Barcelona, Manchester United or City and all the silly little Geordies will take it hook, line and sinker. It is about time that the fat man got rid of his PR guru, Bishop as I am sure he must be behind the rubbish that we get this time every year. If the fat man wants to pay me megabucks I am sure that I am more than capable of reissuing these stories year on year. We will invest in the team, we are linked with quality players, if the fans don’t get behind us we will be in trouble, players and staff are abused around the city, they have told family and friends not to come because of the bad atmosphere at the ground, we will play our strogest team in the cups, we must get the club on a sound financial base as it was on the verge of going bankrupt, we wont sell our best players, our squad is strong enough, we have been unfortunate with injuries and suspensions, Mike is far to busy to speak to anyone. Sorry an early morning rant but I am sick of these people treating the best supporters in the land with such contempt, but the real unfortunate thing is that some still believe them.

  • A lex

    LeazesEnder Or you could say……
    “Looks like the same old successful Ashley master-plan to me, obedient fans, total devotion, blind commitment, rolling season ticket investment…..

    …..look where it got me this year!!”

  • SamBrown3

    Im happy with loans if there is a deal to take the player on permantly at the end of the deal, I dont like the fact we will be “developing” (i use that word very lightly) for another team to potentially get the performance or financial benefit, Loic Remy used us and I can see that being the case again if we choose this type of transfer policy.

  • mrbeast06

    zhorze probably with Perez going in the opposite direction

  • zhorze

    mrbeast06 nooooo !

  • Paul Handy

    Loan deals are the way its gonna go for next season then. Last hurrah before selling up? Or just to keep costs down for profit? I think the latter…

  • RexN

    I love the way you manage to get “quality” and Ferreyra into the same sentence.

  • Andgeo

    Net spend???

  • hettonmag

    Im sorry to sound negative but how can any loan player progress under the current coaching staff we have, until we have a clear out we will never produce any up and coming young prospects.

  • kuromori

    Is this all part of the five year plan launched in 2009 to “challenge for everything”?

  • jimblag

    f*cking loan deals!!

  • King of Zamunda

    Literally the footballing term for ‘zero hour contract’ no long term commitment and limited spend!
    I have a feeling next season’s team will have next to no actual contracted Players.
    MA really needs to go play with the traffic.

  • Pedrothegreat

    What is anyone going to gain by this? apart from Ashley saving some money on buying a striker. Its a stupid policy loaning players to fill the team sheet up, its just a cheap way to run the team and a bad indication of how we are going to handle business in the summer. Why didn’t we loan some one like him in January rather than wait until the summer??? The club is run by idiots.

  • Andgeo

    Surely Armstrong should be given the game time ahead of a loan from another team. But Ashley isn’t building for the future!!!

  • Jarra MIck

    poor basterd fancy coming here for a year! He may as well start looking for a job outside football now cos he’ll be washed up once he’s had a years “development” with our crack coaching team.