Alan Shearer’s feeling is that John Carver knows he won’t be manager next season.

The United legend (Shearer not Carver…) saying that he thinks Pardew’s former assistant has realised he is getting nowhere being ‘nicey nicey’ to the players and so he has gone on the offensive. With Carver getting tough on the players and making sure that if they are going down, they at least do it with some fighting spirit.

Speaking on Match of The Day 3, Shearer says that the players have had it too easy for too long and that if they do go and knock on John Carver’s door, they won’t have a leg to stand on if they try to defend their performances.

Alan Shearer:

“I’m pretty sure that John Carver will be expecting a knock on his door on Monday morning, from the players that he has accused of lacking the bottle to be in a relegation fight.

“Having said that, there isn’t really a lot the players can say. Having lost that number of games on the spin, the players aren’t performing.”

Carver knows he won’t be manager:

“So they can’t go to the manager and say ‘You’re wrong there’. What they will say is that you’re out of order putting it in the public domain.

“My feeling, my guess, and I don’t know this…is he (Carver) probably understands he won’t be there as manager next season.”

Nicey Nicey:

“He’s tried to be all nicey nicey and protect the players, now he’s thought he has got to change something, ‘If I’m going to go down, I’m going to go down fighting, do it my way and not the players’ way.

“They’ve had it too easy for too long.”

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  • Sean Kelly

    Shearer giving him tickets like?

  • Peaco

    I like Shearer, club legend etc. However, to ignore the “manager” in his criticism is to imply he is blameless. Does JC have compromising photos or is it just that Shearer is clueless about management?

  • Toonbadger

    Peaco  Shearer and “clueless” do not belong in the same sentence. You a mackem?

  • foggy

    The only knock on the door should come from the taxi driver ready to take carver / stone and woodman to Jurassic park where they’ll feel at home with all the other dinosaurs

  • Toonbadger

    JC is a Geordie he wouldn`t open the door for free tickets, would you?

  • NotFatFreddy

    Should be a knock at the door by a Policeman arresting Carver for impersonating a football coach.

    ‘Kamikaze Carver’..the sort of vocal idiot who would be first out of the trenches and first to get his head blown off. A part in Dad’s Army beckons. 

    The sort of Kamikaze head gardener who would kill off all the prize roses with weed killer, then blame the weather and replace them all with pound shop plastic ones.

  • Adam_B

    Peaco  It’s a good point. Clearly the problem is not JUST the players, Shearer of course knows that, but I guess the question he was answering was not the JC question, or the MA question….

  • Ray Hunter


  • KevinBrown11

    But of a carry on, he should be replaced straight away

  • Jimmywayhay

    Newcastle are not a cheque book club they are a balance sheet club ,which they proving is impossible to maintain on a season to season basis .Having said that the players still need to show more resolve than what they are doing at present .

  • Toon Magpie

    It is can’t blame JC he is a Geordie mentality. Unfortunately Ashley knows the fans and so will keep Carver as a barrier between the fans and himself.