Moving into this weekend, it will take only two results to put Newcastle United on the brink of relegation.

After Hull’s win over Liverpool on Tuesday night, it looked ominous when Leicester took the lead against Chelsea just before half-time last night.

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However, Chelsea stepped up a gear against a spirited Nigel Pearson team and scored three second-half goals to keep Leicester four points behind Newcastle going into the weekend.

The league table looking like this, number of points before each club and then goal difference afterwards – all clubs now having four matches left apart from Sunderland who have one extra:

35        Newcastle -21

34        Hull -13

32        Aston Villa -22

31        Leicester -18

30        Sunderland -23

27        QPR -21

26        Burnley -26

Whatever happens in the other matches this weekend, only two results going the wrong way would make relegation a real possibility for NUFC.

If Leicester beat Newcastle and Sunderland win against Southampton at home, the points totals would look like this if every other club in the relegation battle got beat.

(Points totals if Leicester & Sunderland win and everybody else loses)

35        Newcastle      

34        Hull    

34        Leicester        

33        Sunderland   

32        Aston Villa

27        QPR   

26        Burnley         

Basically, it would mean United going into the final three matches with the possibility of ending up in the bottom three in the next round of fixtures.

You might say there is no way the mackems will beat Southampton.

Or possibly you’ll think that it’s impossible that all four clubs (Leicester, Sunderland, Villa and Hull) would all win on the same day after being so rubbish for most of the season…

But that is what happens when you are struggling and making so much bad luck of your own, just like the last time Mike Ashley got Newcastle relegated in 2008/09, as well as all the daft own goals by the owner, everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

I’m convinced Leicester will turn us over and equally convinced the mackems will sneak a win.

After gifting Sunderland six points this season, just as happened last season, Newcastle have set the stage for another jammy last gasp escape for our rivals, with potentially Newcastle the fall guys.

Those of you with short memories will forget just what an escape trip the mackems performed last season.

All looked lost with six games to go and then in their last three away matches they beat Chelsea and Manchester United, plus drew 2-2 at Manchester City after leading 2-0 with two minutes to go.

Of course they are hopeless but the one thing they did show in that last derby was they at least have more fighting spirit than Newcastle, which isn’t hard, and can have a bit of a blood and thunder charge against the opposition.

Which brings me back to Newcastle.

Looking at the tables above, United simply have to avoid defeat against Leicester.

With 7 straight defeats compared to Leicester’s 4 wins in a row and an unlucky loss to Chelsea, I can unfortunately only see one result.

I’m already dreading what John Carver’s team selection and ‘tactics’ are going to be.

I’m not suggesting an all out attack policy but I think it is guaranteed Carver will try and grind out a 0-0 draw and I would bet anything you like, Newcastle will not keep a clean sheet.

Whatever the coaching limitations, the players finally have to stand up and do it themselves. Are most of them really as gutless and limited as we have seen recently?

We are about to find out.

  • A lex

    Such a disgraceful scenario and situation we’re in, solely driven and masterminded by Ashley’s policies and not-so-hidden personal agendas.
    Whatever happens, the present pressure must be sustained and increased to ensure Ashley’s future with us is brought to an end.

  • Porciestreet

    Yes A iex and I would suggest at ANY cost.

  • bill black

    I now hope we stay up because if we target S.D like we are starting to do and with the M.Ps on his case I think it best that we stay with the big boys next year as everyone will be watching him and S.D next season unlike the 8 years before as most fans were in denial

  • Belfast Ali

    Ifs, ifs and more ifs. Let’s paint the blackest picture possible. It is the MAG after all

  • Chemical Dave

    Here’s Belfast Ali to lighten the mood, how about ignoring the last seven results and pretending we can still win the league ? Is life easier for you now ? Bless his cotton socks.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    You cant keep a clean sheet when “The Great Willo`s” in the Team he`s a 1 Goal start for the opposition

  • DownUnderMag

    Belfast Ali I agree, if we all ignore what is happening and pretend everything is OK then it surely will be.  I mean Ashley has all but promised us that things will be put right and we will certainly be safe with the points total so we shouldn’t worry….numpty!

  • Big Al 1967

    I have to be honest and say I am bricking it about this weekend. If (or should that be when)  Leicester beat us my worry is that the scum down the road being their annual escape with 3 unexpected points against Southampton which drops us right in the clarts.
    Sunderland have openly said that they believe 2 wins will see them safe. No doubt they are thinking we will not get another point and are targeting us

  • Big Al 1967

    Belfast Ali In order to get something at Leicester we first need to match their workrate and desire. Can you see that happening? no, didn’t think so