Appearing at a charity golf do in the north east, Ant and Dec have said that no other business would treat their customers like Newcastle United do under Mike Ashley.

Alan Shearer was at the celebrity golf bash, as was John Carver.

The Newcastle Head Coach getting stick from some fans for still attending the event instead of being on Newcastle United business, despite the golf day being in aid of charity.

Interviewed by ITV, Ant and Dec had this to say about the club and the current situation:


“Newcastle United is the heart of the City.”


“It is like a religion, it’s not the be all and end all but it’s not far off.

“At the minute, the faith and the loyalty the fans are showing to the club isn’t being repaid.

“No business would treat the customers like this.”

Reform needed:

“We need a reform of the club and how things are done because it is not working, whatever is happening it isn’t working and we’re constantly scrapping relegation.

“We shouldn’t be doing that, we should be knocking on the door of Europe.”


  • lupamac

    Well if Ant & Dec say so its got to be right. what tremendous insight these kings of comedy have. 
    like the rest of us were thinking we were having a good season

  • Paul A

    Well said guys.
    The more high profile people that speak out against ashley the better.

  • Polarboy

    lupamac What exactly are they supposed to say when they are asked? Journalists are asking them questions why shouldn’t they answer as a fan.

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out!!!

  • salfordgeordie

    Lets get ready to rumble

  • Killashley

    Why don’t you try and form a consortium Ant, Dec, Shearer etc…. And buy fatshley out

  • DownUnderMag

    Killashley they don’t have the money to buy the club from Ashley.  this is the rock and a hard place we are in, a new buyer not only needs to pay the going price to buy the club itself, but also needs to pay off the “loan” as well…it is that loan that is the noose around the clubs neck in terms of getting prospective buyers in.  
    The only way we will get a buyer is if some oil Barron with money to burn comes in and wants to use the club as a publicity tool in the Man City way.  Sadly, between Chelsea, Man City, PSG, Monaco and others scattered around I think the likelihood of another one coming along is slim.

    Personally I could handle all this penny pinching and profiteering if we saw evidence of the loan being paid off, but somehow despite record profits and free advertising the loan keeps getting bigger.  The only hope would be that we do get relegated and the value of the club as a whole deteriorates so that it becomes financially viable for a buyout and loan payoff to not be too much together and then hope the new owner can manufacture a return to glory…but we are talking a long term plan here and I for one don’t fancy another relegation.

  • ilullissat

    The words “host”and “parasite”are appropriate words when talking about the club.The Newcastle United institution and the fans are the former and Ashley is the latter.And the parasite often plants something in the host to destroy it from within.This is the loan

  • foggy

    Polarboy lupamac  the journos should be chasing Ashley for answers nevermind taking it easy at a charity golf do

  • Foxy 55

    DownUnderMag Killashley Well said. Money,money,money that,s all this world thinks about and along with that comes big money hungry owners and  managers. What a shame we cant just pick the best local players from each district and watch them play every weekend. The cost would be affordable for ALL to see the games.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Ant up front and Dec in goal…they couldn’t be any worse.