As the campaign gathers momentum and the calls for all fans to boycott the televised game against Spurs grow louder, the question that remains to be answered is, will people take notice and boycott the game or will they go to the match regardless?

I really do hope that people will stay away from the game but I fear that the majority will not and will trudge up to the ground like they do every game, mumbling about how bad things are, how we are going to get beat (again) and how we are sick of Ashley and his ways. Well in my humble opinion, if you do go to the game, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

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I know there are countless arguments about going or not going to the game, but for me there should not be any argument between us, we are Newcastle, Newcastle UNITED. But that’s where Mike Ashley is as clever as he is ruthless. He’s driving a wedge between fans and dividing us (Divide and conquer, the preferred method to efficiently deal with numerous opponents).

He’s routing the true fan and crushing our passion, our desire, our belonging and leaving us with his preferred demographic of fan base who don’t chant, don’t audibly complain and pay for their tickets through their businesses to entertain their clients every week without question.

Like I say, there are arguments for and against, everyone has an opinion. This is only my opinion, I’m not saying I am right or wrong. I chose not to give Mike Ashley any more of my money a long time ago. If I want to go and watch my beloved Newcastle play below par, clueless, amateurish football then I’d much rather give my local landlord my hard earned cash and watch it in the boozer with my mates. Again, I know many of you will say it’s not the same as going to the ground, you are probably right, this is merely my opinion.

What is not my opinion though and what is a cold hard fact, is that Mike Ashley is laughing at us all. He is laughing at me, he is laughing at you. He is laughing at my son when he wants the new Wonga Top for Christmas. He is laughing at my mates who have given up their season tickets after 20+ years because he knows some other mug is going to snap it up for next season. He’s laughing at you when he sends a message via The Chronicle saying that he’s going to sign some new players in the summer.

Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t like people talking the p**s out of me, my mates or my family, but that’s what he’s doing…

mike ashley

Well that’s what he was doing, he’s not doing it to me anymore. He still annoys me, infuriates me, sickens me, enrages me etc. etc. But he can’t get the one thing he wants from me, the only thing he wants from me… my money. Is he getting yours?

I don’t have a lot of money, nor am I poor. Would I like more money, probably? But what money I do have is earned by me getting up at 6am every day and going to work. I don’t intend to give Mike Ashley any of my money when all he offers me in return is contempt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tight. I love spending money on my lass, my son, my mates, but I like to get enjoyment out it. If I went for a meal with my family and they served me absolute slop, 3 courses of it, extremely overpriced and all the staff were rude and mocking me, I wouldn’t go back simple as that.

If I went to see a band at The Arena and the management had sold the lead singer, drummer and bassist and replaced them with French kids that couldn’t play, then I would want my money back. So why would I want to pay my hard earned cash to watch that rubbish at SJP every week?

I know many of you will be reading this saying that they are foolish analogies and that supporting the toon or football in general is totally different, it’s about the pride, it’s about the passion, it’s about supporting your local team…

However, there is no pride, not for me anyway. Our team, our great club, is a laughing stock. Everyone is mocking us; the media, other sets of fans, our owner. How does that make you proud? The players don’t play for the shirt or the badge. They aren’t your Alan Shearers, Philippe Alberts or your Les Ferdinands. These are young, below par mercenaries who are only bothered about picking up their money and looking to move on. But who could blame them? That’s who we actively scout for. Even the Collocinnis and Gutierrez’ are slowly being sapped of any pride because of the way the club is being run (The way Jonas was treated was unbelievably disrespectful and would only happen at NUFC).

There is no passion. The ground is devoid of passion, both on and off the pitch. But why would there be any passion? Both the fans and the players know we aren’t able to, or allowed, to compete for anything. So what’s the point? Why would the players bust a gut to win the game when their manager and owner doesn’t care if they win or lose (unless it’s a cup game when they are expected to lose)?

And as for supporting your local team, I think the increasing gate receipts at the likes of North Shields, Gateshead, Blyth Spartans etc. speaks volumes and is great on one hand, but sad on the other, as it shows that the true fan is being forced from their beloved NUFC by Mike Ashley. Newcastle United is no longer a local team but merely a money making juggernaut, trundling though the streets of Newcastle belching out poisonous bile, killing the dreams of all.

For me, something really does need to be done. I know that past attempts have been futile and sometimes laughable when the bed sheet brigade have been out, but at least they have tried. At least they show that they care. If everyone was united for once and pulled together to make a stand then it might…might just make a difference.

I know season tickets have been paid for, so financially – boycotting the spurs game won’t really make much of a difference to Ashley, but we have to start somewhere.  From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow. Other clubs can force their owners out, why can’t we?

