On the eve of the home match with West Brom, the Ashley Out campaign organisers have released a statement ahead of the game.

The people behind AshleyOut.com are asking fans to make their own minds up as to whether to boycott the game but have given an overview of the current mess at the club, as well as the events of the last seven days.

AshleyOut.com Statement

An eighth consecutive loss.

A club in free-fall, now only two points above the drop zone.

A manager publicly accusing a player of deliberately getting sent off.

A club captain fighting with the keeper on the team bus.

A plea to the fans to support the team (as if that’s not what we’ve been doing) written by a captain who recently spent some time overseas whilst the team were struggling.

A club statement assuring fans that “our” club is now absolutely focused on retaining its Premier League status, and that its manager will remain in charge.

A Managing Director’s failed attempt at drafting in a manager with three games to go.

If any fan was still in any doubt about the extent of mismanagement by the current administration, the last week has provided all the evidence needed.

For the third time in seven top flight seasons under Mike Ashley survival is in the balance at this very late stage of the season. A situation which has come about, yet again, because of choices made by Ashley, Charnley and their staff. Despite PR leaks regarding ‘top ten finishes’, they’re just aiming for Premier League survival, every season. It’s looking increasingly as if they’re going to fail, again.

As one national journalist observed last week, Newcastle United in its current state probably deserves relegation due to its flawed business model and the arrogance of its administration. The fans, however, those who support the club come rain or shine, most certainly do not.

As before, we call on (season) ticket holders and members to make their own minds up about whether they attend the upcoming game against West Bromwich Albion. A fixture which could become our 9th defeat on the bounce.

We are not organising a protest to take place during the game. However, we will not discourage anyone who wants to protest at any time. This is your club, your choice.

Ashley Out!

(Thanks to Adam Barnsley for the photo taken at the pre-match Spurs protests, Newcastle fan Charlie Hardwick of Emmerdale fame one of the thousands who showed their displeasure at Mike Ashley’s running of the club)

To keep in touch with the campaign website go to AshleyOut.com and follow on Twitter @AshleyOutdotcom

  • DownUnderMag

    I would actually feel sorry for Carver if he wasn’t doing his best to look like a pillock all the time.  But the fact is, he essentially had the club publicly found out about trying to hire someone above him to save the club because they were so desperate for things to change and didn’t think he was capable…and yet he still sits there as if he’s the new incarnation of Sir Bobby.  It’s just proved the man has no morals and absolutely no self respect or integrity.  The fact he hasn’t walked away shows he knows he won’t get anything better elsewhere and is willing to take whatever abuse he has to in order to ensure he still retain a job.  He may love the club deep down but he really isn’t covering himself in glory over this whole thing…

  • matisome

    All these people who want Ashley out, why has no one, as yet, suggested that there must be enough money spread between all of the supporters, well off and not so well off who would willingly contribute to a buy out Ashley campaign. If you think that this could lead to too many chiefs and not enough indians then contributers vote for a team to lead the club while everyone has voting rights to elect this team. hasn’t this been done at other clubs ??

  • Morpeth mag

    Just my own oppinion. The Ashley out campaign has started the ball rolling and has been well run and with integrity (unlike the club by the owner and his minions,) but now was the time to press home any advantage we have gained, we should not be taking our foot off the pedal, as once the season is over its back to square one, Ashley will be still in charge and the momentum will have been lost with the summer break, if we stay up, Ashley will get his money and NO decent players, Manager or coaching staff will be brought in and it will be as it has been for the last 8 years, poor staff, poor players, Ashley getting free advertising for his business and laughing at all those stupid Geordies!!!!

  • Demented_Man

    Morpeth mag Totally agree, but I think it’s probably for the best to let fans make up their own minds whether to protest or not, in view of all the recent irrational clap-trap urging people to ‘get behind the lads’.
    You’ll likely find the protests will happen anyway, if, as I expect, this game goes badly.  Whether the fans boo or cheer, it’s unlikely to make any difference to this bunch of players.

  • Conman

    Why would he walk away. He keeps telling us that even if he doesn’t get the job full time, he’ll be back in his coaching role on a 5 year deal. He will never walk away.

  • Conman

    Completely agree. But it takes someone with a lot of time, ability and sway to pull it off. It’s a massive job raising 250 plus million from thousands of people.
    I believe if there was a figurehead, it could happen but as yet , no knight in shining armour.

