Many neutrals raised eyebrows when Alan Pardew left Newcastle United for Crystal Palace.

Leaving the third best supported team in England who have been almost a permanent member of the Deloitte Top 20 over the last couple of decades, what was that all about?

Even Newcastle’s harshest critics  would accept that the manager was moving several levels down in terms of size of club and potential.

Whilst Pardew was assured of a warm initial welcome at a club where he’d been a cult hero as a player, not many people swallowed that link as the overwhelming reason for leaving Tyneside.

Most Newcastle fans were of the opinion that Alan Pardew had experienced enough of NUFC’s lack of ambition under Mike Ashley and was going to a smaller club who at least were trying their best and would increase his wages several times over, proving just how small time Newcastle United had become.

When we talk of small and big clubs, what is the reality? Hasn’t the relative fair TV revenue payout meant clubs are pretty much equal in terms of strength of finances, apart from those competing in the Champions League in recent seasons?

The answer is yes, but only up to a certain point.

Look at the respective finances of Crystal Palace and Newcastle last (2013/14) season.

Crystal Palace had a turnover of £90.4m, which came from Matchday £9.3m, Commercial £6.9m and TV/broadcasting £74.2m.

Newcastle United had a turnover of £129.7m, which came from Matchday £25.9m, Commercial £25.6m and Tv/broadcasting £78.3m

Roughly speaking, Newcastle United generated some £40m extra income last season compared to Alan Pardew’s new club, and this is in a scenario where Newcastle could surely earn between £10m and £20m extra, if there was a proper drive to bring in more commercial deals and Mike Ashley didn’t give free club advertising to his retail empire.

Added to which the merchandise/shirt sales at the club have spectacularly collapsed compared to years gone by, with so many fans refusing to buy because of Ashley, Wonga and so on.

So realistically the £40m Newcastle can afford to outspend Palace by, could easily be £50m to £60m at a reasonable estimate.

A great illustration of just how bizarre the move of Pardew from Newcastle to Palace is, plus the damning indictment it makes on Mike Ashley’s running of NUFC, comes thanks to the latest excellent piece by The Swiss Ramble.

This top source for football finances has just done a piece on Crystal Palace which you can read here, within it he has the graph below which shows how reliant as a percentage of income, all Premier League were on the TV revenue last season.

Whilst Newcastle were only behind/ahead of the obvious six clubs, Crystal Palace were more reliant on TV revenue than all of the other 19 Premier League clubs, with over 80% of their revenue coming from broadcasting.

It really is a shocking example of just how low Mike Ashley has brought us, a club with so much potential (if under different ownership) and the manager leaves to join the one with the least potential, certainly in terms of generating money.

tv revenueTable above compiled by Swiss Ramble.

  • RexN

    It’s not that bizarre, Mark. Pardew has gone to a club that invests some of that revenue.

  • ThaiEagle

    Newcastle IS a big club – in Newcastle. For the rest of UK or Europe, just an other local club (no competition in the city). Palace was saved by the skin of their teeth in June 2010, five years later they have just finished their second PL season with a new contract. While Hull and yes – Newcastle – is doing whatever they can to avoid taking the elevator down with Burnley and QPR. So, I think Alan Pardew had an easy choice when it became Palace was interested…

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Palace signed 6 players in January and got themselves a new manager. We bought no one, let more go, and upgraded Carver way beyond his abilities even though he was up to his neck already in the failed coaching system already in place.
    Ashley may be a business God in money generation terms – but he is a complete and utter Dunce when it comes to football club ownership and the selection of the management he ‘trusts’. 
    Without SKY/Media revenue, Ashley’s ownership of this Club would be as rotten as events on the pitch show us to be.

