Which of these 11 free transfers would you take to Newcastle?

If you’re being honest then pretty much all of these players listed below would improve Newcastle’s team, with the possible exception of Glen Johnson and Brad Friedel, although as number two to Tim Krul I would snap your hand off.

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All eleven of these Premier League players are going to be out of contract as it stands at the minute and have been highlighted by Sky as potential summer targets for other PL clubs.

The question is, would Mike Ashley go for them?

The age that each player will be at the start of August (and the season) is in brackets:

Brad Friedel (44 years old) Tottenham

Glen Johnson (30) Liverpool

Ron Vlaar (30) Aston Villa

Kolo Toure (34) Liverpool

Jon Flanagan (22) Liverpool

James Milner (29)Manchester City

Mathieu Flamini (31) Arsenal

Abou Diaby (29) Arsenal

Danny Ings (23) Burnley

Emmanuel Adebayor (31) Tottenham

Didier Drogba (37) Chelsea

Danny Ings is a no-brainer and Newcastle are allegedly interested in him, whilst Jon Flanagan has had loads of injuries at Liverpool.

The other nine are all older than Ashley’s usual age limit but surely needs must this summer if Newcastle are to get back on track in any way.

Players such as Vlaar, Milner, Toure and Drogba (even though he’ll be 37) would be massive assets, even if only short-term.

Major surprise though if Mike Ashley strays away from his usual formula.

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  • PeterS84

    MIlner and Ings but we will get neither

  • A lex

    With the loans of De Jong and Remy, Ashley showed he is capable of anything which saves money. Suddenly changing tack to older and streetwise and experienced players who are free and only cost high wages, wouldn’t be such a surprise, actually.

  • Pulse33

    With our approach to injuries I wouldnt be surprised if we went for Diaby for him to then play twice in the whole season.

  • ToonTone100

    Me : Definitely Milner – but it wont happen …. Definitely Ings – but it wont happen. Possibly Adebayor but that wont happen either …. no – MA might take Flanagan but only if he doesnt have to pay high wages. He wants investment in Re-sale at low wages (for maximised profit) … so highly unlikely any well known name arrives.

  • wivawova

    As I double up as a follower of Burnley (and Chesterfield), Ings def. top of my list.  He won’t necessarily go where the papers want him  to go as he has a bit of a brain and a mind of his own. If Burnley go and Newcastle don’t, I’d try and pick up Arfield and Boyd too.  That might help turn the (lack of) work ethic around a bit.
    I’d posted bits here and there suggesting that we should sign Ron Vlaar for a period about 7-10 years ago,  since he was a relatively youthful Feijenoord player. If Colo goes, he’d be an upgrade, but it’s about 8-10 years too late. He’d fit in well with the other dutch contingent at the back, assuming they don’t get sold.
    Milner, yes, Flamini/Diaby – maybe if they are coming in to replace Tiote.
    No to most of the rest for one reason or another, particularly Adebayor. I like Toure, but he’s probably past his sell by date.  I could see us getting landed with Flanagan.

  • AndrewCowley1

    All those players would improve the side of much rather have vlaar/toure than colo/willo flamini would be an asset diaby if he can stay fit for any length of time.everyone really.we won’t get anyone though

  • Nobbysleftfoot

    All are on or will want big wages so it’s a non-starter.

  • Gordonthetoony

    Don’t worry, none of those mentioned would come to Newcastle.  As long as Ca$hley remains at the club we will struggle to attract any decent players, unless they are looking for a quick step up similar to Debuchy.

  • Andgeo

    The reality is id be surprised if any of these players would want to waste any of their career working for fat Ashley. And I doubt whether the fat waste of space would be prepared to pay their wages. Try looking at players with 12 months or less left in their contracts in the championship, or the second tiers in Spain, France, holland and Germany. Those are the players fatty would consider, particularly if their clubs are strapped for cash.

  • MilitantGeordie

    The question isn’t which of these would we take. The question is how many of them would sign for us under the current regime? Answer……….. none.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Why would these players ,at their age want to play in the championship ,because that’s were Newcastle are heading !