Alan Pardew has claimed that this season is his finest as a manager, when combining the results he has gained at both Newcastle and Crystal Palace.

The former Newcastle boss claims that he achieved great things at St. James’ Park and ‘maybe they are fogotten too quickly’.

When talking about dealing with the pressure, Pardew compares it to what both Rafa Benitez and Brendan Rodgers have faced at Liverpool.

Speaking to ESPN, Alan Pardew:

How do you rate your season with both Newcastle and Palace?

‘I think it is my best season as a manager. I say that because I’ve had two such different challenges over the course of this campaign. At Newcastle, I had a team at the bottom of the table with a crowd that was very angry at what had gone on at the club for a period of time. I suspect it will be difficult for me to top this season in the future.’

What emotions will you feel if Newcastle are relegated from the Premier League on Sunday?

‘I want them to stay up, of course I do. They are my players, my staff, a club that means a lot to me and always will. I hope they get the win they need and then they won’t have to worry about any other result.’

Does it frustrate you that your five years at Newcastle are remembered by some for the wrong reasons?

‘Amid all the negativity at Newcastle, we achieved some great things. Finishing fifth in the Premier League with a great team was a fine effort and we also got to the quarterfinals of the Europa League and nearly got past a Benfica side that went to the final. They were great days, great nights at St James’ Park and I remember them with affection. Maybe they are forgotten too quickly.’

You still appear to have great affection for Newcastle despite the campaign by fans to get you out of the club. Is that fair to say?

‘I didn’t listen to half of the criticism I received. I just didn’t let it enter my brain. It affects people around me, but it was my job to see through that. When you are in charge of a top club, where expectations are high you have to deal with that. I look at Rafa Benitez in his time at Liverpool, he had difficult periods and the same goes for Brendan Rodgers in the same job now. These difficult periods come and you have to accept that. I did as well as I could at Newcastle.’

  • magpiefifer

    Too easy to forget one good season – that’s all Pardew managed – ‘The Great Things’!!
    We DO remember all the lies he told for his puppet master Ashley.

  • Jievo

    Pardew will never go down as a great newcastle united manager, but I would argue that of the dross we’ve been served up over the years there are a great many worse and he was a perfectly serviceable servant of the club – or more specifically of the owner. And there lies the problem – he was okay. All Ashley ever wanted was okay, and a minimum of fuss. He is an inconsistent manager, but he tried. He served up the party line endlessly, but would have been out of a job if he didn’t. 

    I have no great love for alan pardew but the pardew out campaign, as well intentioned as it was, fired at the wrong target. We won’t have the optimistic, entertaining team we want to see out there in the black and white without a change in ownership – I would love Ashley to prove me wrong but he’s had ample opportunity and never taken it. Ashley needs to leave, soon, and if we have to be relegated for him to realise how out of place he is, then so be it. The championship won’t destroy our club, many wonderful clubs play down in the second tier year after year. What IS destroying our club is intentional mediocrity with the premier league’s riches pouring directly to the owners pocket. I would take a pardew, a hughton, anybody, if we had an owner with some ambition to build a strong team that we can get behind and rebuild bridges with the fans. I would take a season or three in the championship – hell, I wouldn’t complain about league 2 – if we got an owner like that.

  • A lex

    Yes, I remember ONE season, Alan. The rest was truly awful. If I’ve forgotten (as you say) please remind me of the good bits.

  • Mister Tee

    The Pardew campaign was designed to make it as uncomortable for Ashley as possible by taking the focus away fron the manager and laying the responsibilty at the owners door.
    Once Pardew had gone, as it turned out by his own choice, it became very apparent the lack of foresight and ambition Mike Ashley really had.
    To be fair though it was open to strong debate whether he should have been sacked long before he walked.
    Any other club, at any other level, would have been scratching about looking for a new manager.
    Most clubs with a manager as inconsistent as Pardew had become would have been (at least) looking towards making a shortlist of potential successors surely?
    Didnt the club say they had 80 people apply after Pardew had left?
    What sort of people were they??
    Pardews few good results per season covered for Mike Ashley enormously and after he left it showed just how unorganised the owner was to a much wider audience then just Newcastle Unitef fans.
    That situation could have went on for years until Pardew himself decided to walk. Its debateable whether he deserved the good fortune of Crystal Palace needing a manager and making him an offer he couldnt really refuse.

