‘One for the future’ Ayoze Perez, featured in 36 of Newcastle United’s 38 Premier League matches, yet says the highlight of his season was one of the two games where he didn’t even get off the bench.

On the last day of the season the Spanish striker was surpisingly left out, a decision that would have  seen John Carver slated if Newcastle hadn’t survived.

Despite being dropped though, Ayoze Pereez says that the 2-0 win over West Ham was undoubted the highlight of his year on Tyneside.

His words a testament to his character, rather than picking out personal moments over and above the team.

Needless to say, a refeshing snippet at a time when most fans doubt the commitment and character of so many players.

It is always one of those ironic things, that injuries and the failings of others then present opportunities to others that otherwise would never have been there.

If the likes of Riviere, Ferreyra and Cabella hadn’t been so dire, and Papiss Cisse struggling to decide whether he wanted to be injured or suspended at any particular time, we would never have discovered this season just what a ray of sunshine this unexpected highlight from the Spanish second tier has proved to be.

Ayoze Perez:

“I’m very happy with the way things have gone as I didn’t expect to adapt to English football so quickly.

“Literally, I have achieved all the goals I had when I came, beyond my expectations, and so I am very, very happy.”

Favourite moment:

“My favourite moment of the season, the best moment undoubtedly the last game….very emotional, especially when we scored the two goals.

“It felt great and it was very emotional on a personal level, despite all the troubles we went through in the season, the fans always stayed with us, supporting us right through to the end. We managed to get the energy from them to get through this season.”

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  • Jared Wilson

    Top lad!

  • toonterrier

    Should have been brought on after half an hour to replace Cisse who was well off the pace. A good young player with loads of potential so lets hope we can hold on to him and get a manager in to take him and us to the next level.

  • Numero1

    I was really pissed off when Carver brought in Goufran, I’m sure Ayoze would of done a great job on the wing!

  • Wakefieldite

    Agreed! Although he could have quite easily replaced Riviere………..

  • Philippines

    Funny that I think Riviere and Cabella are both getting a ‘bad rap’ from many commentators. As ANYONE who has played sport should know, confidence and the bounce of the ball are a big factor, especially if you only get a limited time on the pitch. I think Riviere and Cabella will both make a good contribution if they get a chance. I also think Obertan could do well if they played to his speed as did Jack Charlton when he took Alan Foggon (mediocre at Newcastle) to Middlesbro and made him league top scorer.

  • TonnekToon

    He found his feet in the league better than some do , hope he gets even better  next term . seems a nice lad too .

  • Andgeo

    With the right manager and coaching and with actual investment in the team Perez could become a very valuable asset in the future.

  • Alsteads

    When I seen him in his first game, first touch I thought we had a player here. It stands out a mile. With everything this season his attitude just seems to be bang on. The lad is going to be really really special and I just hope we as a team grow with him and try and get as much out of his work rate and undoubtedly goals that will come and hope we aren’t relying on his 15/20 goals pulling us out of a relegation battle instead of helping us get up the league. It might not be next season but most definitely the season after (if FCB hasn’t cashed him in!) great kid, good luck to him. Just hope we reap the benefit.

  • Munich Mag

    Philippines naah, they are getting a bad rap because they deserve it. They have not performed well enough this season. However, I agree with you, they both have potential, and will be much better next season