We all have our individual annoyances and joys in life, in terms of Newcastle United we all have our views on what has happened at the club and Mike Ashley, with certain events getting to some people more than others.

It’s all about our perspective, but one thing which I think has damaged the club’s relationship with fans more than anything else is the simple avoidance of the truth.

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Over the last eight years, and before, we have heard more outright lies than probably any other set of fans in the Premier League and in my opinion this has directly led to the lack of trust and cynicism which we now collectively feel about any communication released by the club.

To illustrate the point you only have to think about the majority of feeling towards the open letter allegedly written by Fabricio Colocinni last week, a reaction so negative that Carver felt the need to wave around a piece of paper in his pre-match press conference as if to provide some bizarre proof, nice one John.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of statements which have been greeted with understandable scepticism by the fans over the last few years, I am sure that you can think of many more…

–          Andy Carroll is going nowhere.

–          We can’t compete financially with clubs like Stoke and Swansea.

–          Kevin Keegan will have final say on transfers.

–          We are actively looking for stadium advertising partners.

–          The club is up for sale.

–          The club is not up for sale.

On the counter side of this there are the times when the club has communicated its negative ambition far too clumsily, this has also done an incredible job of eroding any trust or goodwill with the fan base, to illustrate…

–          The club has deprioritised domestic cups.

–          The club’s stated ambition is to finish in the top 10 (how has that worked out so far?).

–          The club feels that the Europa League negatively impacts finances.

–          Fans must understand that we cannot compete financially with clubs like Stoke and Swansea (repeated, but this one staggered me).

After eight years of listening to this, and it being the only real direct communication coming out of the club, is it any wonder that the fan base lacks faith and hope in how the club is run, and wonders why there is a blatant lack of information?

It is natural that when there is an absence of information in a matter deemed important by so many passionate people, that supposition, opinion and rumour will inevitably fill the void created by the absence of facts.

The falsehoods and clumsy statements made by the club give rise to this, supporters pose their question and offer their opinions into the great echo chamber of the internet and look for truth, comfort or validation that they are not wrong to feel as they do. They rightfully ask…

–          If we are doing so well financially then why do we not invest?

–          If 15 out of 20 Premier League sides are now in profit then why can’t our financial position be as strong as most?

–          Other clubs do not enjoy the level of support offered by the sheer size of Newcastle United, so why can we not compete financially?

–          How can the 7th richest club in England, 19th in the world, not have a professional and experienced manager?

–          If the club doesn’t compete in cups, the league and wants to avoid Europe, as stated. Then what are the club’s ambitions?

–          Why can every other Premier League club find companies to pay them to advertise in their grounds?

–          Was the club ever really for sale or is it just smoke and mirrors?

–          Is it true that Newcastle United exists solely to service the advertising and commercial interests of a sporting goods retailer?

When you view the entire package of deceit and staggering incompetence, it does become clear that those in power really could not care less about how their product, in this case a football club, is presented to their customers (fans), so sure are they that it will be bought anyway.

It also becomes clear that Newcastle United is a cash cow being milked by a greedy farmer, who will quite happily fillet the animal and serve it up once it is no longer useful to him.

I know those last statements are also just opinion or supposition, but they are the only reasonable conclusion I can reach based on the facts of the recent history of the club.

Relegation or survival is completely immaterial to me, at the side of the much larger issue of being a football club with a slight amount of ambition and a plan which goes beyond simply existing, surely that is the minimum we should be aiming for?

  • baty1963

    Realy good article, l for one cannot wait for the present regime  to crawl back under the rock from where they first came,they are nothing but parasites  having said that the previous regime  were very very well recompensed  and very very well paid for their running of the club so they deserve  a bit of stick and must share some responsibility for the mess the club is in ,all i want is a team that tries it’s best and a board to do the same ,l realise  that we cannot  win all the time (make that most of the time at present) but to not even try is deplorable.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    I remain staggered that some of our so called ‘support’ are still behind this man. They have expressed opinions that he is doing good and will do good; that all of his appointments seem to back that up, rather than the opposite; that Pardew was a great manager and we got what we asked for; that it’s only because of injuries and suspensions we are in this position.
    It beggars belief how utterly blinkered to the facts some can be. Simpy put, how can we be one of the most profitable Clubs in the PL and Europe AND be told we still can’t compete financially? 
    Won’t compete is the reality and a far different story.

