Wednesday night has dealt a devastating double blow to Newcastle United’s hopes of beating relegation.

Anything but a draw would arguably have been an ok result.

If Arsenal won then it was possible for Newcastle to finish above Sunderland with only a point against West Ham.

If Sunderland won then they’d be safe but it would have then meant Manchester United had everything to play for against Hull City on Sunday, as they could still potentially pip Arsenal to thrid place and automatic entry to the Champions League group stages.

The match finished 0-0.

Absolute nightmare.

Sunderland are now safe and Manchester United have effectively nothing to play for as they are seven goals worse off on goal difference compared to Arsenal, with the Gunners facing West Brom at home on the final day.

It is now looking very very likely that Newcastle will have to actually win a game if they are to stay up, an achievement they will not have managed in 85 days when we get to Sunday.

Instead of being able to rely on Man Utd brushing aside Hull or Sunderland kindly being stuffed twice to save us, teh Newcastle players will actually have to do something about it themselves.

Whatever happens, Newcastle have yet again kept Sunderland in the Premier League by gifting them six points.

It will be the final sad irony if that shocking fact now also relegates Newcastle United.


  • ministrymole

    Look guys. Hull still need to win. I’ve backed them for relegation for some time, and I know it is not a happy time on Tyneside. I feel you will survive but not because you deserve to. We survived tonight because we gave everything for survival. Fat Ass Ash has put John Carver in charge as he does everything on the cheap. Have you ever bought anything at Sports Direct? I bought a Gym bag for my son and the cheating swines spent 5 minutes trying to tell me I needed to pay an extra quid to put the gym bag in a a Sports Direct bag just to carry the stupid thing to my car.
    Your owner is the problem, and well, the manager has no experience, that’s true, but he is a Geordie, and has the will, so we cannot blame John Carver, I say we, and I mean you as it must be obvious now that I support Sunderland, but I still have a liking of Newcastle.
    C’mon, Steve Bruce needs to actually win against Man Utd, surely he will not break his duck this weekend. Mind you, there is some bad blood with your owner and West Ham’s manager. Good luck to the mags, maybe you are gonna need it.

  • A lex

    I’m happy you’ve stayed up for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your owner saw the crisis unfolding and did something positive to resolve it, I.e, appoint Advocaat. Our lunatic owner didn’t. And secondly, your players have shown a bit of passion, bottle and desire to get you out of the hole. Ours meander along and collapse like a pack of cards.
    So, it all proves that hard work and action produces results. Wish I could say the same for the charade that Ashley is causing us.

  • Wallsendstu

    Then there were two. Carver should make them look at the fight and commitment shown by the Sunderland players. To a man they put in effort so sorely missed from our lot. They faced up to the fight and threw themselves at everything, not like our great captain who turns his back on things in case the ball hits him. They obviously have respect and listen to the coach even though he to is only supposed to have the position till the end of the season. If we can have the same response from our lot on Sunday we should do enough to win. If we don’t then for Carver, Penfold and the fat man it is not the fans fault the blame lies totally at your door.

  • Mark Brooker

    Mackems safe , good on em that’s what happens when a club has the foresight to replace a departing manager with an experienced one. Not a clueless buffoon of a coach!!

  • DownUnderMag

    We shouldn’t even need to care about the result last night, we have one game left, we need to beat West Ham at St James’ and then we are safe.  The fact that we are relying on other teams to do our job for us, AGAIN, is a disgrace.  Many are saying they think Hull will lose so we will stay up, but this is the sort of mentality that has us in this position to start with….thinking we’ve done enough and relying on other teams not to pick up enough points.  Let’s hope the players realise what is at stake and give the fans something back after letting them down so badly!

  • DZA187

    DownUnderMag I’ve got a feeling that Hull will win 2-1 and we will draw 1-1 on sunday.

  • foggy

    All set then for premiership suicide at St James on Sunday. Anybody really think that this team and this buffoon of a coach can win a game of football ?

  • SGM

    None of the above has any relevance. We nee not worry about Sunderland, Arsenal, or the game against West Ham. We just need Manure to turn-up.

  • kuromori

    And to bring in a proven goalscorer. Now there’s an idea.

  • TonnekToon

    Once again the 6pts they were gifted from us this season  has helped them stay up for another year in the Prem .      (No really, you don’t have to thank us ) Say what you will about them they’re  fighters  , unlike our motley crew . Will Hull show more spirit and fight on Sunday ? Will we simply bottle it as usual ?  Fingers crossed ManU turn up wanting to compete on Sunday afternoon , regardless  its the last day  with nothing to play for themselves .