If anybody had forgotten Alan Pardew’s ability to ignore reality, he gave a timely reminder on Friday.

Before the weekend’s matches, the former Newcastle manager was asked about comments former United Chairman Freddy Shepherd had made, saying Pardew and not John Carver was to blame for NUFC’s current predicament.

Freddy Shepherd saying to the Chronicle:

“Pardew didn’t leave Carver any favours and he’s doing the best with what he’s got.

“I feel sorry for Carver and he has been harshly criticised, it is Pardew that must take responsibility for these players.”

Alan Pardew hit back saying that this was ‘typical’ of both Shepherd and the Chronicle, the Crystal Palace manager going on to say that the Chronicle cause problems for whoever is in charge at St. James’ Park.

However, Newcastle fans will be especially amused/angered by Alan Pardew’s claim that the results until he left were ‘pretty excellent’.

Pure Pardew and a reminder that just like John Carver now, he will say anything, no matter how little it is based on reality.

Alan Pardew:

“That is typically unfair of that individual (Shepherd) and also that local paper (Chronicle), who make it really difficult for the manager at Newcastle.

“The players that they have are trying their very, very best to get the club over the line.”

Newcastle players tremendous:

“They’re a group at the moment that are short on confidence and I hope John Carver and the team can get over the line on Saturday (v West Brom).

“The players at Newcastle have been tremendous over the years and during the time I was there.”

Pretty excellent results:

“My results up until I left were pretty excellent, in terms of where we were.

“I am not here to defend that (Newcastle) situation, the only thing I want to say is that I really hope Newcastle win on Saturday, it is a big game for them.”


  • shaunieoisdead

    Yeah mate heard this yesterday while driving was pissing myself laughing, good old pardew twisting the truth (telling lies) do journos not do any homework? If they had they could say “well Alan that’s not entirely true” and blast facts and stats of all the hideous unwanted records he broke when he was here.

  • tino o

    Pardew trained carver up in the art of talking total [email protected]!

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver is the best manager in the league remember that as we go down that it was none of his fault as he is the best as Carver himself tells us.

  • Paul Cruddas

    silly man.

  • Chris Usher

    How stupid does he sound if having one of the worst records at the toon in history and at the time he had a fit team only Jc is near him and he has a bunch of misfits says it all Alan

  • Simon Sharp

    Very short memory. Hasn’t he presided over the most defeats by more than 3 goals of any Newcastle manager?

  • Jarra MIck

    Over the fcukin line, does he have to get that into every comment he makes. Of course he wants us to stay up cos it is his team that is going down. All managers seem completely blinkered and Pardew is right up there with the best. Aye we had a good season once and a couple of canny runs but generally his time at Newcastle was mediocre to poor.

  • terriertwo

    The players have been tremendous over the years. I must have been going to the wrong games. For every  decent game I’ve watched its been followed by half a dozen mediocre ones and the last couple of seasons have been a nightmare with survival more important than results. The puppets name should never be mentioned on this site after the mess he made of our team and club.

  • KevinBrown11

    Did he have a straight face when he spouted this garbage, and how the heck can you pick up a whole stadium and get it across the line, don’t even think superman could, if he was real of course!
    does he forget about last season and relegation form of turn of year, plus this season’s start when he quoted I’m lucky to still be in the job, yes you we’re lucky at any other club you’d be picking up your p45 but like you said you did great, b*llocks to that mate, your luck will end soon at palace when your found out,
    and Parrish isn’t the best at giving second chances at your mate Warnock,

  • hettonmag

    I like how he blames the Chron  for some of his problems, good grief  the journalists at the Chron  gave him a really easy ride. Some papers would have absolutely  slaughtered him  for the rubbish and lies he served up.

  • KevinBrown11

    To true mate, he’s got selective memory,

  • toon tony

    I DON’T blame Pardew or Carver entirely for the mess we’re in. The penny pinching attitude from the FAT controller is where most of the blame lies.But the failure of trying to get anything out of a bad bunch of players YES Pardew and Carver. ….guilty as charged. .

  • TonnekToon

    Ha , Pard’s blowing hot wind again , his record wasn’t  great  and  Carvers is down right abissmal.  Of course  The owner  is responsible  for the  state  the  club’s  in, and for employing  lacky’s  like  those  two chumps and as for  the Chron they’re  too scared of the regime  to give  anyone  up  Barrack  Road  a hard time . Cowardly  lickspittles  the lot of them

  • TonnekToon

    I have say also , in regards  to  the comments  these  two  Numpty’s  keep  spouting  , It’s  quite  clear  they keep forgetting  to  take  their  medication.

  • Steve Passmoor

    24 points from 19 games and 12th in the league is anything but excellent. 7 wins from those 19 and we were in mid October by the time we won our first of the season

  • Stephen McMenzie

    They were shite. They have been worse since. If we’d actually replaced him with a manager I’m in no doubt we’d be achieving much better results that we did with him.

  • Stuart Go Lightly Wilson

    Pardon?? Pardeux??Deluded Pardew dont know is worse you or Carver ill give you a season to wreck palace!! Just like you did Newcastle,the current palace team is not yours just like when you took over and broke up Chris Hughtons Newcastle team!!!

  • jimblag

    Excellent? Something like 12 wins since xmas 2013

  • Chemical Dave

    Pardew lost 14 from his last twenty at the end of last season, carver has lost 11 from his last 18 with two to go. Throw in the fact we didn’t win a game this season until well into October and it makes you wonder what his definition of “excellent” is ?

  • snodgrass2

    Well he’s reverting to type now. Lost the last 4 games at Palace.

  • Rob Stevenson