Like I said at the start though, this is my opinion. I know it’s a contentious issue amongst us all and it has divided us but we need to try and pull together and fight for the greater good. Like Keegan said, as long as Ashley is in charge, nothing good will ever come of this club.

mike ashley

So for me, I will be watching the Spurs game with my mates who have rapped their season tickets – in the pub, pint in hand, having a laugh and a banter. If the weather is nice I might even put my pre-wonga toon top on. So why not do the same? Go to the pub with your mates? Watch it at home with your son/dad/brother? Take a drive up the coast and listen to it on the radio?

What you choose to do is entirely up to you. If you are happy for this to continue then you carry on doing what you are doing. If you think it’s acceptable the way Mike Ashley runs our club then that’s your opinion. If you think that we deserve to be fighting against relegation every year then that’s up to you. If you enjoy getting beat twice off the mackems every season then you carry on doing what you’re doing.

I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, but surely doing something is better than doing nothing? Surely…?

Martin Payne: (Newcastle fan, Ex-Supporter)

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  • PeterS84

    I agree with every point of this article. I travel up from London to every home game  and attend most of the away games (work permitting) and after Sunday enough is finally enough, I’ve decided not to attend any more games whilst the Fat man is in power, the majority of the payers do not care about the club/fans, the Manager is clueless and and owner in his right mind would not have Carver as a manager of  a premier league club, but there lays the problem….The owner, all he cares about is how much money he can make and as long as 52000 attend each week he knows he will be making money..

    UNITED we must stand against the fatman, or the UNITED we have all loved will be no more and the memories we all have of watching our once loved club will only ever be memories, there will be no future and the club will become just like every other business the fat man owns.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    All i would add is that if you still have to go, then join in and voice your dissent. Join in before and after the game then make yourselves heard in the ground too.

  • IainT0842

    An excellent article which sums up exactly how I feel. I rapped my season ticket after the second 0-3 Mackem game. Enough is enough. Time for change. Do not give Ashley your money!

  • Corkyjohn

    Can we ask the sheep who continuously line up to watch our circus, that they refrain from attending this one televised game? If only to see what, if any, reaction we get.

  • Fedup10

    I gave up attending last season. However, after last Sunday I at least have one thing to thank the fat man for ……
    10 years ago I would have been suicidal had we lost 5 on the trot to the Mackems (not only lost, be lets be honest humiliated in most of them). But on Sunday, I realised that thanks to fatty I simply don’t care anymore, in fact I actually had a little chuckle when we lost.
    So, whilst I hate and dispise him for what he has done to my club ……… at least I wasn’t suicidal.

  • pissed off mag

    there will always be the wonga mugpies who keep watching and being happy with this dross bundle of bluffers we have as players managers and owners its the saddest thing that our club is dying

  • stevennufc

    excellent article!…..two choices i can see….keep going and keep feeding the parasite,keep twisting and muttering how shite things are,and wont get any better..ever… as long as this regime stays!….or start to do something about it!!…..the longest journey starts with one step….we may or may not get there…..people are sitting in their seats getting pis*ed on every week by this lot….time to move out of the way….or buy a brolly from sports direct and still keep sitting there getting wet!……you choice!!!

  • pissed off mag

    Fedup10  thats how i felt

  • Mackay

    its a great article. However me and my son who travel most home Saturday games from Nottingham, still enjoy…the pain and occasional pleasure that NUFC gives. I first went to SJP nearly 35 years ago, finally getting into football at 15. My eldest lad is NUFC nuts nand at 15 himself now, he cannot contemplate not seeing his team. He loves the history, the former players & managers (SBR) etc. 
    we have though taken the view that we need to contribute to some protest against Ashley and his cronies. They who have systematically divided our club over the past few years. Carver now stands for everything we dislike in a Toon manger of late…that he & Pardew never showed the balls to stand up to him. Pardew finally getting his wishes to go back to London.

    As a note – we move around the ground each home game to get different perspective. Its interesting over the years the volume in each section has reduced significantly. The vast majority in the Platinum Club i doubt know who the players are! The Gallowgate is unrecognizable from 10 years ago too!

    The gross mismanagement at most levels in the club has become prolific and it seems unstoppable! 
    with heavy hearts we will not attend the match V Spurs.

  • Conman

    Great article Martin. I really hope the supporters get behind this but I fear it will only be a few.
    Look at the Europeans who have boycotted. Their stands were empty. It was a statement. It went round the world when Milan did it.
    Try your hardest to pull in the same direction for one day. It’s on the tv also, so you can see the game and listen to the commentators mention your empty seat. You need to stay away, for this one time to make that statement. We’ve had enough. Do it.