  • hettonmag

    ThaiEagle  Yes we are really in a bad state when a teeny weeny club with an outdated ground can finish above NUFC, but that’s what happens when you have an owner who runs the club like a market stall. But we will rise from the ashes of this awful regime one day make no mistake about that. ASHLEY OUT.COM

  • Marteagle

    Newcastle – the club and fans are honestly the most deluded bunch in the country. They’re just about the biggest club in a one club city. The only thing they have is a big shiny stadium,with a big empty trophy room.
    At least at Palace, we know exactly what we are, a small club in a city of about 10 professional clubs. Our support is almost all local who support through thin and thin (Keegan doesn’t know the meaning of that).
    All that income chart shows is that our owners are not ripping us fans off at the turnstiles.
    Geordies get in the real world – you’re a mid to lower table club. End of.

  • mickeyquinny

    Alan Pardew Left Newcastle to continue managing a PREMIER LEAGUE club…enjoy the Championship with “the best coach in the Premier League” :D

  • Chemical Dave

    hiya mart, you seem a bit upset at the article yet the content of your response appears to back up exactly what the article says ?
    Get off your high horse bud, the article is not looking down at Palace, merely suggesting we’re an utterly sh*te club under Ashley’s ownership.

  • Demented_Man

    Marteagle The point of the article is not to argue that Newcastle are a better club than Palace.  Indeed, in some ways Palace are a ‘better’ club.
    The point is that, in terms of finance and fan base, Palace are way behind Newcastle, and yet Pardew chose to switch clubs.  We know the reasons why and they are discussed every day on this forum..
    We are utterly sick of an owner who treats the club as a shop front for his sports tat business, and I don’t think you can call that ‘deluded’.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Chemical Dave Marteagle Funny once again – here we are being called deluded while the papers run stories of Man U (MUST) campaigning against the Glazers ownership. Why aren’t they deluded? It’s always the uppity Geordies who should just accept their lot is it?
    As for Keegan, what wouldn’t he know? The former European Player of the year joined NUFC as a player in the old 2nd Division which you seem to have no clue about. He also returned as our manager with the Club in the same position.
    He acheived far more than Pardew ever has, both as a player and as a manager. Just the facts there, mate.

  • PeterRobson

    Sickandtiredstill Chemical Dave Marteagle And if it wasn´t for the Geordies William Wallace would have continued south (Sarff) and all Crystal Palace fans would be talking with Scottish accents and wearing kilts !!!

    (Just thought if we´re having a “my Dad could beat your Dad” contest I´d throw in my twuppence worth)

  • Paul Patterson

    Picture this:
    You’re a Manager for a company, getting slated by a lot of the customers, everytime you turn up for work.
    Your employer keeps you on a lower wage than every other manager at companies similar to yours.
    Your employer gives you a few good employees to work under you and you enjoy reasonable progress.
    Half way through the year, your employer takes away your best employees and you work with lesser staff.
    The progress of the company collapses and the customers criticism gets worse.

    A smaller company that is struggling, offers you a job, with more money and lets you get on with your job.
    The demands of your new customers aren’t as high and you’re employer gives you decent employees.
    Your company starts to improve and your employer gives you new employees to keep up your progress.

    Not rocket science . .

  • Wallsendstu

    Why are we still talking about Pardew. He has gone and for one I am pleased, let us move on and forget the pratt.

  • The Glazier

    The article is patronising to Palace (the club and fans) and assumes that Pardew’s main motivations are money – which is absurd as he spent what 5 years as the lowest paid manager in the league by a long way.

    By “3rd best supported” I assume the author means in numbers?  Again maybe Pardew judges support on the quality and not the quantity?

    How many more articles on Pardew are there left to write?  Maybe some one could right one on titled “Will Geordie’s Will Ever Stop Writing About Pardew”

    Or maybe you could write an article on why there are 7 of Ashley’s sportswear tat shops within 10 miles the SJP?  I mean if NUFC are so well supported in Newcastle, why are Sports Direct still doing enough business in Newcastle run 7 shops?