  • Morpeth mag

    Demented man, I hope your right, but I think our fans are very apathetic and need leadership,,,
    I also agree with you that nothing can motivate this bunch of players, the fact that the club captain has come out with this begging letter, after trying to leave the club for the last three years, shows what a hypocrite he is. so in essence we are run by liars and represented by hypocrites.
    I think there will be a massive media presence and it would have given us good publicity in our fight to get rid of Ashley,,,,

  • Lofty9


  • Jail for Ashley

    I honestly don’t know what to think. I definitely don’t want us to be relegated but it won’t really bother me if we do go down as I will take grim satisfaction that Mashers won’t be getting his tacky brand advertised round the world and he won’t be getting his mucky paws on that obscene TV money. So I agree with both Demented man and Morpeth Mag, I won’t be going to the game but I will leave it up to others to decide in what way they want to support the team. What will be a complete waste is that if all those who think they are doing the right thing by going don’t just sit in muted silence like they have done for the majority of the last seven years.

  • Lofty9

    Conman For some reason my reply is blank. Was going to say I agree with you and matisome. My idea would be for NUST to approach Keegan/ Shearer as a figurehead. Have a plan where the masses can invest say £250 payable over a year? Most people could make a dent in that £250 by giving up birthday or Xmas pressies this year? Affluent supporters could invest more if they can (Sting, Jimmy Nail, Cheryl. You know who you are!), but the thing would be that it would be a selfless act to ensure people are voted into position as matisome suggested. The only thing we’d get back is the knowledge that we have some say in OUR club. If 200,000 supporters gave that sum we’d have £50m in a year. That might also suggest to potential buyers we are serious about fan involvement and attract someone in to work with us? I understand it’s a massive undertaking for anyone in terms of time and energy, but in my eyes, the NUST are up and running and already have a system where you pay subs, so it might not be too hard to expand that to mass membership?

  • gazchampion

    Disagree with you there, mind! 
    We MUST keep the pressure on Ashley. Any let up will be seem be the fat shopkeeper as a victory (no matter how small). THE BALL IS ROLLING… KEEP IT BIG… KEEP IT UP… ASHLEY OUT!

  • gazchampion

    DownUnderMag He’s doing it deliberately to send us down to get rid of fatboy mike! That can be the ONLY answer.It’s conspiracy theory time… listen to this (and I’m not the first to suggest this either):We all know that John Carver is Black & White through and through. Now, I agree that his performances have been bad and his media outbursts ‘confusing’ (to say the least) but, and here IS the question, could it be that Carver IS doing all this deliberately; 1) to get NUFC relegated , 2) in order to get rid of Ashley and 3) to get wor club back to us?
    I can’t comprehend what has been happening on or off the field with the p155 poor performances of our ‘better’ players, the ridiculous sendings off of Wiiliamson and Janmaat last week (were they arranged?) and these crazy media outburstsby JC – best manager in the Premier League??If Carver’s strings ARE being pulled from upstairs they’re all doing a pretty bad job!
    Add to this the growing public dislike of fatboymike and his s**t d****t tat empire…you never know!!!!All this, to me, smacks of strange goings on.I can’t see where another Premiership point will come, so is this the ultimate sacrifice by John Carver to save his beloved club?
    …just a thought!


  • NottsToon

    Weak statement I’m afraid, kudos for what they have done so far but now is not the time to relax. Now is the time to press the advantage and make things even more uncomfortable publicly for the pig.
    Luckily I have absolute faith that his incompetent employees will do exactly that on our behalf on Saturday afternoon.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Lofty9 Conman 

    The problem is that you won’t find 2,000 supporters who will give that sum.
    Ashley is going nowhere as no one will buy our club unless it comes down to, or below, the price of Villa!

  • gazchampion

    NottsToon Agree with you there mate. 
    Sad times!

  • TheBoneYard

    pathetic ! now is the time to put the match to the firewood not to let the breeze blow it out, I know these campaigns take time and effort and I take my hat off for what you have achieved so far, but why back off now ?

  • matisome Excellent plan but can only be achieved from a position in a lower league.

  • Conman Coaching ! ! !

  • If we do stay up Ashley will say ” Phew ,that was a close one , better be a bit more careful next season ”  Do you want to go through this year after year after year after ……………

  • gazchampion

    devonbay We know what to expect..lies, lies and more lies with a few false promises thrown in whilst the fat controller continues to pocket the dosh…WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • TheBoneYard

    gazchampion devonbay POWER TO THE PEOPLE…….ASHLEY OUT !

  • fromtheheed

    It tugs at your heart strings not entering the stadium and supporting the team, but we’ve got to keep the pressure up and boycott the game. An empty SJP is the biggest statement we can deliver to Ashley that we’ve had enough. As one of the top ten highest supported clubs, we are viewed and known globally, this would send out a message to all our fans worldwide that we deserve better. Ashley would not like adverse publicity of this magnitude, please don’t give up as our team has done.
    The alternative is ” same again for the next 8 years Mr Ashley PLEASE “.

