Maybe the most shameless transfer story is the one that pops up every single window, claiming that Andy Carroll is coming back to Newcastle.

Since flying away to Merseyside in Mike Ashley’s helicopter, there will have been ten transfer windows and I can guarantee you will find media claims in every single one of them that the Geordie striker was coming back to Newcastle.

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Since Sunday it has been the most ‘popular’ headline grabber as far as Newcastle related stories go…

‘Newcastle to swoop for Andy’, ‘Newcastle to take striker back home’, ‘West Ham forward on his way back to Tyneside’, Newcastle ready to match £95,000 a week Hammers striker’….and so on.

Mike Ashley is going to pay Andy Carroll £95,000 a week. Really?!!!

Whatever any of think about Carroll as a player, Ashley is never going to pay those type of wages for United’s former striker, or indeed anyone, in my opinion.

Like the rest of you I am sceptical about pretty much any transfer speculation but especially the ones where it is ‘name’ players who are out of contract and available for no fee but massive wages.

There is no chance of Mike Ashley paying them, after having his fingers burnt with the likes of Viduka and Geremi when Fat Sam duped him, no way will he go down that bath again.

The same with Andy Carroll, a player who possibly could be available at a knockdown price if the Hammers are sick of the injury prone forward.

Carroll is now 26 and is currently out yet again, this time with knee ligament trouble.

£95,000 for a player who is unlikely to be on the pitch most of the time? Oh yes, I can see Ashley lapping that one up.

The frustrating thing for anybody who ‘owns’ Andy Carroll is that he is a right handful when available.

He only started 12 Premier League games last season but scored five goals. All five of those came in December and January and directly led to West Ham picking up 10 out of 12 points in those four matches.

When he scored the last of them in January, West Ham were 7th in the table and only four points off a Champions League spot. They had 36 points from 22 games, only for Carroll to pick up that injury.

In the last 16 matches without Carroll, the Hammers only picked up two more wins and added only 11 points out of a possible 48…Big Sam keeping John Carver company in the form department.

IF Andy Carroll had stayed fit then who knows?

This isn’t our problem though and never will be, rightly or wrongly, under Mike Ashley.

I don’t have a problem with it (in terms of Carroll) but for other players, having too rigid a transfer policy is senseless if the right player comes along.

Paying £15m for Alan Shearer almost 20 (TWENTY!) years ago was brilliant business for Newcastle United and worth every penny. If another like him came along then currently there is no way Mike Ashley would allow the club to go for such a player.

You can make as many budget signings such as Riviere, Obertan and so many others, but it is counter-productive as it costs fortunes for little or no return, though the true cost of these failed signings is usually hidden away beneath the headlines.

  • NicholasDryden

    thank god, 1 reason is enough, like saylor he is a perma-crock.

  • toonfifer

    I would have him back in a heartbeat.

    £6 Million and put him on a pay as you play contract with a goal bonus. 

    On his day he is unplayable and an ideal partner with Perez feeding off the knock ons and De Jong playing the Nolan role.

    Get Andros Townsend on the other side with Colback and Veretout in a 4-2-3-1 formation

  • TonnekToon

    Another sick note . No thanks.

  • Paul Patterson

    I would be mortified if went anywhere near him.
    It was probably the best business ever done in the transfer market and I don’t want the crock at the club anyway.

  • Larry Adler

    Ashley wouldn’t pay £95,000 per week wages for messi, never mind crock Carroll. I wouldn’t go anywhere near him.

  • Conman

    In hindsight, we were lucky to offload him and get the money.
    Why would anyone buy him now. Big wages and very injury prone.

  • stepaylor

    great player when fit but nobody surely would take that much of a gamble on him again. On his day is worth the money five times over but on his day is less than ten times a season. Its a shame because i would love to see him leading the line for us again. he is obviously a good player and a toon fan but would have to let the head rule the heart on this one

  • stepaylor

    toonfifer yes but im not sure he would agree to a pay as you play contract, would be great though

  • The Adelphi

    For Andy Carroll read Duncan Ferguson. The similarities are uncanny in every sense of the word. Enough said in my opinion

  • NufcToon

    Should be claiming incapacity benefit he’s that much of a crock

  • mentalman

    When Carroll allegedly fell off the bar stool and injured himself just before we sold him I was told by a physio that the injury he suffered would ruin his career and medical staff told the club this and that was a factor in the sale (obviously there was 36 million others to) looks like the physio was right.
    As others have said I’d take him but there would need to be clauses in his contract about pay as play or only paying a percentage of his wage when he’s injured
    It’d all depend how desperate he is to come back

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Peoplr seem to forget the Shearer was out for 6 months at Blackburn & nearly a Full season at the toon,
    He was Andys age & then had no more serious injuries

  • jD Sports

    So in hindsight, was Ashley’s decision to sell Carroll a good one?

  • Jarra MIck

    Conman what was that? WE were lucky to get the money! I didn’t see any of it did you? nor did the club it went straight in tubby’s Sky rocket. Having said that Ashley would be a fool to risk buying Carroll and he’s many things but not a fool when it comes to the green folding stuff.

  • DownUnderMag

    Think we’ve all moved on from Andy Carroll, at least I thought we had.  He is not worth that amount of money, there would need to be a clause in case he’s perma-crocked and I just can’t see Ashley sanctioning those kind of wages (a big factor in why we will struggle to rebuild the way we want/need in the summer too).

  • the brazilian john

    I don’t know, man… I really think that we need someone who likes the club.
    Someone with some kind of identification.