It is fitting that it is Spurs who come to visit this Sunday as the fans’ plan for a boycott comes around. It seems that it is the team from Seven Sisters Road who come along for these key games every time.

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I remember standing on the Gallowgate in 1993 as the Lilywhites came to St James to launch our new dawn into the Premiership. They were there again on the day that Budgie told me “it’s over son” as we drew 1-1 in 1996. And now 19 years later (damn I’m old) they return to see the locals revolt.

That day in 1996 seems like only yesterday as I stood in a near empty stadium (I was working there that day) looking out onto a sun soaked pitch full of hope and anticipation.

It was a season where St James was a true fortress, graced by fantastic players in every position (for those younger readers we had once of the best defences in Premier League history despite what the pundits may tell you these days). Our dreams were interrupted but not shattered that day.

We always lived with hope, but never necessarily belief. It was the hope and dreams though that fuelled that glorious experience of supporting The Entertainers.

It is not just about the success though. Even watching Malcolm Allen hit the post, or a lumbering young Spurs defender called Campbell bundle into him was enough to thrill the crowd on that day. We had a unity, an excitement and (despite a pretty shoddy line up) a faith that everyone was doing all they could to get three points.

Now in 2015 we have lost hope and have no dreams. As has been repeated multiple times in these pages of late, the heart and soul of the club has gone and we are now simply a football team.

We no longer feel the players are fighting for the badge or even three points. It is not the club which we fell in love with.

Sunday will not change anything, but it is fitting that it could yet again be the start and the end of something for NUFC.

  • LeazesEnder

    Blimey you can remember the details of a dull draw from nearly twenty years ago….

    Personally I can’t stand Spurs, bloody hate the club… I think its because they were considered smallish and jumped up, arrogant so and so’s…. and they managed to lure two of our best ever players away Waddle and Gascoigne by virtue of money…. each time pushing us down and elevating themselves to that position just below the elite group… 

    … We let them do it…. we were their feeder club until Hall came along and said ‘never again’…. just before he sold Ginola….then Ferdinand to them!

    Bloody hate Spuds!…. Ashleys Club.

  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    Because its live and its fat man’s team

  • RuelFoxyoucouldhavekept

    LeazesEnder This baffles me, it really does. Spurs have done badly in the Premiership, there is no doubt about that, but a ‘small’ club taking you best talent? 1969 was the last time Newcastle won a trophy. Spurs have won nine since then. I’m pretty sure, even with non-triers, Newcastle will win tomorrow – Spurs have imploded and we are about to enter another season of transition, that’s every year since 1987. But as a Spurs fan I get sick and tired of ‘Geordie passion’ and ‘Geordies know their football’ and all the other cliches. Win something, win something else, and again, and then start looking down on us, until then BOTH clubs are stuggling to find a set of owners who will back the clubs as football clubs and not assets to be sold or stripped depending on their whims.

  • JoanneBushJamesBush

    RuelFoxyoucouldhavekept LeazesEnder
    Could’nt have said it better RuelFox !
    I also dont understand the hate , every club buys from another , dont just blame one club , as many have plundered NUTD , £35M Carol anyone ! and look what happened to the money grabbing players that left ?

  • NottsToon

    JoanneBushJamesBush RuelFoxyoucouldhavekept LeazesEnder We used to have some great craic with the Spuds lads on the old Sports Network forum, Toon Talk. Until they got their knickers in a twist, stopped posting and banned us from their board. 

    I’ve always enjoyed the Spuds/ Toon rivalry, one of the better none local rivalries as there have been some right thumpings handed out over the years… both directions.