Why does the current Newcastle United side completely crash and burn in the second half of the season?

This season has a major sense of déjà vu as pre-Christmas European talk has been dispersed and replaced with a crisis alert.

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If you combined our first 19 games of the 2013/14 season and added them to the first 19 games of the current campaign, we’d have finished in 8th place in last year’s table, ahead of Southampton, with 59 points and a GD of -1.

So in both seasons we’ve been a side good enough for the top 8 that most NUFC fans accept as should be our level, whilst being within touching distance of Europa League qualification too.

But what if we add together our results from the second halves of the last two seasons?

It’s not pretty.

If you added the latter 19 games of last season to the results we’ve had this year since the clash with Everton at home (our 19th game of this season), we’d find ourselves in 20th place in the current table, a point behind Burnley.

So in each of the last two seasons, we’ve averaged out as being a European contender before the New Year, and the worst team in the league after it.

Only at Newcastle United, folks.

We know of possible reasons for the shocking decline in both seasons.

Cabaye departing without an adequate replacement coming in last year, and appointing the fundamentally incapable John Carver to be our head coach for the latter half of this year. As well as generally (not just Cabaye) being sellers rather than buyers in both January windows.

Very frustrating to see such a collapse happen again.

For two years now we’ve had hope of better things ahead being dangled in front of us before having the carpet emphatically swept from under our feet.

I’d like this to stop because the landing is hurting a little bit more each time.

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  • NottsToon

    Obviously it’s because once safety has been (almost) assured then there is no reason to try any more. Just keep banking the TV money and flogging anyone who can string 2 passes together.
    Wouldn’t want to do something stupid like getting into the UEFA Cup would we? Think of the expense for Uncle Mike.

  • Demented_Man

    It’s just that they concentrate on the FA Cup in the latter half of the season.
    Oh wait …

  • RexN

    The obvious is player sales and managerial change but it goes deeper.

    The hierarchy have nailed their colours to the mast, the biggest part of profit has come from player sales. The attitude at the top lacks desire to progress and the team follow by example. Throw in a lack of quality investment and a knowledge that after a certain age, contracts will not be renewed, the players lack any of the motivators identified by Abraham Maslow.

    Simple really.

  • Paul Patterson

    Simple. Get to 30 points by New Year (8 wins 6 draws) and thats it.
    Afterwards, literally go into hibernation. Sell anything that attracts a bid (Including the manager) and then hope the teams below us are worse than we are.
    Being bottom of the form table highlights this . .

  • Ian Myers

    Because of serious lack of investment,we have no strength in depth,for example we still have the same three centre backs we got relegated with.our second string players aren’t up to it,

  • Sickandtiredstill

    And soon, St James’ Park will drop to a middle of the league stadium, with other Clubs extending or moving grounds. Befitting of the aspirations of the owner.

  • RhysMelhuish

    NottsToon exactly, but it still doesn’t make sense in terms of the performance of the players in my eyes. On the first day of training after the New Year it’s almost as if the coach will tell them “Right guys, Mike’s been on the phone, that’ll do for this year” – it surely can’t be as bad as that, can it?

  • NottsToon

    They and we are told that we have no interest in Cups and do not want to qualify for the UEFA cup…..so after Christmas what exactly is there left to play for?

  • dude 1

    Because the Fat man says “John want to be manager next season then make it so cant have you lot riding on a crest of a wave, next thing you lot want is jollies to europe now get a grip and start losing games”

  • Hughie

    If you listen to Carver’s public utterings, in common with many coaches, he simply provides a commentary on events in a game, or a generalised strategy–ie we must attack more. The absence of analysis is bad enough but he is even more adrift at player management. His latest piece of mindbending intellegence is a public statement that  only 3,4, or 5 players are “fighting”. He has already accused foreign players of not being upto it, and the squad/team of not being good enough. Is it any wonder that players don’t want to perform for him when he constantly criticises them in public.  Coaching is one thing , but personnel management skills are entirely different, and he demonstrates with every statement that he is out of his depth in terms of motivating people. Surely he cannot be appointed permanently!!

  • Andgeo

    We started both this season and last looking completely incapable of scoring goals. In each season we have then had a good run through November before going back to being completely pathetic. There is only one reason….Fat [email protected]@king Ashley!!!

  • Alsteads

    The bonus incentive FCB must offer in November must be exceptional. With the exception of several players everyone of them is fair game. Colo has made the captaincy a joke. A leader of men?? Like FxxK! I think he must be the first mute footballer to play in the league. Do as I say not as I do cos I don’t say owt and I’ll try and leave the club when it suits and I’ll act irresponsibly as FxxK when you need me most.

  • snodgrass2

    Our season ends at 35-40 points. What’s the point of the remaining
    games. I said it before, the other teams should complain. Chelsea met us
    early and we beat them Had they played us after 35 points they would
    have beaten us. They could be champions by now (nearly).  Leicester and
    QPR definitely have an advantage over the other relegation prospects.
    Surely they’ll both take 3 points from us. The FA must look into this.

  • shadsdad

    Considering the amount of injuries I wonder if it’s the training methods or the medical rehabilitation or a combination of both thatsto blame.

    Othe clubs seem to get their players back so much quicker than we do and seem to have far less injuries.
    Another possibility is that they are not fit enough in the first place and thus more injury prone.