Following the latest dismal outing at QPR, the Ashley Out campaign organisers have released a statement in the aftermath of the defeat.

‘Looking forward’ to the final day of the season, the people are appelaing for fans to come together and support the movement for change at the football club. Statement

Judgement Day

As we reflect on yet another shambolic Newcastle United defeat, this time against already relegated Queens Park Rangers, we set our sights on next Sunday: Judgement Day.

The club is in an even more desperate situation than recent weeks. One single point from 30 now, still no game plan to speak of to grind out the points so desperately needed and still not a shred of fight, let alone pride from the players.

Newcastle United unbelievably still have their fate in their own hands: a win next Sunday against West Ham United will see the team “compete” at the highest level for another year at least.

Sadly, even the most optimistic fan must now question this team’s ability to win a competitive football match under pressure, so it looks like everything hinges on whether Steve Bruce’s Hull City have it in them to beat Manchester United at home.

Whatever happens on Judgement Day there should be absolutely no doubt that this entire shambolic situation has been self-inflicted due to severe neglect.

It was neglectful to go into the season with a manager who had shown relegation form for the best part of two seasons.

It was neglectful to not invest significantly in key positions where the squad was weak. It was neglectful to weaken the squad in January rather than to strengthen it.

And finally, it was certainly neglectful to not replace Alan Pardew, who left for Crystal Palace on his own accord, with a proper manager and effectively write off half a season on the assumption that we were ‘safe’.

As much as the managing director, the “manager” and the players deserve criticism for our current plight, the buck stops with one man and one man only, Mike Ashley. He is running “his” club as per his vision for it, and that has resulted in no less than three relegation struggles in six Premier League seasons.

Still, as the season draws to a close the club is well on course to set a fifth successive profit even if its owner does not pay a single penny for his commercial use of it as a global advertising vehicle for his sportswear shop.

Quite what Newcastle United or its fans get out of this relationship is anyone’s guess.

At we are finalising our protest plans for the West Ham game, or Judgement Day as it will no doubt be known, even though the actual outcome of this one football game will not change anything to the long term prospect of Newcastle United – a club aiming only for Premier League survival will eventually fail.

We expect to have a loud and clearly visible presence inside St. James’ Park and we call on every Newcastle United fan to either (continue to) boycott this game and/or join us in our protest regardless of the outcome of the game, regardless of whether we ultimately stay up or go down this time around and regardless of countless pleas for support that will undoubtedly follow this week from the gutless club representatives that have allowed the club to descend into this shambles through their own actions and decisions.

Enough is Enough. This club is not OUR club.


  • nufcmag777


  • A lex

    A point isn’t enough. Only a win guarantees a finish above Hull.

  • Corkyjohn

    Boycott the final match….

  • TonnekToon

    Next weekend whether we stay up or drop through the trapdoor Carver should be ran out of Town with his @ss on fire at the final whistle . We all know ultimately Fatties the main culprit for the state the Clubs in , but how on Earth Carver can find gainful employment in Professional football ever again once the season’s over is totally beyond me .

  • Chemical Dave

    A “proper manager” would destroy his career working for fat boy.

  • LeeIrving

    I shall wait to see what plans come up with. I will then decide weather to end my 2 year Excile, not to support the team as it does not represent the team i fell in love with as an 8 year old. But to add my voice to the protest. I need to know that real action is hoing to take place before i begrudgingly hand over my cash tho the parasite. I supported the team through thick and thin as have 52000 ppl week in week out for a greater number of years than fat mike has been hear. It has not made a blind bit of difference, which never bothered me as i always had hope of next season we would win something. That hope has been evaporated over 8 years of crap mismanagement and pure laxk of commitment. The only hope i have now is to one day see the bsck of this parasite and the only thing i can see us wining in the future if he stays is the st johnson paint trophy and i doubt we could manage that. The time is now to unite ignore the get behind the team propaganda and show him and the world we have had enought. Cant protest in the summer unless you plan on going to bar nine and giving the barman a hard time. ashleyout. Carver out penfold out and the muppet bishop out.