  • The Mag

    The Glazier The article is to belittle Ashley’s running of Newcastle, our club (without any effort) generates tens of millions more than Palace (and other clubs) yet is ran with no ambition. Good luck to Palace, Swansea, whoever – all we care about is why NUFC isn’t ran with success in mind.

  • The Mag

    Sickandtiredstill Chemical Dave Marteagle Bottom line is that if say the manager of Spurs had moved to Palace then it would have been questioned 100 times more, whereas leaving NUFC is seen as understandable.

  • The Mag

    RexN That’s the exact point Rex, the bizarre aspect is that Ashley has made it so that Pardew sees Palace as a better option. I can see clearly why he has gone (as well as the extra cash)and was instantly backed with players whilst NUFC sold in the Jan window. As I say in another reply above, everybody would have been incredulous if say Spurs’ manager had gone over to Palace yet nobody (relatively) bats an eyelid when he’s ditched Newcastle.

  • Phildene

    I think what’s skipping people’s mind here also is the fact Ashley got £3.6m compensation for Pardew so Pardew kinda got shown the door-by mutual consent. He didn’t cost Ashley a penny in compen pay for wages. Don’t think that’s been done anywhere as clubs always have to pay the contract up for their leaving manager and only Ashley turned it round to suit himself! Bloody typical!

  • The Glazier

    That’s because Spurs are a much bigger club than Palace (and NUFC for that matter), NUFC aren’t. Slightly bigger, at the moment, but not by much.
    It’s comparisons like that, that lead your fanbase to be called deluded.

  • toon tony

    If Pardew was such a good manager, then why did the FCB let him go, why didn’t he just tell Palace to do the lambeth walk. I can only think of 3 and a half million reasons. !!!!!

  • The Glazier

    What gets me is, I don’t think NUFC fans even know what having a really bad owner is like. The are football fans out there that wish they could say the worst thing about their club is the owner has no footballing ambition.
    If you rather have no club than an unambitious one, stop going. As your article points out its the fans and the commercial side that put you, at least in terms of revenue, above most teams. It’s quite possible you’re going to lose the TV revenue soon if the fanbase refused to go until Ashley sold up he’d lose that and no doubt the commercial too.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Interesting viewpoint. What grounds or ststistics are you basing that opinion on? last time i looked, Palace doesnt enjoy our capacity, support base, revenues, etc etc. feel free to exain to us deluded folk – or perhaps you are suffering a little (delusion) of your own?

  • NottsToon

    Sickandtiredstill A little !!!! I would argue that even relegated Newcastle are a much bigger club than Palace, who are having a brief flirtation in the sun. 

    Ridiculous statement from a supporter of the 7th biggest club in Landarn.

  • Nick Steenberg

    So! They are safe and we are in big trouble !!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    The Glazier Did you stop going when Palace went into administration? 
    Do you have any idea who the likes of Seymour or McKeag were up here? If you think we don’t know what bad ownership or a bad Board is, then you plainly know as little as we all can see here.
    Once again you are talking nothing but popular press rather than facts. Mr. MJW Ashley has failed to grow our commercial revenue above what it was when he arrived 8 years ago! A fact most definitely contributed to by his free wall to wall advertising of Sports Direct and a monopoly on our merchandise.
    Every revenue stream other than TV is down under his ownership. 
    This is the third relegation battle in 8 years of his ownership (including once going down). Whose ambition, or lack of, would you really blame for that? Trust us, it’s not the 52000 who have generally kept walking through the turnstiles paying their money.

  • leeroysheep

    You really think Palace have the least potential?

  • Toon Magpie

    They have a better manager than us too.

  • Toon Magpie

    NottsToon we will be in a different league to them by then.

  • Toon Magpie

    Wallsendstu with Ashley we can’t move on it just gets worse. I don’t know what you expect but it is worse now and it will be worse in a few weeks and worse next year. It hasn’t got better.

  • Toon Magpie

    toon tony The manager is deluded, he thinks he is the best manager in the league.