  • A lex

    Mister Tee Very well described. Pardew was crap anyway, but the main point was that he was just another brick in the wall protecting Ashley.
    Like Kinnear and now Carver, we have to get at them in order to get at Ashley. That is now happening and we can see how uncomfortable Ashley is with it all – he won’t even turn up these days!
    Keep chipping away at Ashleys ‘protection’ and we’ll eventually get him. And, let’s ensure it continues after tomorrows match.

  • Big Al 1967

    Yes Alan I had forgotten the countless stuffings against the scum down the road, the long winless streak at the beginning of this season, the non performances after Christmas last season, the relegation battle the season before and the numerous hammerings we received under your tenure. 
    One overachieving season does not make you a decent manager by any stretch of the imagination

  • Toon Magpie

    We were 4th under Pardew this season.

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver has gotten off lightly if you ever believe what you wrote, why has Carver got off lightly he is just another brick in Humpty’s wall surely knocking him out would make Humpty fall.

  • Toon Magpie

    We were 4th under Pardew this season.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Toon Magpie Are you one of the ones that supported him? Have you any recollection of his results from Dec 29th of last season?

  • v0ices

    Toon Magpie for a short period  of time muppet final positions are what count is your memory telling you that we were 4th when he left? If so I suggest you seek help.

  • DownUnderMag

    I hate this mentality, one good season does not excuse what happened from then on.  I think if Pardew had actually spoken out more on the clubs transfer policy then he probably would have been given more of a chance.  I think the fact he aligned himself with the owner and lied openly to the fans was more damning to his tenure here than his results (or lack there of).

  • mirandinha9

    He did achieve some great things at the Toon; scrapes with relegation, never getting past the 4th round of the cup, having 4 successive losses to the Mackems, pushing a linesman, headbutting a player, etc. Yes, this man was successful,a true icon, if only in his own blooming mind! Glenn Roeder’s tenure as Manager was nothing to write home about, but, his competence, professionalism and motivation of his Newcastle team, was far superior to Pardews.

  • Mister Tee

    @Toon Magpie
    We were also 20th under Pardew after the Southampton thrashing so I’m not really sure what your point is?
    Had he won more games instead of limp defeats (eg Southampton, Stoke, West Ham, Arsenal, Man Utd, Sunderland, too many from the back end of last season to list) or scraping draws (eg Crystal Palace, Hull, Aston Villa, Swansea, Burnley) the fans would have supported him in the way they did before.
    We showed too many similar patterns to last season to suggest any real progress would have been made this year, or the next, under Pardew – lose a couple, complain about lack of funds, lose a couple more, complain about how hard it is to get players over the line, win a few in a row, suck up to Ashley, lose a couple more, sell players, win a couple, complain about how small the squad is etc, etc. Continue to fade for the next 5 years….
    We would not have been in this position had we replaced Pardew with a qualified and experienced manager.
    We would not have been in this position had we not allowed the squad to be severely weakened.
    John Carver does not have the capabilities to be the main man at any football club, he has had limited (and poor) experience in America and the lower leagues of England so why Ashley thought him a steady hand to get us through the season is beyond me.
    The problem wasnt Pardew leaving, it was him not being replaced with someone qualified.

  • GToon

    His record was poor, apart from one season. The only argument that holds any credence is that he wasn’t given a fair chance by the owner, just like the other managers. “Mike Ashley: tearing Newcastle apart since 2008”.