  • Willvenus1

    Under the combined stewardship of Ashely, Charnley, Pardew and now Carver this once proud is game by game plunging to new depths of neglect and incompetence. All we seem to hear from the club is constant rallying calls to the supporters to get behind the club “to get the points required to get us over the line”. The one and only decent thing about this car crash of a club for donkeys years now has been the support so why should we be called upon again and again. What do we get in return for our loyalty and our money? A big fat (excuse the pun) zero. Between them they have systematically stripped the club of ambition, professionalism, dignity and hope which is beyond repair and when they look at themselves in the mirror they would do well to remember that. They deserve relegation. The law of averages should have told them it would happen sooner or later. The supporters certainly do not. All they want is a club that represents their city which they can relate to and be proud of. Sadly, this seems too much to ask for.

  • VincentCFC_TWD

    christinasimmo5 hello there…how r u Christina?

  • NottsToon

    People need to think about what they’re supporting here. Newcastle United doesn’t exist any more, just a tawdry, cheap advertising board remains in the place once occupied by a football club. The people employed within (ironically with the possible exception of that lettuce brain Carver) have no idea or respect for what once was.

    It should go without saying that the stadium should be empty next weekend, it should have been for months now, but undoubtedly many will still attend, like faithful old dogs weeping on the tomb of their owner. Only ghosts wander the corridors of SJP these days, ghosts and memories. 

    The club can be reborn, but not until the fans let it die.

  • christinasimmo5

    VincentCFC_TWD Hi Vincent I’m well thanks! How are things with you?

  • christinasimmo5

    VincentCFC_TWD I’ve been out to a country show at Kirkley Hall Northumberland with my dog

  • VincentCFC_TWD

    christinasimmo5 im fine so far so good Christina.many news about next new CFC players..pfff…

  • VincentCFC_TWD

    christinasimmo5 awww…it’s great.enjoy ur time dear !! Have a fun !

  • bazpinn

    I have followed Newcastle home and away for nearly 40 years and i can honestly say that i have never seen a side as bad as thid one. Even duribg the eighties when we seemed to get relegated every other year the team tried 90% of this side know that they will be leaving in the summer so they don’t give a toss.

  • christinasimmo5

    VincentCFC_TWD Very Quiet! Jose keeps his cards close lol

  • VincentCFC_TWD

    christinasimmo5 i believe he’s choose the right player for his let us see.

  • WallaceWilson

    The problem is the ‘model’ Ashley and his minions employ. It focuses on profit making by selling on individual players. Indeed this is the way the club sells itself to players and their agents. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when there is no team spirit or a collective attempt to win. Team work beats individualism every time so it’s no surprise when our collection of individuals fail every time they come up against a team, even one as poor as QPR. The model needs to be scrapped and a team building exercise adopted as the new model otherwise we will just continue to get beaten

  • Kev82

    Every one should go next week and give them the best support, then no matter what the outcome have a long sit in protest after the game.

  • A lex

    Going to get a bit interesting now – looks as if Man Ure will have nothing to play for next weekend!

  • A lex

    With the over-riding desire to head for the pub,; metro or car, there’s more chance of Fatty spending £100m than there is of fans staying back for a sit-in.

  • toon tony

    Get a room you two.!!!

  • Toon Magpie

    nufcmag777 Crystal Palace beat Liverpool 3-1 maybe we can pinch their manager off them for the right price, he has taken Palace from 2nd bottom to mid table 45 points. I forget his name Pardumbo or something I believe.

  • Phildene

    Kev82 whats the point of having a long sit in protest after the game if you’re going to give them your support during it? protests must be made before, during and after-then the long sit in after will k=make a valid point, but it won’t on it’s own.

  • Phildene

    NottsToon How well put and how true too. I would even go as far as to say that those attending, who don’t want to protest in some way, should be ashamed of themselves for blindly supporting a club which is no longer ours. The owner, the ‘board’, the coaches (and I use that term lightly too) AND the team are not bothered about your support so why continue giving it???
    Wake up and smell the coffee! the only thing you’re continuing to support is Ashley and his bank balance.

  • LeazesEnder

    A lex Hull vs The Monkeys Reserves!….

    …. That will change the odds with the bookies!

  • GToon

    Alex, the sit in would be misinterpreted as fans staying behind to show their appreciation. Maybe if the fans were on the pitch at the end that might make more of a point and perhaps suggesting where Ashley, Carver and co might like to go would be an idea too. I’ll bring a motorized scooter!

