Claims today that Newcastle have told Crystal Palace they are willing to pay £15m for winger Yannick Bolasie.

The winger has been a big part of Palace’s revival under our old mate Mr Pardew and Everton are also reported to be willing to match that £15m figure.

The Mirror report that Spurs and Liverpool are also interested in the player who will turn 25 next month.

Crystal Palace are said to be interested in selling to raise funds for Pardew to reinvest and indeed only last week, the former Newcastle boss reverted to type when he said there was no way Bolasie would be sold…unless a mad bid of something like £60m was made.

Mike Ashley’s former head salesman perhaps making clear to clubs that here was a player who was available to the highest bidder this season.

Yannick Bolasie arrived from Bristol City three years ago for under half a million and in that time has only scored 7 goals in over 100 games for Crystal Palace.

A skilful and exciting player but you feel Mike Ashley would want a lot more for his money of he was prepared to spend around £5m more for a player than he ever has before.

Daydreaming for a minute, it would be ironic if Ashley spent this kind of money on a player after undermining Pardew so many times in the transfer market.

That kind of price for a player who has achieved relatively little, shows just how difficult it is to see Mike Ashley being ready and willing to pay the going rate, for anybody who has any kind of a track record already in the Premier League.

  • OrdJonathan


  • Andgeo

    Complete drivel!!! We might offer £2.5m for him….

  • Andrew Barton

    No way would I pay that for him

  • Bearsize


  • scotty63

    Season Ticket cancellations gathering pace then

  • pissed off mag

    his kid wouldnt sign for this crapy club what a load of shite

  • Ikeys Brother

    pissed off mag 7 Goals in a 100 games  PASS !

  • Mark Brooker

    They missed the decimal point out it’ll be 1.5m and they just couldn’t get the deal over the line!

  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    So that leves 45 million out of 60 million then

  • DownUnderMag

    Everton are interested as are Liverpool and Spurs…that is our line getting further away then, next Swansea will come in and blow our wage offer out of the water given the player will be greedy and Swansea being the powerhouse of football these days financially will not have to be accountable the same as we do!