The fact that Mike Ashley spoke for the first time in eight years at the club didn’t just catch the attention of those who follow Newcastle.

The Newcastle United owner’s words have provoked debate on a massive scale.

Not least because he is a multi-billionaire who employs tens of thousands of staff across his business empire, yet never speaks publicly about his core business either.

When it came to what Mike Ashley actually said, there was one thing that stood out – his promise (threat?!!) that he was going nowhere until Newcastle won something, a category which apparently includes ‘winning’ a place in the Champions League.

Mike Ashley:

“Now it is to win something and by the way, I won’t be selling it until I do, not at any price.

“…and when I say win something, if we ever get in a position where we get a Champions League place, then that also qualifies as winning something – to be categorically clear, I am not going anywhere until we win something.”

With a stated club policy of not trying to win cup competitions and survival in the Premier League being seen as ‘success’ by the club owner so far, no wonder many have taken this statement/claim with some incredulity.

Alan Sugar was one of those to react and he used his Twitter account to send out this simple answer to Mike Ashley was:

“You won’t be going nowhere then!”

Every summer is described as a big summer at St. James’ Park but for Newcastle to even start to begin a path of making good on Mike Ashley’s ‘promise’, then a total change of direction will need to be backed up by an unbelievable amount of work this summer.

For this to stand any chance of happening then most fans will be expecting to shortly hear Mike Ashley taking a leaf out of Lord Sugar’s book and be barking ‘You’re fired’ at the hapless Lee Charnley and John Carver, after 3 wins in 20 games under Pardew’s temporary/permanent replacement.

Every journey begins with a single step…

  • Andgeo

    Far from a fan of leftie lord sugar, but I have to agree with him on this one. Why has the club not made a statement regarding Carvers position? If the fat man has learned from his mistakes Carver should already be gone!
    The fat mans biggest mistakes are putting the club in the hands of numpties like charnley, kinnear and Denis wise.
    Get a grip or get out fat man.

  • NotFatFreddy

    If he invests 100 million on players and a top class coach- he’ll then be gone next season when we finish 4th or win the League Cup? 

    So he’ll be here the same length of time since we last won a trophy-our life times.  His interview was one clever response! He is saying: “look at you daft Geordie mugs-you’ve won nothing for a life time, then you expect ME to be the Saviour of a life time?  Ha! Ha!  I’ll leave when we win something, and for you daft Geordies I’ll make it easy…4th would be winning something for you lot.  So have a brain, we won’t win anything in your life time, so I am true to my word…I ‘aint going no where for a very long, long time.”

    Unless I misheard, him?

  • LeazesEnder

    Sir Alan Lord Sugar    ‘You won’t be going nowhere then!

    So… he will be going somewhere….?   Yeah wee know what he meant ‘anywhere’….

    ….But the promise to leave by Ashley, once he has achieved ‘success’ doesn’t ring true, it like Lewis Hamilton saying once I win a Grand-Prix I’m jacking it in and going into soft furnishings.

  • Michael Teasdale

    Is it compulsory for these Billionaire types to talk in double negatives?
    “you won’t be going nowhere”
    “We don’t need to be unlucky”

  • Sickandtiredstill

    NotFatFreddy Certainly. 
    And throw in an interpretation for the blame “stops with me” – then he says Llambias (his appointment and mate) was responsible for Pardew, and Charnley (his appointment after Llambias) is responsible for Carver! 
    Slopey shoulders by the owner who sits on the same ‘football board’ as he tried to distance himself from.
    Well here’s news Mr business genius – no other Club has the ex secretary as MD. No other Club uses that person, along with a geriatric scout, to pick which players are signed and play for the manager/coach which hey also get to choose.

  • Chemical Dave

    I hope this isn’t an anti Mike Ashley article or we’ll find lots of new members suitably outraged to join this site and post a few messages saying “I’m no fan of mike Ashley but this article is frightfully rude and he’s said he’s made mistakes do let’s give him a chance guys”.

  • jimblag

    Andgeo He’s hardly a leftie, he’s only into new labour which are basically tories. Sorry to be pedantic.

  • kuromori

    1957 And his second action needs to be, “You know, I’m not up to the job either. I recognise that and I’m going to stand down now.” And if you think that’s ridiculous, remember KK and the England job. Honourable men fall on their swords.

  • Phildene

    His biggest mistake was buying our club in the first place.

  • StephenBowers

    Sadly agree.