In advance of the relegation decider against West Ham, the Ashley Out campaign organisers have released their plans for Sunday.

Rather than any organised protests prior to or during the game, the people message is appealing to fans to support an ‘Occupy St. James Park’ protest after the final whistle.

The intention being that this will ensure no conflict between supporters during the game and to allow supporters to support the team without distraction during the match.

Ashley Out West Ham Protest Announcement

After another embarrassing performance against already relegated Queens Park Rangers at the weekend, we go into the final game of the season with relegation a very realistic prospect.

John Carver and the players deserve to carry part of the blame, but this most recent impending disaster has been years in the making.

Mike Ashley has made countless decisions with complete disregard for the club’s or the fans’ interests. Decisions that have resulted in a weak, unbalanced, spiritless squad and a manager woefully out of his depth.

The club now finds itself in another late season struggle, the third in its last six Premier League campaigns. A fight for Premier League survival which could, and should, have been easily avoided had past lessons been adequately learned.

Mike Ashley however hasn’t learned any lessons in his time owning the club. He is not interested in learning. He is not interested in our club, not in the same way you and I are. For eight years now he has ruthlessly exploited our passion for our club for his own personal benefit.

Many fans will continue their boycott and avoid the West Ham United game. This is something we encourage and support as it will hit Mike Ashley where it hurts him the most.

However, due to the nature of the fixture on Sunday, and what is at stake for the club, we understand that many fans will find it very difficult to stay away.

For those among us choosing to give up their season tickets, this will be our last game at St. James’ Park until Mike Ashley leaves. We therefore aim to make the most of this final opportunity to deliver our message inside the stadium in the strongest possible terms.

Whatever the result of the game and the outcome of the “battle” against relegation, during and following any lap of ‘honour’ that might or might not take place, we will continue to occupy the ground after the final whistle and we urge all Newcastle United supporters to join us in this form of protest, which has been cleared with Northumbria Police.

Bring your flags, bring your banners and most importantly bring your voices. Together we will make it clear that enough is enough and demand – on the worldwide platform that is Sky Sports – that the man ultimately responsible for the club’s demise into mediocrity, Mike Ashley himself, puts the club up for sale with immediate effect to “a worthy custodian of such a fine football club”, which is how he said he judged potential takeover parties when he first took the club off the market in 2008.

We have no specific protests planned to take place during the game so as not to disrupt the outcome in any way, shape or form.

However, once again we encourage all fans to show their displeasure in any way they see fit. You need no permission or direction to protest, this is your club.

Kind regards,


  • IntravenusMP

    Really, stop it for one game and support the team.

  • Polarboy

    IntravenusMP Did you actually read the statement? It specifically states that they have no plans to disrupt the game while it is happening or before the match even. What are you? Are you actually a Newcastle fan? A person with and ounce of intelligence would be fully aware of what a cancer Ashley is to us.
    How anyone can deny it at this stage is quite astounding. Three out the last six seasons have seen us get relegated once, almost get relegated again and it remains to be seen what will happen on Sunday. Will you still support Ashley on Sunday, and I’ve seen you continually support him, if we get relegated for the second time in his tenure.

  • DownUnderMag

    IntravenusMP “Really, stop it for one game and support the team.”
    Yes, that’s the whole point.  They are basically saying to the fans, for one game just get behind the team, the club and do not protest.  As they state, there is a huge opportunity for the fans to reduce the possible blame game that would ensue if the worst does happen.  Our fate is in our own hands still, but if we do lose and go down, there is every chance the club and manager (er head-coach) would look to blame anyone BUT themselves, and therefore the fans who protested and create a bad atmosphere, interrupt the game with pitch invasions etc would provide the ideal excuse scenario, so lets not give them the satisfaction of blaming the current predicament on anyone but the incumbents in charge and the lack of balls in the dressing room!

  • IntravenusMP What part of “The
    intention being … to allow supporters to support the team without
    distraction during the match.” don’t you understand?

  • ilullissat

    Let’s hope it’s not foggy,raining,sunny,cloudy,inclement,humid,cold,dull or misty so they can’t blame it on the weather

  • Porciestreet

    Sorry mate but you’re jus a knacker that knows and understands nothing about this current plight and why we are in it. Best just shut it…….!

  • The club won’t be bothered if fans stay inside the ground and protest ……..get outside and protest .