Alan Shearer has summed up the feelings of all Newcastle fans, saying that the United players have simply ‘…been nowhere near good enough’.

The Geordie Legend is just hoping that Newcastle can emerge from this coming weekend as still a Premier League club and then try to rebuild.

However, Shearer says that as always the Newcastle fans and everybody else, are as usual in the dark as to Mike Ashley’s intention due to the NUFC owner refusing to communicate with anybody where the football club is concerned.

Speaking to Sky Sports on Monday, Alan Shearer:

“I know what John (Carver) is feeling as I have been there myself. The table never lies after 38 games and the 3 teams that get relegated, deserve to be relegated.

“I’m just like the many thousands of others in Newcastle, hoping they can pull something from somewhere to give the fans something to shout about on the last day.

“I think first and foremost they (managers of the clubs who could be relegated) will need some sleeping pills this week because I’m pretty sure they won’t be sleeping much, with worry and stress, but that goes with the territory.

“I’ve got everything crossed and hopefully the players can roll up their sleeves and give it a big go. The players have been nowhere near good enough and you can’t ignore that fact.

“A nightmare second half of the season and I don’t think anybody saw it coming.

“It won’t be an occasion for celebrating if Newcastle do get a result (v West Ham) because there hasn’t been any awful lot for Newcastle fans to celebrate for.

“It is going to be a huge summer for Newcastle and I hope they are still in the Premier League.

“We don’t know what Mike Ashley is feeling or what he wants to do because no one ever hears anything from him.

“It will be desperately desperately disappointing if we got relegated and of course I do (understand the protests) because it has been hard for the fans and they’ve had nothing to shout about.

  • TonnekToon

    The Knacker needs to be on some sort of medication , It might stop all the voices in his heed . God i hope he isn’t kept on after Sunday !

  • prestondave

    Bit confused by Big Als comment about nobody saw the bad second half of the season coming. Its just another repeat of what happened before except a lot worse and I think most of us saw it back when it started.

  • Polarboy

    prestondave Maybe he meant that nobody thought that Carver was quite that inept as to not be able to coach the team to safety given the position we were in when he took over.

  • toon tony

    I think we all saw this coming, just not so spectacularly as it has. And when Pards heard the calling from his beloved Palace, most of us though that anyone would have got us “over the line”. Well FATSO your gamble hasn’t paid off ,and you’re bang to rights. !!!!

  • Peaco

    Or by “nobody” what he actually means is Carver didn’t see it coming

  • geordyjim

    I think Shearer nearly got it right, its not Carver who is on sleeping pills its the team.

  • keeganRescueUs

    Shearer is still reticent to criticise Ashley properly. Why not have a really good go at him in front of the TV cameras? Am I missing something? Does Ashley have a hold on George celebrities? If it was me on match of the,day I would call Ashley worse than shyte at every opportunity, after all as Shearer says on many an occasion he is just a fan like the rest of us so why is he so sheepish about putting the boot in?

  • GToon

    We all saw it coming. As soon as the window shut and FCB started to count his winnings there was only one thing on the way for us, like that game my kids watch. Pointless.

  • DownUnderMag

    keeganRescueUs i’m fairly certain that there are legal implications for both Ashley suing him or Shearer not being allowed to vocalise his discontent because the Beeb not wanting to upset anyone.  I think he says as much as he can without getting into trouble!

  • DownUnderMag

    The manager could well be the ideal spokesperson, but sadly Ashley undermines everything they say.  He did it with Pardew and Carver has been so focused on trying to keep his job that he’ll say anything, even if it contradicts himself.

    The trouble is, the owner at a club doesn’t need to be vocal, have loads of interviews.  None of the other owners do.  The issue is only there because of how the other clubs are run compared to how we are run and the fact that the managers of other clubs CAN act as a voice of the club to the fans and people believe them, or at least respect them.  Ashley has undermined the manager position so much here that no-one believes a word that comes out from the club so then people start demanding the owner himself starts communicating…

    Personally, Ashley shouldn’t need to speak directly to the fans, but the fans shouldn’t feel like he is ruining the club out of either penny pinching for personal profit or through sheer spite over the Keegangate saga.  All we want is the club to try.  As long as we seem to be trying then nobody will care who speaks in the media or to the fans…but at present the current situations demands answers to tough questions which we don’t seem to be getting!

  • Toon Magpie

    We all saw it coming Alan.

  • Toon Magpie

    GToon yes we all saw it. Alan is wrong and should be more critical  of Carver too, he played his part

  • Toon Magpie

    geordyjim Carver is crap though , he is part of the problem, he isn’t a good enough coach for this club. That’s a fact. We all saw it coming despite Alan saying no one saw it coming.

  • Philippines

    I wonder it we would have been in a better situation if the “Pardew Oot” campaign had not succeeded? As they say in history, be careful what you wish for.

  • GToon

    Nah, we are a [email protected] team and Pardew wasn’t much better. Remember last years end to the season?

  • keeganRescueUs

    I think it would depend how he chose his words, as long as he says nothing libellous he’s fine and the truth would hurt Ashley just fine