I have sat for months and watched Newcastle fans divide.

I have made a couple of comments from time to time without the right subject to write about, as there are two ways to look at the majority of the articles on this site.

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With that said – there are two points to my writing to you, as fellow fans, on how to make change at our club.

With one of them, we need the man responsible for putting the team on the pitch to understand, and the other, the organisers and supporters of ashleyout.com.

The first point is team selection.

For years we have never had a spark in midfield. We have had players to fill the role, but they have never played in the position needed to create an opportunity for our striker(s) to make an impact on a game, nor get the opposition worried about our attacking threat. Imagine Papiss with a little help??(Entertainers days anyone?) The sheer lack of an attacking midfielder has made it difficult for us to break any team down or catch many on the counter attack.

As for playing with wingers or wide men, all well and great, but what’s the point if there is only one person in the box on his own and central midfielders’ who can’t get into the box in time for any cross that, may, come?

A makeshift back four and liability defence is what we have been used to for years. Williamson is ‘the’ liability, period. He has the odd good game every year but time and time again, gifts the opposition an opportunity or two in nearly every game he plays. To sum up the back four, or five, or six, depending on how you look at it, it worries me that Janmaat is our most offensive and consistent player on the pitch!!

Yes we have been unlucky with injuries but, Colback at left back and Jonas in the middle of the park against the Mackems?? Jonas spent the best part of a season playing left-back and Colback is a warrior in the centre of the park. Why John???

Perez – cracking player, scored some good goals, shows a lot of heart and gives his all but, cannot, cannot hold up on his own against a Premier League back four, he just doesn’t have the strength!! We are failing him and his development. Forget the wingers, keep the back four, stick someone in front of them, three in the midfield and let them be creative and give Perez a bit of strength and put someone with him up front.

My second point regards the boycott. Unfortunately, due to relocation, work, family I am unable to vote with my feet or shout with my voice as I live over 350 miles away. I am surrounded by people who read about the situation in the press and ask me what is going on.

For the best part, they understand. They may not be from the area, but now they have a better understanding of what it is to lose the North East derby and respect it. I think this is what prompts me to raise a point about the boycott and ashleyout.com. I’ve not really said anything about it or commented on this site, as I live too far away to make any impact on it and felt a hypocrite.

I sat watching the game on Sunday and wasn’t even bothered if we equalised. And when we did, I didn’t celebrate, I felt for those that had supported the boycott as I thought the hierarchy of the club could have the last laugh on those who had chosen not to attend. That’s not the way it should be……………

Then I thought to the attendance figures that were published, the shots of the crowd that were shown around the world. The one picture I have seen that has captured my imagination, the one that I have been thinking about over and over again whilst at work today – ‘An empty St James’ Park is louder than 52,387 voices’.

I understand that statement, banner, poster, leaflet and the reason for it. But it isn’t is it??

The club will always hide the true attendance figures, always hide the rows and rows of empty seats from being beamed around the world. What they can’t hide is 52,387 voices inside the stadium, calling for Ashley to sell. To want Ashley out, 52,387 people shouting and singing in unison. That is the only way to send a message the club can’t hide.

Forget the crap about the boycott affecting/not affecting the players. Fill the stadium, return to your seats and scream for change!!

“People should not be afraid of their governments, Governments should be afraid of their people.”

Or in our case –

“We shouldn’t be afraid of our future, Ashley should be afraid of us.”


  • LeazesEnder

    … that was a party political broadcast by the Conservative party….

  • mrkgw

    Likewise James, I’m now 370 miles away from my club due to work and only wish that I could join with fellow supporters in their attempts to rid the club of this dreadful owner, Chairman and Head Coach. A terrible lot, they must go.

  • Brown Bottle


  • Brown Bottle

    Man shouts at cloud.

  • DavidDrape

    the problem is change starts from the top. this club has no philosophy/aim/ambition. until this is sorted we can’t move forward. total change of ownership is required. no communication, no community links. results are not even important until he is out

  • Sickandtiredstill

    @Notts & mrkgw -Oxford St SD store must be close – unless you guys are offshore? Get along there on Saturday and add to the cause.
    I agree with the point of those in the ground though. Surely to hell we have more against Ashley than for him – or those who just don’t give a shyte?

  • Brown Bottle

    DavidDrape ….the club is rotten throughout. Needs be, needs must.

  • John ne29

    Why don’t fans take an extra top to the game and use it to cover all the advertising boards,

  • DownUnderMag

    John ne29 probably the best idea anyone has had – I like it.  Bring white bedsheets, no slogans, no anti-ashley messages, just cover up every SD sign they can physically get to for the game.  More organisation and you could write “Free Ad Space Here!” on them all…I wonder if there is a way fans could get paid off companies for putting branding over the SD signs and help offset the cost of their season tickets

  • Bren.notts.toonarmy

    Ashley ok just need to put his hand in is pockets buy players n stop selling thm on I read krul going n others leaving well if thy do nufc going dwn n dwn u want tht Ashley speak to us tell us hw much ur going to spend n spend it £60 mil to £100 mill sounds right but who gunna come to our club looking the way it’s ran n fans boycotting

  • Tony79

    We’ve been singing for Ashley to leave for donkey’s years.  Where have you been?  That means nowt.

    The Boycott sent a massively powerful message and was beamed around the world.  I don’t think we should over do it but we have proven we can sabotage his brand when we are beamed around the world.  Some singing is just background noise that happens at every game across the country. Zero impact

  • Bren.notts.toonarmy

    He still in control laughing all the way to the bank n the message is nt getting thru to him unless he does spend he knows he as to but all I hear is same old loan deals so if he dnt spend boycotte the whole of next season I’m all for tht mate

  • Screams for change can be filtered out and often are , empty seats indicates a crap product .

  • snodgrass2

    Brown Bottle Cloud eventually dissipates