  • warikhunt

    y not just make a bannor saying if you care about sport buy from
    intersport   wonder how quick fat man would b off if a bigger sportware
    company started gettingfree  advertising due to his incompatance bet intersport would pay for the banner as well could you imagine the posative pr for them

  • dude 1

    2 home games to go lads and lasses I know it’s hard but just stay away you can still watch the match in a pub and support the team but we have to show Fatty and Penfold we mean business 
    This week they have tried everything to get us back on side and I personally think it is now getting to them so like i say its only another game so for once lets all come together and but our grievances aside and stand as one for the sake of OUR club

  • madgeordie003

    TheBoneYard Exactly, we will never have a better opportunity to set this ablaze. Do this and things will change

  • SGM

    Is Ashleyout running out of steam and ideas?.

  • Conman

    Yes. That’s what he keeps stating.

  • Seventy2

    I hope there is some sort of word of mouth protest being organised.

  • Corkyjohn

    Do you think the real John Carver was abducted by aliens or assassinated by the CIA?

  • gazchampion

    Corkyjohn Hey Corkyjohn, I’m always up for a good story… 
    Aliens? It’s a very possible theory cos JC is sort of alive but has no rational thought processes anymore!
    Assassination is out of the question ‘cos he would have been bleedin’ of a different sort, in front of the cameras! heheh!
    BTW, Mr.Alien, can you abduct fatboy Mike please?

    Whatever, we still want ASHLEY OUT!

  • gazchampion

    dude 1 Agree ,mate. a half-empty SJP still means it’s half full to some though. 
    Wouldn’t it stun fatboy mike and penfold if less than 20000 turned up? 
    Why does this silent blind support even bother? Fan attendance (support?) is doing NOTHING for the team now! The players have lost the plot, JC is temporary until the next plonker moves in and until ashley has gone there will be NO change!
    If only the Toon Army was UNITED, eh? We need to get it together!
    ASHLEY OUT!!!!

  • gazchampion

    TheBoneYard gazchampion devonbay Damn right, Bro!
    ASHLEY OUT & nothing else matters!

  • Lofty9

    NotFatFreddy Lofty9 Conman I know what you mean NFF, but if the idea is there you never know!!

  • TonnekToon

    Corkyjohn I think he’s still here Corky, but i think the poor [email protected] had a Stroke !

  • dude 1

    Gazchampion totally agree with you we do need to get together

  • gazchampion

    Seventy2 Shouldn’t have to… 
    I hope AshleyOut.com are going to reconsider a plan of action at the 11th hour…It’s never too late! 
    Keep the pressure on the fat controller and he’ll burst!


  • NottsToon

    Fvck you Ashley, look what your penny pinching destroyed when it could have been so different.


  • Brownale69

    SGM no just stand back and watch the coach over the cliff

  • snodgrass2

    matisome Been tried before. John Hall wanted fans to buy into the club. Was met with total apathy. The same apathy that currently meets our boycott call.

  • snodgrass2

    gazchampion DownUnderMag So he tried to get rid of the other three club owners when he worked for them? Were they all made in the Ashley mould? I doubt it. He is just a man who has been promoted above his ability and can’t let go of his golden goose.

  • Lofty9

    snodgrass2 matisome Good point Snodgrass, BUT, John Hall was asking for £500 minimum investment at the time? That was, as is now, far too much to attract the numbers you might need to succeed. Take a leaf out of Mr Ashley’s book and ask for a lowish investment for a greater return? So I don’t think it was apathy, more a simple financial choice?

  • gazchampion

    great article…wished we ALL could read it and take note!


  • FC Newcastle

    Its a pity someone couldn’t produce a black and white shirt with jjb or decathlon on it.

  • ilullissat

    NottsToon He could have been the new Messiah.He could have had many friends.But for reasons unknown he has chosen not to.Look at Abramovich,you hardly ever see him and yet he backs Chelsea.

  • gazchampion
  • gazchampion
  • gazchampion

    BRILLIANT…it would be worth buying one of these (and not from s**t d****t either) just to wear this on it! Spread the words!

  • amacdee

    gazchampion I’d buy that shirt if it said “Fatman” ;-)

  • gazchampion

    amacdee gazchampion Nar man,   we need to ‘name & shame’ him, if it’s at all possible! 
    ASHLEY a.k.a. ‘fatman’ OUT!