  • magpie9

    Biggest lie of all “Ashley will invest 20 mil of his own money every year to improve team”

  • Barry Goulder

    Laurel and hardy but without the laughs and not as loved as them.

  • Morpeth mag

    Ive come to the sad conclusion, that im never going to see us win anything in my lifetime (fairs cup aside )
    And I don’t just want a team that tries, I want a team that WINS , I’m sick of being called deluded off fans from all over the country, who are so insular about there own clubs they can’t see how HUGE, NUFC could and should be, or maybe they can see it and are afraid that if we ever got an owner who was interested in the club, team and fans we could have had it all, look at how Man City have progressed, PSG, where were they ten years ago. What is so annoying is that if Ashley had invested properly he could of had it both ways, money and success, it’s not that hard, get a knowledgeable manager with a decent coaching set up, not casino bosses, gambling friends,,,,,,,etc

  • ilullissat

    For Gods sake he’s a fvcking billionaire.How much money do you need.It’s just purely greed and spite the way he is running the club

  • dnlmnt

    He is right, boycotting the club wont help NUFC.

    to start the Boycott Sports Direct campaign. Most of the staff are on 0
    hour contracts and suffer shocking working conditions, the stock is
    made up mostly from sweat houses in the far east and Ashley refuses to
    turn up to government and city meetings when questioned about his
    business practices. Should be enough to start the ball rolling and
    pressure him with his weak spot, the SD PLC shareholders. Ashley wants
    to do this to NUFC, then he really does underestimate the power  of
    Newcastle fans. Organised protests and boycott will catch on in other
    areas and its through methods such as this we can start to make inroads
    to where he really hurts, his pocket. Remember giant retail empires can
    fail. Newcastle fans really have the power to have any link between
    Newcastle and Sports Direct a negative one, I know that is already done,
    but much more can be done. 

    I hope and pray Ashley is
    forced out of Newcastle United sooner rather than later as judging by
    the comments on this forum most Newcastle fans are sick of him too. I am
    not a Newcastle fan, but have great respect for Newcastle fans passion
    and loyalty as well as some great footballing memories from this
    sleeping giant of a football club. Great shame on Mike Ashley. 
    Simply put, you cannot run a premiership football club the same way you run a pile high discount retailer.

  • DownUnderMag

    Morpeth mag  it wouldn’t have taken much to progress on from the 5th place finish, even with Pardew at the helm, but what should have happened didn’t.  we aren’t talking about Man City style spending here either, just reinvesting back what the club makes.  The club could do better on the field, attracting a better profile off it and suddenly we have more advertising revenue, more overseas interest, more TV appearances, have players wanting to come to us to PLAY for us rather than as a stepping stone.  

    Such a shame that this long term plan was never on Ashleys radar as he just looked at how much he could make off us in the short term without a care of how this will affect the long term future of the club – i’m guessing as soon as it becomes too bad or unprofitable then he will get rid of us and leave us to flounder for years to come.- See more at: //www.themag.co.uk/2015/05/6-statements-from-mike-ashley-that-lost-trust-of-newcastle-fans/#sthash.GTyRxMkn.dpuf

  • DownUnderMag

    This is what fans of other clubs don’t see.  The blatant lies, the assassination of club tradition and spirit…if it were happening at club like Liverpool or West Ham then they would be crying for the owners head in the media.  NUFC deserve better than this current regime and the destructive way it is being run.  The rot has already set in!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    DownUnderMag MUST are at it about the Glazers. Of course, we don’t see any stories on them being deluded, ungrateful etc etc etc. Uppity deluded Mancs, yeah, when will we ever see those headlines instead of us always being laughed at? 


  • Steve1221

    Sickandtiredstill Who is still behind him? People might argue about a lot of aspects of the club but I cant think of anyone who is actually behind Ashley.