Alan Shearer has revealed that the nine friends he goes to the Newcastle matches with have decided they’ve seen enough.

The Newcastle legend has shared a box with his nine NUFC supporting mates for a number of years but they’ve decided to call it a day.

Speaking on a Radio 1 phone-in, Alan Shearer cast doubt on whether he was still going to go to matches now that his mates were packing in, when replying to Newcastle fan Kelly who called in and said she was giving up her season ticket.

Alan Shearer:

 “I am a season ticket holder and a box holder myself, with nine other guys.

“We have had a box for the last few years and my mates are not doing it any longer, so they are not up for buying the box this year.”

Match of The Day:

“It’s very difficult for me to go anyway because obviously of Match of the Day on a Saturday evening, so I struggle to go to get to the games.”

“It stops me from getting to St James’ Park with my mates on a Saturday but if I do get a Saturday or Sunday off and I can go then I do love going.”


“It isn’t great at Newcastle at this moment in time but we’re fans and we do love Newcastle United

“Hopefully because of what happened last week (avoiding relegation) and staying in the Premier League, hopefully things start to improve.”

Interestingly, Alan Shearer’s situation is a carbon copy of what so many other Newcastle fans have increasingly faced.

More than any other club (in my opinion), going to the match for most Newcastle supporters is about so much more than just the 90 minutes of football.

Many of you will identify with the former NUFC number nine because matchday is when you meet up with your mates and family, Newcastle United is very much a ‘social club’.

With the stadium in the city centre, more than any other major club the day bgins not ay 3pm (or whenever kick-off time is moved to) but when you meet up with friends/family in the hours before the game.

As life under Mike Ashley has ended up sinking ever lower, many groups of fans have seen people throw in their season tickets because the football is so rubbish and/or they can’t face giving Ashley another penny. As the numbers shrink, those remaining also begin to question why they should keep going.

Attending the match esfor most of us equals having a laugh with and keeping in touch with mates, if they no longer go then what is the point?

It is a sad position for everybody but when the mates of a Newcastle legend like Alan Shearer have had enough, then you know just how low the club has sank under Mike Ashley.

  • Hughie

    No he isn’t, can you read?

  • Kevin Halliday

    Oh, nice one Alan. Great news this but what took him so long. Not a dig at all.

  • mactoon

    Where does it say hes considering boycotting? His mates are “not up for paying for the box” but he cant get to every game cos of match of the day..

    “if I do get a Saturday or Sunday off and I can go then I do love going.”

  • wor monga

    Another Smithfield ‘exclusive’…massive panic here…the sky is falling
    again…Big Al’s boycotting, he’s disgusted and won’t be going to the match any
    more …

    Ah…but hang on…turns out it’s more down to his Match of the Day
    commitments…he still loves the Toon!!

    … and probably closer to the truth that his mates only need the box
    anyway…because he would be there with them.

  • fishandchips

    I think this just talk off big Al as the lads he goes with from the pub I drink in and the owner off that pub are still going but just not chipping in for the seasons box because its to expensive to watch shyte so its just a seat in the stand for them this season ,,, black bull.barrack road

  • North East corner

    Look after the last couple of years we are all reviewing our arrangements concerning our commitment to the club. Many have decided not to renew some are waiting to see what happens in the close season. My decision in January was to renew for another year on the ’10 year deal’ but another fiasco like this year and another ‘no show in the FA cup and it was 3 strikes and out and that would be it for me. The club realise they are losing a degree of control as supply now exceeds demand as far as match tickets are concerned it will be interesting to see what the response will be from them. The appointment of head coach will give some indication what might be in store ….watch this space

  • Chemical Dave

    ….senile mong a….

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out!!

  • Andgeo

    Fat boy out!!

  • toonterrier

    fishandchips Never seen Shearer in the Black Bull on match days. I think the last player I saw in there was Nobby Solano. But then I drink in the posh end where the tables are washed at least once a day.

  • dav_art

    sensationalist nonsense.

  • fishandchips

    @toonterrier, I didnt say shearer drank in the bull i said its the lads and owner who he goes to the game with mr know it all