  • Conman

    It’s not unstoppable if we all pull in the same direction. We have power in numbers.

  • Maximus Moose

    Mackay You write a good article but im afraid its Idiots like you who keep the likes of Ashley in place
    After 25yrs i cancelled my ticket 2 season ago those Parasites wont get a bean out of me !

  • magpie9

    Anyone who feels guilty about wasting their money bynot using their season tickets should give them to a kid.

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Which other fans “forced their owner out”?

  • Demented_Man

    Fine article.  It’s high time we showed everyone we care about the club and its crass metamorphosis into a mere advertising vehicle, devoid of any soul, spirit or passion.
    You can show you care by staying away from the Spurs game.

  • Billy bob three teeth

    Liverpool, Portsmouth, newcastle (Makeag) Rangers forced out a board, if I actually had a good think I could probably come up with many more!

  • PeterParker2
  • SGM

    Careful what you wish for!!  You got Pardew so wrong

  • AndyMac1

    SGM That horse is well and truly flogged SGM. Unless you’re just on repeat ?

  • Alsteads

    We could do with another Carver inspired performance on Monday night. That might knock a few thousand off. Its killing me staying away and to be honest I’m missing the toon like mad but going to give Gateshead a good go next season.

  • AndyMac1

    is a bleedin no brainer. It’s on TV so why not enjoy the atmosphere of
    any of the city centre bars or further out in Jesmond, Gosforth, Whitley
    Bay or wherever. Take several mates with you and enjoy the craic without
    feeding the Fatman ;-)

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Gillette and hicks fell out between them and the creditors forced a sale, Portsmouth went bust, mckeag was bought out by hall buying up minority holdings we can claim no credit for that( and I joined Malcolm Dix campaign years before so would like to claim the credit if I could) , Milan I know nowt about, Rangers fans did not force out a board a shareholder did and that story ain’t over. My point is supporter pressure simply pits fans against each other poisons the atmosphere and ultimately leads to nowt. Although to be fair I’d take a poisonous atmosphere at the moment it would at least be something to talk about at the match

  • Your comments are a mirror image of my feelings, this is my last season going til club changes if ever! 1975 – 2015 lots o fun and also heartache along the way, but now its silent torture at the gallowgate.
    I will be doing same as many others in the pub having a beer.

  • Chemical Dave

    Got it wrong as in results are virtually the same under carver since January as they were from January under Fraudew? People like you always make me wonder if you’re the same away from social media as you are on it? Careful what you wish for? What a simpering gutless wimp.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Billy bob three teeth Blackpool are at it as well

  • terriertwo

    If you own a season ticket the only person who misses out is you so as I have said before its a televised game so stay outside the ground until at least ten minutes after kick off so the television cameras will focus on the empty stands and show the world that we are protesting against the large one and hopefully someone with money will come in and remove the poison that’s ripping our club apart. Then when we get inside give the bloke hell.

  • WallaceWilson

    I’m really encouraged by the solidarity shown on here – the first time I’ve seen it. Personally, I won’t be going. It’s the only way to change things

  • Porciestreet

    Οnly between thos fans who can’t or won’t see the wood for the trees. There are non so blind as those who refuse to see. Whichever eufomism you use, blind fanaticism is killing our club. Cashley knows this and feeds on it. Think of the future of the club and the benefits to our children and not your own selfishness. your only being asked to miss a couple of games which would bring the whole sorry sad plight of our fans to the fore. Please take that step.

  • Porciestreet

    I really do wish that a lot of the fans from say 1980 onwards could have experienced the sheer power and noise, the vibration and passion of the “Leeezes” when we used to keep the same chant going for nearly half an hour. That was real support which sadly,will likely never be heard again, and it wont get the chance until “Nikey Mikey” is gone, one way or another.

  • Porciestreet

    Fedup10Exactly my sentiments mate.

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Some of you guys must be pretty fit dragging your soap box your ego and sense of destiny around with you. For flips sake it’s a football club that’s all – benefits to our children my backside – campaign about something important like politics if you’re bothered about that

  • Grumpyoldmag

    What and get reported for child cruelty?

  • Grumpyoldmag

    One day someone else will take this off Ashley’s hands – if you think campaigning against it will speed that day crack on. I don’t believe it just as I long ago stopped believing that me shouting toon at the top of me not inconsiderable gob makes any difference to the performance of an overpaid mercenary here today gone tomorrow. I continue to go because once a season I might see a game I really enjoy or a spectacular goal that is ten times better seeing live than having a perfect view of it on the telly and because every week somebody near to me says something really funny. Just don’t try to put me or anybody like me down as magpies Ashley’s poodles or any of the other defamatory cracks people one here come up with.