  • GToon

    Let’s see him repeat it next year!

  • Kev82

    @phildene Because the team needs our support during the game, unless you actually want to get relegated. We aren’t going to get any favours from the Hull game as Man Utd will have a young team out with nothing to play for, so we need to win.

  • jimileysbaldyheed

    Years and years ago one night in a pub in Bedlington John Tudor(remember him) told me that nothing would ever change at NUFC  so long as we the supporters blindly followed the lads.That the owners then Westwood etc took us for granted and just assumed we would turn up. THIS OWNER IS THE WORST WE HAVE EVER HAD THIS COACH IS THE WORST WE HAVE EVER HAD THIS TEAM TRIES LESS THAN ANY i CAN REMEMBER IN 56 YEAR OF SUPPORTING THEM . Oh for a Wynn Davies A Super Mac  a Trevor Hockey a Jinky Jim a Tommy Robson Joe Harvey told us in 74 and 69 YOU R THE PEOPLE Geordies are reknowned fighters we must take our club back from these incompetents and parasites. I would rather we were in the Evostick playing the Spartans then let this lot sully our good name. PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST

  • Chemical Dave

    He’s a cracking manager like, makes you wonder why we lost 14 of our last twenty last season and didn’t win a game thus season until the end of October?

  • kuromori

    LeeIrving Nope. Forget the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. We don’t do cup competitions because they might affect our league position.

  • snodgrass2

    jimileysbaldyheed I remember John Tudor and he was right. It must be a Geordie thing because I recall having a brief conversation with an MP and he said the same thing but in a different context. He said as long as the north east blindly votes socialist nothing will change. The socialists take it for granted and do nothing for us whilst the Tories write us off and do nothing for us. If just once we voted differently it would scare the pants off them both. Same with Ashley. At least do something -BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT.

  • Deluded

    Chemical Dave Sorry Chemical Dave you didn’t read the script. Everything good was Pardiola’s skill, everything bad was the players, fans and science’s fault.

  • Davidelder888

    The biggest statement we as fans can make is to boycott a match that really matters. This is an opportunity to show the footballing world how far Ashley has gone.

  • Phildene

    @Kev82 do you really think our support will make any difference after all this time because I don’t. The players don’t want to know and we believe strong action is needed, not a pathetic attempt to back the players when it will make no difference what so ever-as its hasn’t the last few years.

  • foggy

    Kev82  Kev, do you think Ashley would be bothered about a sit in ? He’ll be off down the pub and then onto a casino, at midnight he’ll probably ask a minion if the geordies are still sitting in whilst laughing his fat head off

  • foggy

    If I had the dosh I’d hire a big screen and put it on the town moor, then all of the fans could watch the game and support the team without setting foot inside Sjp. I’d also have a skip outside sjp so that all fans can dump their Wonga shirts in it and other SD tat so we could burn the lot. Its no good having a protest after the game as the worlds attention would have moved on. We need a protest during the live tv coverage and an empty sjp would send message to the world that the fans want Ashley out.

  • Chemical Dave

    If he’s using the Liverpool result to prove he’s s good manager I’ll raise him 0-6 , our worst result in living memory.

  • Woody2173

    Protesting throughout the game is a terrible idea. Support the players for 90 minutes and have a sit in protest after the final whistle regardless of result. The players confidence is shot already without the whole of the stadium on their backs throughout the game. Lets create an atmosphere to remember instead. Save the protests for the end.

  • LeeIrving

    And how has supporting them throughout gone in the last 3 years. If itworked we would not be in this mess. Maybe you should go round the happy clappers and ask them to actual cheer for a change inatead of frowning and complaining when real fans do cheer. Said the ground would be dead with a family end that big full of middle class parents only there with jonny, grateful for the break from trips to waitrose

  • ilullissat

    Woody2173 Groundhog Day,Groundhog Day etc etc

  • “A
    club aiming only for Premier League survival will eventually fail.”
    That’s a brilliant quote.

  • Better Newcastle relegated and sold rather than owned by Mike Ashley

  • ToonArmy1967

    I suggest we fully support the team throughout the game then at full time make sure not a single sports direct sign is left on show within the stadium. Smash em down!