Alan Shearer says that he was ‘disappointed’ and ‘taken aback’ by Fabricio Coloccini’s letter to Newcastle fans.

The former Newcastle and England Captain says that the fans have never turned their back on the club and he can’t believe that the current United Captain has came out and asked the supporters to stick with the team.

Shearer says that Coloccini and his teammates should be concentrating on giving the supporters something to shout about, something that they haven’t done for a long time.

The United legend says that in spite of the protests for the odd specific match, fans have continued to show their support for the team and turned up in huge numbers.

Alan Shearer speaking to BBC Sport:

“I was surprised that Coloccini had written a letter to the fans, asking them to stick with the team, because I think if there is one thing pretty much guaranteed at Newcastle, it is that the fans will turn up and support.

“Despite there being protests and fans not turning up for specific games, there has always been plus forty six thousand there.”

Taken aback:

“So for a player to come out and ask the fans to still support him, I was a bit taken aback and disappointed in that, because first and foremost the players have got to give the fans something to shout about, and that has to come first.

“Of late and for a long time, the players haven’t given the fans anything to shout about.”

  • DownUnderMag

    Thank you.  Someone who finally thinks the players should be giving the FANS something to shout about.  This attitude that the fans owe the players something is ludicrous.  They get PAID to perform, to entertain, to show passion.  How they feel they can be demanding any more off the fans after the shite they’ve put up recently is just laughable!

  • killyted

    captain god help us,come each November  he has a hamstring injury then pops home to arg. for two to three weeks R&R.WE HAVE HELPED THE TEAM SO MUCH WE SHOULD BE IN EUROPE

  • TonnekToon

    This particular “Captain ” (I use the word loosely) should be the last person coming out and demanding more support from the fans , where has HE been when we’ve needed a solid captains performance on the field . the Fans have ALWAYS backed the Team, unlike him its truly in our blood . nearly 51 yrs for me (yes i know I’m an auld [email protected] )    I’m one of thousands i know  . For the last three years he’s made it silently obvious he wants to be else where and at the moment he’s content to let his self be used by the Regime just like Carver. Shearer is correct in all he says about the so called captain  and if more former greats came out and added their views too , it would all help the cause . I want to see a win this weekend , but will i see it , I don’t think so because this particular team isn’t there for the fans .

  • Brownale69

    50,000 back up the team every season every game regardless of the players and the dross

  • Andy Brannen

    Here here Malcolm Bell, a bit ov straight talking from a proper captain/legend

  • Malcolm Bell

    You very rarely get players like coming along,just too good on the managerial stuff but as a player, very good…especially for England, Southampton and Blackburn ha ha

  • Andy Brannen

    More often then not hits the nail on the head with his views on Newcastle , did I mention he scored 206 goals for us. …..
    Ha ha

  • Malcolm Bell

    Al give you that….he wasnt too bad for the skunks lol

  • Andy Brannen

    Listen you with your Skunks crack Malcolm Bell , you spend half your time on the drink in Skunkland with Skunks don’t you eh ? Think you could be a closet Mag ……