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Mugpies that should say

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Grumpyoldmag To quote Shankly –
    ‘Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.’
    Plainly it isn’t to you, which explains a lot.

  • Polarboy

    SGM Eh, no we didn’t, Pardew’s results as a whole from wherever he has been have been shyte at the end of the day. And yeah change the record as the others have said.

  • Grumpyoldmag

    No it isn’t – it is a source of entertainment like music books rugby cricket and other sports but is less so since the money men stole it – but still an opportunity to mix with like minded friends and put the world to rights. I stopped crying when we lose when I was about 10 – it’s called growing up

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Grumpyoldmag Not putting you down or anything remotely like it. if you are happy for a day out watching things as they are, that’s your choice. But equally, don’t try and criticise others who feel a lot more strongly than you do.

  • Porciestreet

    Yor’e exactly the kind of person we do not need as a fan. Stick to your politics mate.

  • Porciestreet

    GrumpyoldmagOnce a season…!, my god, what a load of thoroughly apathatic nonsense.

  • Grumpyoldmag

    This is what I mean – I don’t criticise you for your stance but I think it will be counter productive – because I don’t agree with you you think I am not worthy to be a fan – division between supporters is what these protests will breed is all I am saying. You want to boycott / protest do what you like but don’t put me down because I am not obsessed with football 24 7

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Fair comment but I don’t think I am – in some ways I admire the passion that drives it. I just think the net result is supporter against supporter and no change as we are impotent. My original comment still sends – it has not embarrassed any of these awful owners at hull Cardiff blackpool Blackburn Man Utd to leave

  • Grumpyoldmag

    I agree I am apathetic – so are most of the 50k – so go on sell your vision to me – why should I not be apathetic given the state of modern football. We’re there a borussia Dortmund model for sale I’m in like a shot. Manning the barricades burning me 1969 replica shirt to replace Ashley with someone who might if I am really lucky give me man city’s bunch of mercenaries – no thx – so I hate Ashley the club is a zombie club with no purpose and if we succeed in turfing him out I might get the chance to watch players on 250 grand a week losing to pardew. I’ll take just turning up and waiting for something to happen thx

  • Grumpyoldmag

    A crowd of zero against Tottenham would be huge global story would go viral on all social media would be in the news solid for a week or so. 3 months later where would SD share price be? Unaffected. Were a 20% boycott to last for 3 months it might shift SD share price down a touch but more likely that after a while the story would be ignored. It ain’t gonna work guys

  • radgiegadgie

    Grumpyoldmag It will likely push SD share price up with so much free publicity.

  • radgiegadgie

    So anyone think we will make Europe this year lads?

  • Mark Brooker

    Staying away seems the only option left. Even season ticket holders who may have already given their money but just think of the extra revenue that fatty won’t get foodbars , beverages programmes etc. We all want the same thing as a minimum requirement. A TEAM THAT PLAYS FOR THE FANS AND THE SHIRT AND GIVES 100% EVERY GAME.

  • toon tony

    I will . I’m off to Corfu. .!!!!!

  • Chemical Dave

    Pathetic defeatists …

  • toon tony

    The penny dropped with me a long time ago. This $#it bag needs removing ASAP.

  • Chemical Dave

    Grumpyoldbellend, isn’t it funny how new posters arrive to post stuff like he is everytime negativity grows against fat slug.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Grumpyoldmag What is it you want or expect to happen then? 
    We’ve already got a bunch of foreign mercenaries – that’s who he recruits. The just happen to be out of the bottom draw and cheap. 
    He hasn’t built anything in 8 seasons and has no intention to given the way he continues to operate. Buy cheap, sell high whenever you get the chance. 
    It’s brought a relegation, a 5th, one 10th (barely) and 5 seasons of lower table. One of the richest men on the planet owns the Club and that’s where we are. The money he spent on his club after getting us relegated, he then adds to the Club ‘debt’!
    Most of us simply want more than one game a season to raise our spirits. A Club which competes as much as the regime says it will year after year. One capable of doing that from the top down.
    Some of us actually expect that – not just a day out listening to the crack.

  • lupamac

    Sickandtiredstill Grumpyoldmag  much more than a game i love this club

  • Gary Linney
  • Toon Magpie

    Moronic fans will show the country that’ll teach em for thinking Newcastle have to put up with a mere 4th and 5th in the league this season under Pardew. Come on fans show em. Em what?

    Carver out.

  • Toon Magpie

    toon tony Ashley picked thosthos pennies up and is using them against you.

