It is 71 days and counting until the Premier League kicks off again for Newcastle United.

Considering the mess the club is in and Mike Ashley’s headline making staged interview last Sunday, the silence from St. James’ Park in the last week has been deafening.

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I never expected a new manager, coaching set-up and half a squad of new signings to have all been announced, but no news is most definitely not good news.

The local press that have been used to push out the club’s message since the ban on NCJ was lifted, have been telling us that Newcastle United don’t see any need to ‘rush’ the appointment of a new manager, supposedly so long as he is in place for the start of pre-season training then the club are comfortable with that.

A later than usual finish to the Premier League season and an earlier start coming up, means that the summer is more squashed than usual.

A few key dates to keep in mind

10 June (12 days time) – Deadline for season ticket renewals. The club announced yesterday that they were extending the deadline by a couple of weeks, clearly Mike Ashley’s interview convincing very few of the many thousands who have decided not to renew, having had their renewal packs since way back in March.

1 July (33 days time) – Players are back for pre-season training.

1 July (33 days time) – Transfer window opens. Players can then be officially bought and sold with registrations transferred between clubs. Before that date, transfers can be agreed but 1 July is when the moves can officially be done.

8 August (71 days time) – Premier League 2015/16 season kicks off.

Bottom line is that last weekend there was 11 weeks to go until the next season, when tomorrow arrives there will be ten weeks.

So four and a half weeks until pre-season training and ten weeks until the new season kicks off.

At this moment in time, Newcastle United have no manager, no new signings and not even any pre-season friendlies announced.

I can’t help but think that whatever positives some people took from that Ashley interview BEFORE the game, the reaction of Mike Ashley and his minions AFTER the result and safety from relegation, was one of ‘job done, another Premier League season guaranteed’, let’s forget about it all for the next X weeks.

The optimists amongst us still like to think there is some unseen dynamic team within Newcastle United, driving the club forward with 24/7 action and brainstorming sessions from this crack team of individuals as to how to sort the mess out. The reality of it being the forlorn figure of Lee Charnley and one or two unseen Sports Direct top brass pulling his strings, isn’t what these people want to accept.

If any new player(s) arrive before the announcement of who will be the ‘new’ manager/head coach, then it will clearly be a nonsense in terms of fans having any faith in anything being better next season. A new manager/head coach having no say in new players is ridiculous.

As the days/weeks glide by, every day without somebody appointed and given the authority and financial backing to oversee massive changes at St. James’ Park, it will be nail after nail in the black and white coffin of Newcastle United.

The idea of Lee Charnley and John Carver being once again put up next season as the stooges to front Mike Ashley’s disgraceful running of Newcastle United, is something I certainly can’t stomach.

Yes experience and enjoy the relief of the result against West Ham and that special Jonas moment, but don’t let it cloud your mind when thinking about what actually needs to be done at St. James’ Park to avert what currently looks certain disaster next season.

  • Fozzyworld

    Good article we must not ease the pressure on them to act. Having said that you wouldn’t expect a running commentary you can’t do business like that. I don’t have the know how but we need one of those daily countdown things to keep the them honest… Did I just say keep, I meant force them to be honest for a change sorry.

  • Peaco

    Tend to agree. Depressing isn’t it. It suddenly dawned on me this morning that the policy of no net spend doesn’t really sit well with Ashley’s ‘I’ll continue to invest’ line from the recent interview does it. I can’t see anything changing soon so I certainly won’t be buying tickets, merchandise or anything else. I’ve decided that I’ll be an NUFC MOTD supporter next season, and give my money to my local league 2 team instead – at least I’ll know it’s going back into the club, rather than an aggressive, tacky and exploitative sports retailer.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    The complete structure of the club is Shambolic, Charnley hasn`t a clue what to do & Carver is Toxic when it comes to the football side of things
    DOOMED !

  • DavidDrape

    well said Dean that is the reality in my opinion. I seen a couple of ashleys puppets come thru the station on sunday heading off back to London 1st class. well served from a  great day out. running some/part of this sinking club 280 miles away. this demonstrates the total lack of interest. Is Ashley really happy with the job charley is doing? I wonder what is charnleys brief re his job description? Lots of things have to start happening now to change things for the better and this involves the big man opening the purse strings, however, the fact is we do not have the staff to get all the jobs done. I will wait another few weeks when everyone is back from their holidays. The fact remans that any new manager won’t be able to concentrate on the technical side 100% because the amount of help and support just isn’t there.

  • KevinBrown11

    The club is banking on us to renew season tickets before anything is done, just on his word of mouth, I hope most will hold out till at least we know who’s going to be head coach, if it’s carver then I can see very little sales of tickets, I’d be more happy if chumps comes out and states carver won’t be considered for head coach, at least that would be a start, the longer it drags on the less chance it’s going to be someone else, personally I wouldn’t wait till carver gets back of holiday, he should have cancelled it till we find out who it is going to be, but sounds like he already has the job, if so that’s me finnished with club till he’s gone,

  • ArtyH

    Sadly its the same old same old and it will take a lot for it to get through to some S.T buyers that nothing is going to change. What is needed is a new chairman who knows what he is doing as clearly Charnley does not, M.A should know this by now and by default admitted it by saying he was shocked to be in that situation at X-mas ( or that was my interpretation ). We need a new chairman with football acumen a new coach, anyone other than Carver. If Carver stays IMHO it will further destabilize the club ( and its bad enough already ) and cause problems with recruitment and retention’s, who wants to work or come under this regime? Great article and yes time is ticking away just like the feeling of support for the regime. M.A said he would maintain the investment, well £YY x 0 = 0  and always will do, so no investment then. I only hope those who would by S.T’s wait until there is some positive investment and something to look forward to next season, as buying now just fills his wallet again as usual. This need to change. Blanket waving and singing songs has no effect at all on this owner, so think before you buy.

  • magpie9

    It takes time to go through the 80 applicants they supposedly have. Must be hard
    to find a cheap yes man with no backbone or pride who is desperate for a low
    paying job while being the buffer for abuse aimed at fatty

  • GarryThompson

    I keep saying it, and I’ll say it again, anew manager/head coach needs to be in place NOW, to ensure continuity, and a linear approach to the players coming back from holidays and new signings(?????) hopefully coming in, so both parties can be used to each other come the start of the new season.
    The way this club is run in its decision making borders on incredulous, but is ultimately completely, and wholeheartedly, UNPROFESSIONAL

  • Rowla

    Anyone believing Carver’s appointment in January, much less the appointment of any permanent new manager was/will be Charnley’s decision needs mind-altering drugs.