Yesterday it was reported by Spanish daily sports newspaper Marca, that Barcelona striker Sandro Ramirez was going to spend next season on loan at Newcastle.

They said that the 19 year old’s agent Gines Carvajal has been in talks with Newcastle this week and a year’s loan deal had been arranged in principle, no doubt dependent on United staying up.

However, today has seen rival Spanish sports daily Mundo Deportivo report that now Barcelona have told the agents representing Sandro Ramirez that he won’t be allowed to go out on loan next season

The sports paper says that the agents of other young stars, midfielder Sergi Samper and striker Munir El Haddadi, have also been told the same.

As well as the possibility of playing a part in the first team, the main reason for Barcelona keeping the three exciting youngsters on home turf is due to it being essential that the Spanish giants rebuild their B team.

Barcelona B is seen as a key part of the framework at Barca in terms of developing players longer term for the first team.

However, this season has been disastrous and Barcelona B look certainties to be relegated from the Segunda which is the second tier of Spanish football and the division that Newcastle plucked Ayoze Perez from.

The B team are six points away from safety and heading for third tier football next season, hence why Barcelona want to utilise Samper, El Haddadi and Sandro Ramirez in the rebuilding job.

Like Ayoze Perez, Sandro is from the Canary Islands and joined the Barca set-up when he was 14 years old.

Having played for Barcelona’s B team, the forward made his first team breakthrough when injuries to the likes of Suarez gave him the chance to make a dozen substitute appearances this season, all before Christmas.

His four goals included one against Ajax in the Champions League but since the injury situation improved, Sandro Ramirez has had to be content with B team football once again.

The speculation surrounding Sandro Ramirez followed claims on Wednesday that Newcastle were looking to sign Manchester City’s 19 year old Belgian defender Jason Denayer on a similar year long loan, whilst Man Utd striker James Wilson had been the subject of loan speculation as well last month.

With Newcastle needing a massive injection of both numbers and quality it will be a surprise if Mike Ashley doesn’t use the loan market as he has done with Remy, de Jong and Ferreyra in the last two seasons.

  • Deltic13

    They should call in the fraud squad while their at it aswell

  • Toon69

    So much for improving the team by loaning players from other clubs, how does that improve our squad? If this is the way Ashlye wants to keep us in the EPL, then he’s not much of a fanacial wizrd after all, as like Ferreyra, we’d be throwing money at other club to train their players or in our case, ruin them for the future!!

  • Deltic13

    And the sas for mike

  • Sickandtiredstill

    A part time squad then – with nothing to actually build on in terms of signed players here for anything past a season. Ashley’s already proven that no matter how good they do, he wont sign them if they cost ‘too much’ (Remy).

  • Milo79

    We don’t need 19-year-olds on loan we need proven quality.

  • SGM

    Porter Pap

  • ToonMaster

    Stop Fkin moaning. Do something about it. Don’t buy your season tickets till you know who’s coming in. Stop buy merchandise at the club and SD shops. Don’t buy food and drink at the ground. Tell your m8s to do the same. Put a ban on anything to do with Ashley. Just stop Fkin MOANING FFS….grrrr

  • Phildene

    ToonMaster just stop buying season tickets end of!-NOT don’t buy UNTIL you know who’s coming in!  whats the point of telling everyone not to buy merchandise at the club shop/SD and to stop buying food and rink at the ground if they’re still going to buy their Season tickets?? that’s the trouble with fans, they’re still going to the matches! 

    Still putting money into Ashley pocket and its £100’s for a season ticket-much more than ruddy merchandise. Simply stop spending money on anything to do with nufc-simples.

  • ToonMaster

    We still support the club but we don’t have to spend money there. If we buy decent players, I’ll support the team, if not I won’t. SIMPLE