  • Toon Magpie

    We are Sports Direct United. Who is going to sing an S and a P and an O R T, S and D I R E C T, U N I , T E D Sports Direct United FC.

    He who supports Newcastle now is singing the Fat man’s tune.

  • nufcslf

    Toon Magpie Hear hear

  • nufcslf

    bronnydogIf only the rest of the ground would follow suit, I know the fat get would be on his way. Shame that this could go on for a long time yet, though.

  • nufcslf

    Grumpyoldmag Politics is a bigger joke that even fatty’s idea of taking 50,000 so called fans money every other week. If only the football was half decent maybe give it a chance, but it is the worst I have ever seen and find it hard to watch on the telly. Wouldn’t in a million years pay money to that fat prick to watch it live. In all my 48 years, I’ve never felt so removed and disgusted than now at the sheep that not only show up to Shite Direct Arena, but don’t say a sodden word. Pathetic and nothing else.

  • newcastle7

    All the boycotts do is make us a laughing stock to the media and the rest of the country.Its funny how the likes of Sunderland,Burnley,West Brom and Leceister just seem to get on with it.All the protests will do is frighten off any good managers or potential owners.You just do not understand how Newcastle fans are viewed in the rest of the country.The answer is a cross between Militants and morons.Your actions will only make things worse as potential investors will not want their image associated with such behaviour.
    I for one will be at Anfield on Monday supporting the team .

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 So, the Mackems didn’t walk out of the ground, hurling abuse at Poyet, did they not? Didn’t Advocaat replace him days later?

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    newcastle7  You are on one hell of an ego trip, of course you will be at Anfield on Monday, because you don’t want to jeopardize your position as a ” top twenty fan ” and that is all you are bothered about.

  • NottsToon

    newcastle7 Yes, because we should be thinking of our club in the same terms as Sunderland, West Brom, Leicester and Burnley, rather in the same breath as Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea…..remember them? The clubs we used to compete with? Jesus wept man.

  • NottsToon

    SGM Pardew was complicit in the decline of our club, look at his results for the last 2 seasons man. What he does or doesn’t do at Palace is completely irrelevant to the facts of what he did do at Newcastle, how many derbies did we lose? How many lies did he peddle on behalf of the owner? How many total and utter shambolic, negative performances did we see which resulted in utter thumpings? We got nothing wrong about Fraudew, he was a stooge who jumped ship when the pressure got too great and he was offered an escape, nothing more.

    Leave it to our owner to find the only other bloke working in football who could possibly do a worst job than the bloke he replaced (with the possible exception of JFK). Do you honestly think this hasn’t happened on purpose? Do you honestly think that a man like Mike Ashley doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing with Newcastle United? Collect the money, drive down costs, sell assets repeat until the value of the club is so low that it can be sold at a price to recoup the mythical “loan debt”.

    Anyone who can’t see that is beyond blind or deluded.

  • Mister Tee

    @newcastle7 @Sickandtiredstill
    Aye, and didn’t Nigel Pearson have a run in with his own fans at Leicester and say something quite horrible to them after they had given him abuse?
    Didn’t West Brom sack Alan Irvine after only 7 months after abuse from his own fans?
    Didn’t Sunderland fans turn on Martin O’Neill, a self confessed Sunderland fan, when things took a turn for the worse?

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Sickandtiredstill  completely agree with all of hat and I guess a big part of my problem is that what I want, a fans ownership model, is not attainable. So yes let’s hope Ashley sells up sometime to a better owner than him – but I don’t think I want to be Chelsea or City or Liverpool or Man Utd or Arsenal…….I certainly don’t want it enough to campaign for even if I thought the campaign would be successful.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Grumpyoldmag Sickandtiredstill The mad, bad, crazy thing in all of this is pretty simple.
    If Ashley had stuck to what he promised, things would be probably a lot better. Sadly, that was either all a lie, or he simply decided to blow us off after the KK and first ‘out’ protest.
    The free ride for SD, the bargain basement penny pinching, the lack of ambition, the monumental failings in the management of (and by) the Club – has been at complete odds to the statement of us competing with the best and pound for pound.
    It seems a lot, but 350 million for this Club (say 250 for Ashley and 100 to spend) would have us back on track  and is without doubt still a very good business proposition. The Club is profitable and is guaranteed 50 mil a season more (or even more) once the new Sky deal comes in. 130 million or so, guaranteed income from tv alone.
    What seems certain is that Ashley’s model will not sustain that chance. Prices for players will inflate leading up to that and he already buys cheap. He won’t be able to do that and yet wont dip into his own pocket.
    For that reason I believe he will sell up – as he’s simply too cheap to spend and too mean to risk losing his money again.