After watching yet another gutless performance with the character of the team going missing once more, Alan Shearer has pointed the finger at two players who should be holding the team together.

The Newcastle legend, as he has in the past, has said that he just can’t believe that United’s captain and centre-back Fabricio Coloccini turns his back on the ball, this time when QPR scored their winner.

Shearer saying that centre-backs should never turn their backs (especially when it is your captain!) and points out that you never see players such as John Terry doing that.

As for Tim Krul, the former Newcastle number nine thought the keeper was to blame for the second goal because of his latest atrocious kick that failed to clear the halfway line and ended up at the feet of a QPR player, three seconds later it was in the back of Newcastle’s net.

Shearer said Tim Krul has been really poor in this second half of the season and I thought Krul’s effort for the first goal was pretty feeble as well.

Only QPR have conceded more than Newcastle’s 63 this season and Villa are next highest on 56, which includes the six they conceded yesterday.

As two key members of that defence, Krul and Coloccini have been lucky to avoid so much flak for so long.

Alan Shearer speaking on Saturday night’s Match of The Day:

“Tim Krul has had a really poor second half to the season for Newcastle.

“A poor kick there (clearance from Krul), they lose the tackle (Ryan Taylor), it’s a fantastic striker from Fer and the goalkeeper has no chance but his kick should have been over the halfway line.”

Turning your back:

“Just watch Coloccini turn his back here, probably can’t do anything about it but I hate to see centre-backs turn their backs like that, you never see John Terry turn his back, you see him throwing himself at the ball.

“Newcastle for the first half did well, once though QPR got that first goal you could see (Newcastle) players shrink, see the pressure come on them.

Gary Lineker:

‘Can you see them winning that last game (West Ham)?’

“No, how can you, you just can’t see it, with their form you can’t see them winning anything.”

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  • Wendy Tasker

    Big Al spot on as usual…Krul had been poor….

  • partworntyres

    how many times have i read ‘carver is a very good coach but is not up to management’?
    as he has coached the shambles we’ve seen again and again for as long as they have been at the club, could someone who believes in the above please explain it?
    carver is an ignorant self obsessed man who has little ability in selection, man management, tactics, motivation, reason,understanding reality etc.

  • Carl Dawson

    Spot on

  • SGM

    partworntyres Seems your the man for the job.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    partworntyres Carver has no idea, and more excuses than Pardew, but the media and pundits seem to be giving him an easy ride regarding the situation Newcastle find themselves in, Ashley, Charnley and players have all been targetted but not Carver, why?

  • Jarra MIck

    As I said on Friday any team that wants to win against us will. First half they looked and played like they couldn’t care but as soon as they put any effort in we were beaten. Our only hope is that West Ham play like QPR did in the first half for the full 90 mins otherwise we will be relying on Man U. We are by far the worst team in the division and deserve to be relegated.

  • toon tony

    EXCLUSIVE. ..Newcastle utd V West Ham programme cover. !!!!!

  • mrkgw

    Agree. Carver is useless.

  • Alan Richardson

    They have both been shocking lately.

  • terriertwo

    Have to feel a bit sorry for Krul. He’s done more than his bit this season try and get us points but with the rubbish in front of him he has obviously switched off. It wasn’t long ago that he was given hell for the long balls up to the forwards but yesterday a couple of his clearances were this side of the half way line and it cost us goals. The lad is in a no win situation and If I was him would be looking to move on in the summer.

  • PhilYare

    partworntyres very true – i don’t get it, how can you be a good coach but not a good manager? do coaches specialize in the egg and spoon race and managers concentrate on football? its the same game with a round ball and a goal at either end, i heard that N0B lawrenson spouting that kind of drivel on MOTD like he is the oracle of football

  • Polarboy

    SGM partworntyres The asinine reply of a moron. It doesn’t matter what the profession in sport of media but according to some you can’t have a valid opinion unless you are in the profession. Of course the moron has plenty of opinions himself.

  • tino o

    Let’s hope he does move on doesn’t come for crosses distribution is poor and his positional sense is no better. He’s been at fault for far too many goals this season. It was a bad bit of business ever letting forster go he’s progressed as a keeper krul has gone backwards

  • mentalman

    Maybe the press are laying because everyone can see he’s way in over his head

  • TonnekToon

    tino o  Good shout about Forster , should have been the Main Man by now.

  • Porciestreet

    partworntyres Not really much point in him being here really then…!

  • centrepaddock

    Harper has been playing well at Hull. Fraser doing a fine job at Southampton yet both we deemed surplus to requirements by Pardew.

  • Big Hairy Man

    SGM One thing is a dead cert, Carver is not the man for the job. Does SGM stand for “Support Great Mike”?

  • fireflyuk

    I pity any goalkeeper playing  for NUFC, he has no chance. Krul is still very young but his confidence must be on the floor and he is playing  on his nerves, probably suffering from shellshock . Every keeper needs to have confidence in his defence otherwise they play a completely different game to their natural one: come for crosses they shouldn’t because they don’t trust their defender, or panic when the ball comes back at them because he doesn’t want to pass it to a defender so hoofs it instead. I don’t know how good Krul really is but put him in a decent team and he will look a lot better that’s for sure.

  • toon tony

    Hey Collocini you’re not the love of my life, I don’t want culry hair and don’t let me catch you s#agging my wife neither. !!!!

  • WallaceWilson

    Where is the evidence that Carver is a good coach? Apart from his time with SBR (who was renowned for being a hands-on manager, taking training himself, Carver’s career is one disaster after another Leeds, Sheffield United, Plymouth, Toronto and that’s before you include his record with us as a coach and Head Coach. This man is stealing a living on the basis of a job he had 12 years ago with Sir Bob

  • dondafis

    partworntyres I don’t necessarily agree with the statement but I suppose you could make the argument that a coach implements the ideas of the manager. When those ideas are good, like when he coached us under Sir Bobby, you get good results and when the ideas are the brainchild of Pardew you get a steaming pile of shite.

  • keeganRescueUs

    From a reliable source( a currently injured first teamer) the french players gate Carver and ignore him totally in training, he has little respect from the rest of the squad. Majority of the team want away it’s a total shambles

  • kuromori

    partworntyres I’m sorry but I don’t buy that Carver is a good coach. He’s been with us over 15 years and we still can’t score from a corner or defend one. Total shite.

  • snodgrass2

    mentalman There are some people who need a little protection in life. Especially nowadays with care in the community scheme.

  • Budweizer

    “Slaughters”?! Classic over-exaggeration from a desperate journalist who doesn’t respect her readers and doubts her own literary ability. I’m sick of seeing it.

  • Rory Geordie

    half of the season and I thought Krul’s effort for the first goal was pretty feeble as well. – See more at: //

  • Rory Geordie

    Alan Shearer is the 1st person to state the obvious either Krul is taking a bung or trying to force his departure with terrible keeping
    He was my favourite player & defender but that 1st goal was so blatantly let in, watch his hands drop early and only raise them once the balls behind the line.
    He’s standing at the front of the post for the cross and tho there 2nd goal was hit well he could of got the 2nd after passing to their defender
    I was in the Gallowgate in 95 when Grobbelaar let in 3 and am seeing the same here
    Can somebody wake up and smell the coffee